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Blog log from R20 of 2022: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R20 of 2022

Hogan marks on the forward flank, taking his time and kicking to the pocket. Himmelberg is back forward today and rises above to mark. He snaps and kicks the first goal! (Q1 2:26)
Warner turns it over on the wing, and the Giants pounce, working it down to Hogan who marks 30m out on a slight angle. He goes back and kicks a behind (Q1 5:35)
Mills attempts a big snap from general play but is under pressure and sprays it OOTF (Q1 7:14)
Rampe pops a kick forward to the pack and Heeney flies to take an unlikely mark! He then runs in from 25m out and puts through the Swans’ first! (Q1 8:14)
Perryman is pinged for dragging the ball in, and rewards Heeney with another set shot, this time from 40m on the 45. The kick was never on, and floats to the left (Q1 12:55)
Kennedy gives Brown a real hospital handpass and Papley is onto him in a heartbeat, getting him HTB in the pocket. Papley runs around with the snap, and goals! (Q1 14:11)
Papley snaps quickly around the body, but it’s a wild kick and flies OOTF (Q1 16:14)
Peatling kicks around the body to Greene on a short lead, he marks 45m out on a slight angle. He kicks truly to the tune of the boos from Swans fans, and scores are level! (Q1 17:36)
Warner attempts a kick on the run from the flank, but his kick slides wide (Q1 19:15)
Blakey spears a kick to CHF and Rowbottom, who then handballs to Mills on the run, Mills kicks off a step, and Mills goals! (Q1 19:41)
Preuss coughs up a downfield free for a late bump on Rowbottom after the Swans surge forward. Reid lines up the kick and puts it through (Q1 25:41)
Preuss intercepts a kick 60m out from goal, he lines it up and gives it an almighty roost, and Preuss absolutely juices it! (Q1 28:07)
Rowbottom kicks to the pack on the square and the ball spills to ground. Hayward scoops up the loose ball and snaps around the body to goal! (Q1 30:17)
The Swans surge from a turnover in defence, zipping through the middle to Hickey who kicks to Reid in a 1 on 1 who monsters Haynes to mark 20m out. He puts it through for #2! (Q1 33:42)
Rowbottom flashes the hands to Clarke who has time to snap, but it bends back too much and bounces through for a behind (Q2 1:25)
Reid gets a downfield free kick and plays on quickly to a Franklin lead 35m out on the 45. This time however he doesn’t get the right to left movement, and kicks a point (Q2 5:23)
Franklin works some magic on the boundary, chipping inside to Parker who marks over his head 40m out on an angle. He hooks his kick for extra power though, the ball hanging left (Q2 6:48)
Hayward has time and space on the 50 to spot a teammate and kicks to Heeney who marks strongly over his head 30m out in front. He puts through his second and this is getting ugly (Q2 8:23)
Toby Greene tries to invent a snap from congestion, but can only manage a point (Q2 9:43)
Kelly tries his luck at goal, but he too misses to the left (Q2 10:24)
Papley kicks long to the lead of Heeney who marks on his chest 35m out. The kick is poked wide though for a point (Q2 16:07)
The Swans have ample time and space to find teammates, and mark the ball easily. Hayward again cleans up a loose ball and chips to Reid who marks and goals from 30m out! (Q2 21:22)
Taranto gets a downfield free for a hold on Perryman and lines up from 40m out on a slight angle, but kicks across the face for a behind (Q2 22:28)
The Swans are able to raffle the ball around their forward line again, eventually getting it out to Gulden who dashes along the flank and kicks truly from 35m out! (Q2 24:28)
Peatling hovers outside the congestion and the ball is fed out to him, he takes some space and snaps, but kicks to the left for another Giants behind (Q2 25:47)
Papley steals the ball from the pack and dashes away before putting through a brilliant goal! (Q3 4:39)
Preuss catches Rowbottom high not for the first time today, this time allowing him a set shot from 40m out in front. Paddle steers it through as the Swans continue the carnage! (Q3 6:20)
Clarke marks on the flank and pops it up to the pack where Buddy is waiting. The ball goes to ground and Buddy crumbs it, snapping through a bouncing kick! (Q3 11:15)
The ball has a mind of its own as it bounces around inside Sydney’s 50. Rowbottom eventually has a snap, but it’s very high and floats wide (Q3 12:42)
Franklin outmarks Taylor on the 50 and tries to give it a roost, but the old legs can’t do what they once did, as he hooks it OOTF looking for that distance (Q3 17:24)
Reid seizes the ball from the ruck and dashes into the pocket to snap, but misses the chance (Q3 19:35)
Aleer is dumped in the back after a fumble but the umpire turns a blind eye allowing Franklin to steam through and kick another goal (Q3 25:01)
The Giants finally get a foray forward and it’s Greene who lets loose from 50, and puts through a goal for GWS at long last! (Q3 26:11)
Dan Lloyd tries to weave his way through the pack at the top of the square and takes a snapping shot, but it’s touched off the boot (Q3 29:32)
Himmelberg intercepts and drills it low and strong inside 50 where Hogan is able to mark under some attention from McCartin. The siren sounds for 3QT and Hogan pops it through (3 Qtr Time)
Florent has a rare moment in the forward half and takes a shot, but misses to the left side (Q4 5:11)
Taylor beats out Buddy and kicks long to Greene who marks on the 50. He gives it everything, but can only manage a behind (Q4 9:00)
Greene steals the ball and dishes it off to O’Halloran who takes a shot, but wastes it (Q4 9:35)
Heeney gets a downfield free against Aleer for a late bump on Blakey, he lines up from 35m out and puts through another goal (Q4 11:36)
The Giants go forward quickly, looking for a response, but Peatling sprays it once again (Q4 12:39)
The umpire fishes out a hold on Franklin against Taylor, allowing the Big Bud to stroll on back and put through his third goal! (Q4 15:17)
Warner gets some space and bursts forward, spotting up Amartey on the lead. The Amartey Party is subdued as he misses to the left, but he brings up the 100 all the same (Q4 22:28)
Preuss turns it over and the Swans take advantage, getting it out to Gulden on the wing, who flicks it to the dashing Blakey. He runs to 50, takes a shot, and puts a ribbon on it! (Q4 26:46)
Errol Gulden catches Cumming HTB inside 50 and lines up from 35m out on the 45. The clock ticks down to zero as Gulden puts it through and the siren sounds! Oh Errol! (Q4 27:46)

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