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Blog log from R15 of 2022: Sydney vs St Kilda

Blog log for Sydney vs St Kilda, R15 of 2022

Byrnes feeds Windhager for a flying snap near the hotspot under pressure, that one flies wide left. (Q1 5:10)
Papley roves a Franklin contest near the hotspot and feeds Clarke who snaps across his body for the first goal of the night. (Q1 10:10)
King marks on the lead 45m out on a slight angle but tugs it left and OOTF. (Q1 14:10)
Tom McCartin roves a loose ball on the last line, turns to run across the square but Butler mows him down with classic chase, Saints get their opener. (Q1 15:09)
Warner marks 40m out on a slight angle but pushes the set shot right. (Q1 17:11)
Franklin roves his own contest on the HFF and uses excellent vision to spot up Heeney over the back of a lot of bodies at the hotspot. Heeney converts. (Q1 18:40)
Franklin turns rover for a Gulden fly in the pocket, he snaps the grubber goal from the pocket 20m out. (Q1 23:54)
Franklin’s field kicking has always been lovely and he places a pass on the chest of Heeney leading in front of Wilkie to 45m on the flank… gives off but the Saints break it up. (Q1 27:41)
Papley bounces through midfield and gives to Hayward who tries his luck from 55m in the centre square to an empty goalface… bounces right for a point. (Q2 1:35)
Warner roves a long Franklin ball to the top of the square, Jones slings him in a tackle but he gets the kick off and it lands in the arms of Clarke for the goal. (Q2 2:40)
Webster intercepts Heeney at CHB and switches, Sharman marks 45m out on the flank but the crowd cheers as he shanks OOTF. (Q2 9:10)
Papley roves a stoppage on the HFF, gets tackled and bobs about like a cork in the ocean then shoots off his left from 45m… across the face for a behind. (Q2 12:09)
Blakey intercepts Battle’s kick in and goes to Reid 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot is straight but short, Marshall touches it through. (Q2 13:09)
Gulden is pinged for encroachment to bring Membrey from wing to 35m out on the flank, the Skunk kicks truly. (Q2 15:40)
Crowd noise sucks the ump into pinging Battle for deliberate OOB 20m out from the Swans goals, McDonald misses, footy gods smile. (Q2 19:55)
McDonald marks a Warner pass on the lead 35m out on the flank but hits the near left goalpost. (Q2 25:36)
Papley marks on the lead 45m out in the corridor and goals after a 50m penalty to bring Reid forward of centre. (Q3 1:46)
Crouch feeds Ross behind a stoppage near the hotspot, the right-foot snap is high but off line. (Q3 4:26)
Warner misses a snap from the HFF. (Q3 9:30)
Billings marks 40m out wide on the flank in front of Gulden, his set shot is across the face and off hands for a point. (Q3 11:31)
Heeney plays on to advantage from a free to Franklin at the hotspot, Howard claims the snap was touched off the boot but it stays as a goal. (Q3 17:17)
Another contact free to Sydney at the hotspot in a marking contest, this one to Reid, another play on to advantage and it’s Papley who gets the goal. (Q3 21:24)
Parker volleys the crumb from another long ball to a big pack at the hotspot but it bounces into the goalpost. (Q3 23:01)
Florent scoots ahead of Crouch to the hotspot for another one for the Swans. The game is over now. (Q3 23:48)
Gulden hits the lead of Hayward 30m out in the pocket, nothing Paton could do about that. Hayward kicks off party time with his first goal. (Q3 25:17)
King gets a set shot 30m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q3 27:02)
Butler snaps wide from the HFF. This game has barely registered anything more than a whimper as a contest for the entirety of the night, and now we’re in junk time. (Q3 30:12)
Hayward passes to Heeney for a goal from the hotspot after Webster turns the ball over at half back. (Q4 1:51)
Blakey runs up the guts on the bounce in classic Lizard style for the pass to Franklin 45m out on a slight angle, Bud misses left. (Q4 14:37)
Blakey passes short to Parker 45m out in front for some junk. (Q4 15:42)
Billings gets some very smelly garbage. (Q4 19:49)
Marshall falls over to allow Hickey to mark a Blakey kick to the top of the square untouched, the journeyman adds a cherry on top. (Q4 21:42)
Windhager gets the hoots of the crowd after getting himself some garbage. (Q4 23:37)

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