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Blog log from R21 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Essendon

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Essendon, R21 of 2022

Whitfield drops a mark and is set upon by Essendon players, however the ball gets out the back to Coniglio who runs forward and kicks the first of the afternoon!
There’s a scuffle after that first goal and the umpire rewards GWS a free kick to Himmelberg on the 50 against Stringer. He jogs in and punishes the Package by slotting it!
Essendon go forward from the centre bounce, but Keeffe is there to push it over for a behind (Q1 2:52)
Redman gets the give as the Bombers work it around the 50, it’s a booming kick but offline for a behind (Q1 4:50)
Greene collects the ball from a forward stoppage and snaps it quickly, but it flashes across the face for a minor score (Q1 8:07)
Draper invents a handpass over the back of his head right to Stringer who takes a shot from 45 on the flank, but he misses as well (Q1 10:47)
The Giants move out of defence easily and get it forward, it’s Coniglio who’s running inside 50 again and kicks, but misses the easy goal (Q1 11:17)
The ball rolls out to Josh Kelly after a forward stoppage, he manages to evade the defence and snap, kicking a very nice goal! (Q1 17:53)
Wright and Taylor wrestle under a forward entry for Essendon, with the umpire spotting a free kick 20m out in front. Wright jogs in and casually pops through a much needed goal! (Q1 19:28)
Draper gets a mark or downfield free 75m out, and kicks a low grubber that finds its way onto the chest of Guelfi 25m out in front. He puts it through as the Bombers cut the margin (Q1 22:13)
The big man Briggs tackles Zerk-Thatcher who’s hurried kick is intercepted by Whitfield 30m out in the pocket. His kick has some movement, but stays to the left for a point (Q1 23:48)
Peatling is caught high by Hobbs and he lines up from 35m out on a slight angle, but his kick floats to the right (Q1 26:23)
GWS get it back inside quickly, a kick finding Riccardi in the pocket who marks right on the boundary. He goes for the snap, but hooks it too much for another behind (Q1 26:23)
Perryman gives Merrett a shove in the back after a kick so it’s recalled to the 50. Merrett kicks to Langford in the pocket who marks 35m out, he flushes the kick to perfection! (Q1 28:48)
Preuss kicks like a man half his size as he dishes it up to Hogan in the pocket. Jesse gives it the work from 30m out and guides it through! (Q2 7:05)
GWS get the run and carry going through Whitfield, but Greene’s final kick inside 50 is knocked over for a point (Q2 9:00)
Hind’s kick in is cut off allowing Riccardi to gather and hook a kick into the pocket that Greene is able to mark. He runs around and puts through a goal! (Q2 10:00)
Stringer marks in front and gives it some juice, but it glides across the face for a behind (Q2 13:19)
Essendon work it back inside 50 from the kick in, Hobbs gets it to Stringer who is able to shoot and does, but misses again (Q2 13:45)
The Giants will it forward to the square where Kelly and Hogan wrestle for the ball, Kelly gets the upper hand but the ball gets away from him and out to Bruhn who grubbers a goal! (Q2 14:15)
Hogan wheels and goes kicking inside 50 with Greene the target who is able to beat Merrett and mark 30m out on the 45, but his kick slides to the left (Q2 15:12)
Guelfi is caught high by Preuss 25m out on an angle, Guelfi opts for the snap and nails it! (Q2 22:45)
Parish gets a kick off under pressure that goes very low but not low enough for Wright who takes a tumbling mark 45m out in front. He guides it home as the Bombers surge late! (Q2 24:46)
McGrath intercepts a Giants rebound 50 and keeps on running, popping a kick into the pocket where Stewart is able to mark. He goes for a drop punt and splits the tight angle! (Q2 24:09)
Hind loses the ball in the pocket, and it’s snapped up by Perryman who slices through a steadier! (Q2 28:21)
Redman thumps a ball forward that goes towards a 3 on 1, but the 1 wins out in Perkins! He kicks from 20m out on the 45 and gets the margin back! (Q2 30:51)
Stringer drives a hard ball inside 50, it spills out but Essendon keep control, Merrett kicking to Guelfi who marks 30m out on the flank. He kicks his third goal for the lead! (Q3 0:58)
Hobbs is caught high by Keeffe 30m out on a slight angle, and lines up a set shot. He puts it through as Essendon look to take the initiative! (Q3 4:07)
Durham flicks a handball over the head to Perkins who doubles back and tries to snap around his body, but can’t bend it enough for a behind (Q3 8:05)
Ward intercepts on the wing and cuts back inside to Lloyd who marks 45m out in front. Lloyd gives it a roost from 50 out and the ball soars between the big sticks! (Q3 8:05)
Greene lurches several steps over the mark on the wing and the umpire pings him for it, allowing Parish to jog forward and kick from 30m out, but his kick floats to the right (Q3 12:37)
Riccardi kicks to the square where bodies are flying trying to get the ball, Greene and Hopper try miracle kicks but eventually it goes through for a point (Q3 14:39)
Ward’s kick inside 50 is perfect to the lead of Hogan who beats out Zerk-Thatcher to mark 35m out on an angle. He puts it through as the Giants edge ahead! (Q3 18:33)
Parish shovels a kick out to the flank that Durham dashes onto, he runs to 45m and takes a shot, almost kicking a brilliant goal, but Aleer was able to get hands onto it (Q3 21:51)
Stewart marks in the square, tries to handball immediately which allows Greene to affect the ball knocking it loose, before pouncing on it and kicking a goal! What?! (Q3 25:53)
It’s a mad scramble in the Essendon defence as Coniglio gets a handball out to Ward who has the space to snap a goal! (Q3 27:31)
Hogan marks in the middle of the ground and plays on quickly to Riccardi who marks on the flank 40m out, but his kick is a wobbler that hangs out on the full (Q3 29:03)
Preuss marks on the 50 and fancies his chances, kicking with real strength he makes the distance, but is offline (Q3 29:03)
Kelly is caught HTB by Greene who gets a free kick right in the pocket next to the right post, but his kick is off the wrong side of the boot flying OOTF (Q4 1:46)
Kennedy thumps a long ball towards the pack which allows Hogan to float in and take a strong mark. He runs in from 35m out on a slight angle and slots his third goal! (Q4 2:59)
Hogan lays a strong tackle on Hind and catches him HTB 30m out on the 45, but his kick hangs out to the right for a point this time (Q4 4:52)
Laverde chops the arms of Briggs and gives away a free kick 25m out on an angle, but his kick barely sneaks in for a point (Q4 5:52)
Hogan tries to sneak through a goal on his non-preferred boot in the pocket, but misses (Q4 9:24)
Laverde’s kick across the middle of the ground is sloppy and allows Whitfield to run onto the ball and kick from 45m out, putting through another goal for GWS (Q4 11:48)
Ash runs onto a loose ball that somehow stays in play, and moves forward to Hogan who’s out the back and is able to hang onto a big mark in the square, putting through his fourth! (Q4 14:49)
Essendon surge forward through Merrett who kicks to the pack where Stewart manages to get a quick handball out to Guelfi who dribbles through goal number 4 (Q4 22:00)
Guelfi goes searching for a late 5th goal, but it falls short and is thumped through (Q4 25:35)

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