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Blog log from R18 of 2022: Naarm vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Naarm vs Port Adelaide, R18 of 2022

Salem pokes a ball into the pocket where Pickett is able to juggle a mark. The ball flashes across the face for a behind however
Several Dees players try to soccer the loose ball through, but it’s Houston who kicks it into the post to rush a behind (Q1 6:59)
Rozee coughs up the ball on the defensive flank, and Pickett pounces, scanning inside 50 and chipping it short to Jackson 40m out, but he can’t convert either, the ball flying left (Q1 13:52)
Rozee surges along the offensive flank this time, kicking it down to Finlayson in the square, but Jordon folds back to crash the contest and force a behind (Q1 14:30)
Gray sizes up a short kick to Amon who marks 45m out near the boundary, he gives it some juice, but it falls short and is knocked back into play for no score (Q1 16:15)
Boak manages to get some space in general play and seizes it, running to 30m out and putting through the first of the game! (Q1 18:57)
Marshall just monsters Tomlinson to hang onto a mark 45m out on the 45. His kick starts to the left but swings back perfectly and Port have two! (Q1 22:57)
Fritsch has a set shot in the pocket, he opts for the ever fashionable snap, but curls it too much as he misses to the near side (Q1 25:58)
The rucks combine as Dixon clears it from the middle down to Finlayson who juggles the mark 30m out in front. He puts it through as Port look to cause a boilover! (Q2 2:01)
Pickett dodges and weaves around the Port defence in the pocket, eventually snapping through a brilliant goal! (Q2 4:39)
Melbourne rush it forward scrappily, Petracca handballs into space which Fritsch runs onto, basically on the goal line he throws a boot at it and sneaks through a goal! (Q2 6:29)
Neal-Bullen extracts the ball from congestion and gets it to Viney who flicks a no-look handball out to Jackson, who runs into the square and goals! Three in a row Melbourne! (Q2 12:46)
Marshall handballs to Bergman who sidesteps May easily, then goes for the checkside na-na-na, slotting it to perfection! (Q2 13:54)
The Dees get a break on Port Adelaide, as they surge it forward. Port are able to effectively hinder their progress though, as Langdon flicks a pressured handball through the goals (Q2 17:52)
Port turn it over badly in defence, and Petracca is able to soundly punish the mistake, popping it out the back to Fritsch, who jogs into goal and puts it through (Q2 18:31)
Dixon is able to accentuate Gawn knocking the ball out after a mark, milking a 50 as a result. He jogs to 25m out, and kicks a simple goal. Ouch. (Q2 20:44)
Finlayson lines up a set shot like he’s Dom Sheed, but unfortunately for him, he isn’t, as he slides the kick to the right against the tricky angle (Q2 26:57)
Langdon lopes along the wing, sending a kick down to Fritsch in the pocket. He opts for the set shot strangely enough, but skins it off the outside of his boot, kicking a behind (Q2 27:57)
Sparrow bombs it long to the square, the pack crashes and sends the ball towards the pocket, where Pickett is the only one to chase it down. Pickett snaps, Pickett goals! (Q2 29:10)
Amon launches with that raking left peg, Boak runs hard to mark on the boundary 50m out. The siren sounds so Boak heads backs and unleashes the torp! It rolls to the left though (Half Time)
Clurey and Pickett battle for the ball deep in Port’s defence, with Clurey able to rush it through (Q3 3:36)
Rozee gets a free kick on the 50, he opens up the angle and drives it low and strong, kicking a goal! (Q3 5:34)
Mead and Powell-Pepper combine, Powell-Pepper snapping in the pocket like he’s Kozzy, but he’s not, and a behind is the result (Q3 7:00)
Dixon spears a ball to Georgiades in the pocket 30m out, he opts for a drop punt, but kicks it too skinny (Q3 9:02)
Drew is swung in a tackle, but uses the momentum to get a kick off to Bergman who reads it well. He kicks from 25m out in front, and easily converts! (Q3 10:59)
Rozee dumps it long to the square, there’s a scuffle in the contest as the ball spills out, eventually Powell-Pepper gets the ball and snaps at goal again, but misses again (Q3 12:59)
Langdon’s raking boot sends the ball towards Gawn, but he cannot complete the mark. Kozzy is onto the loose ball quick, and throws a kick at it in mid-air, kicking his third!! (Q3 15:34)
Fritsch gets a ball out to Pickett who’s under siege from Jonas trying to take his head off! He can kick the hard ones, and he can kick the easy ones! Kozzy has four! (Q3 20:35)
Spargo darts around on the forward flank looking for an option, and Big Benny Brown presents, laying out the airstrip! The big man converts from 25m out, take off! (Q3 22:15)
Brown launches again taking a contested grab this time, his run up longer than the distance he has to kick! But this time his kick is offline, falling to the right (Q3 26:13)
Brown marks on the 50, and is able to really extend his run up thanks to the umpire, kicking alongside his opponent. His kick isn’t long enough though as it’s touched over the line (Q3 29:30)
Bergman tries to snap under pressure, but skies it OOTF (Q4 3:20)
Fritsch delivers a ball out in front of Melksham who races Clurey to the ball. Melksham gets there first and is able to steam on into the square and kick a goal! (Q4 4:57)
Drew cleans up a sloppy Tomlinson handball and spies Farrell in space. Farrell marks 40m out in front and has the power in spades, but can’t kick accurately (Q4 6:59)
Powell-Pepper tries his luck with a running shot, but it bounces into the post (Q4 7:45)
Melksham gets the ball in the pocket, and spots Brown all by himself 20m out in front. Brown marks on the chest, starts his routine, runs in and goals! (Q4 8:42)
Drew is rewarded a high free kick, and while everyone is napping chips it to Wines. Ollie kicks from 45m out on a slight angle, but the Brownlow medallist can’t convert (Q4 11:35)
It’s turned over in the middle and the Dees surge, Kozzy collects the loose ball and runs to 50, kicking from just outside, it rolls through the goal to cap off Kozzy’s day! (Q4 14:20)
Petracca spies Kozzy in the pocket and hits him up, he goes for the run around snap on his set shot, and kicks his sixth! (Q4 17:45)
Port get some good link-up play going with Wines, Rozee and Boak combining. Wines eventually handballs back to Boak who runs to 30m out and puts through some consolation (Q4 21:21)
Powell-Pepper tries to get himself a goal late, but once again can’t kick truly, this time hitting the behind post (Q4 23:00)
Boak kicks goalward from the forward flank, it swings back beautifully, and Marshall marks on the line to prevent an interception, and goals! Port couldn’t do it could they? (Q4 24:20)
Port go forward again, this time Drew is the one lining up a kick. Drew goes from 45m out on a decent angle, and flushes it! 13 points with 3 minutes left! It’s not ever yet! (Q4 25:45)
Wines coughs it up cheaply to Jordon who marks 50m out and milks the time off the clock, but can’t make the distance (Q4 29:01)

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