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Blog log from R10 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R10 of 2022

Fullarton receives a free kick just outside 50, he looks to dish off but decides to kick long instead, where McCarthy is waiting to mark 15m out, and kick the first goal! (Q1 1:59)
Fullarton shovels a ball out of the contest to Berry who has enough time to snap around the body and kick the Lions’ second! (Q1 3:59)
It’s Fullarton again with the setup, handpassing to Lyons who streams inside 50 and takes a shot, but misses to the left (Q1 5:18)
Andrews kicks inside 50 to the pack where no mark is taken. Lyons is able to crumb it and snap quickly, the ball bouncing over, but on review is called touched (Q1 6:16)
Jiath takes off through the middle of the ground, and pulls the kick to Wingard who marks 30m out on a slight angle. He puts it through for the Hawks’ first goal! (Q1 11:19)
Berry breaks through the Hawthorn players to run inside 50 and chip it to Fort who marks 15m out in front. He puts it through the middle!
Jiath loiters in the protected area after conceding a free kick which allows Prior to creep inside 50 with a set shot. He makes Jiath pay by kicking a goal! (Q1 18:34)
Andrews grabs the ball from congestions and slams it onto the boot in hope, but it only goes as far as Mitchell 40m out from goal. He punishes the error by putting it through! (Q1 21:18)
Newcombe bursts from the centre bounce and sends it low inside 50, after some inventive tapping, Koschitzke gets it to Butler who snaps and goals! (Q1 22:35)
The Hawks move forward quickly again and the ball is grounded in the square. Breust is down low trying to get his boot onto it, but it’s eventually rushed over (Q1 23:37)
McCarthy runs through the protected area which brings Shiels into range. His set shot is from about 45m out with little angle and he kicks it to even the ledger! (Q1 25:00)
McCluggage takes an advantage from the centre bounce and kicks to Fullarton on the 50. His kick falls short, but McInerney is there to mark 10m out and goal! (Q1 26:40)
Lewis soccers the ball towards the square and Koschitzke tries to follow up but Rich is there to usher it through (Q1 31:57)
Newcombe is gifted a free kick against Neale on the 50. He sends it long to the pack. After some scrambling Lynch is there to snap it high and kick a goal! (Q1 34:32)
Brisbane get it forward with seconds remaining, Lyons kicking to Cameron who marks 30m out on an angle. The siren sounds, Charlie kicks, and Charlie goals! (Qtr Time)
Bailey gets the ball in the middle of the ground and with no one ahead kicks it goalward in hope, but it eventually bounces through for a behind (Q2 1:41)
Frost rewards a Moore lead near the boundary and he marks 35m out. His kick is an absolute shank though as it bends OOTF (Q2 3:00)
Prior gets in the way of a Hawthorn rebound and chips it to Bailey who marks right on the boundary 30m out. His kick is swinging well, but bounces off the post (Q2 4:59)
Hawthorn dash away from the kick-in and are down to the other end of the ground in seconds. Wingard marks in the pocket and is able to convert for his second goal! (Q2 6:00)
Zorko has a set shot from 40m out on an angle, but his kick ends to the left for a behind (Q2 8:23)
Breust gets a free kick on the wing and pumps it long to the pack where Frost is the one to take the contested mark! The defender turned forward kicks his first goal as a Hawk! (Q2 10:37)
The Hawks are getting on a run here with Shiels pumping it forward to Lewis who is able to take a clean mark 20m out. He puts it through to worry the Lions! (Q2 12:26)
It’s a bit of chaos in the Lions forward 50, Bailey gets a boot on the ball but it goes for a behind (Q2 13:59)
Hardwick is hanging all over Cameron as the ball enters inside 50 and is pinged. Cameron lines up from 30m out with a run around kick but hooks it too much too early (Q2 17:01)
Bailey mongrels it forward to Cameron who is able to evade Hardwick and find space, snapping his second goal! (Q2 18:40)
Moore and Morrison combine to get it to Newcombe who unloads from near 50m and goals! (Q2 22:20)
The Lions respond almost instantly, with Neale sending an absolute monster of a kick from inside the centre square that gets past everyone for a goal! (Q2 23:19)
Zorko chips it to Neale who marks 45m out with little angle. He’s looking for a quick second goal, but misses it to the left (Q2 25:25)
The ball spills near the Lions goal and Rayner gets a minor touch onto it, before Fort tries to follow up and gets nothing but air! Regardless, it’s a Lions goal to Rayner! (Q2 27:22)
Gardiner clumsily catches Butler high and he receives a set shot from 40m out on a slight angle. The second gamer’s kick looks good and gets there! 2 in game 2! (Q2 32:01)
The Lions get an early breakthrough with the smalls combining, Cameron flicks it outside to McCarthy who snaps a nice goal! (Q3 1:08)
Impey and Butler perform the old 1-2 and Impey runs into space to get a shot off, but Breust intervenes to cause a rushed behind! (Q3 8:34)
The Lions surge forward as a result, Bailey activating the burners to kick it in front of Cameron who gets separation and marks 25m out in front. Goal number 3! (Q3 10:02)
Frost marks on the 50 and Berry somehow isn’t pinged for a 50m penalty! Frost gets it to Day who takes a shot but misses to the right (Q3 12:02)
Fullarton’s backwards handpass gets to Prior who unleashes from 50m out! It looks good as Hardwick just misses the defensive fist and upon review the goal stands! (Q3 15:18)
Neale chips a kick up to the square that Sicily fists away and after another fist it goes over for a behind (Q3 17:06)
Coleman sends a searching entry inside 50 to the pack and it’s Fullarton who rises to take the mark 35m out on a slight angle. He puts it through to consolidate the lead! (Q3 19:33)
Payne decides to not hand the ball back to Moore and coughs up a 50 in the progress. Moore jogs to 20m in front of goal and puts it through! (Q3 24:21)
Mitchell and Morrison combine, Morrison with loads to space to send a long ball to the square that Lewis marks 10m out. He runs around and Hawthorn have 2 goals in a row! (Q3 26:38)
Into the last minute Hawthorn surge forward, the ball spills and Wingard is able to get it out to Morrison who worked down from the wing, and Morrison goals before 3QT! (Q3 30:33)
Gardiner catches Moore high 25m out in front of goal, and he plays on quickly to get the Hawks in front early! (Q4 0:49)
Rich unloads from range and Hipwood applies a shepherd on Sicily to prevent interference and it bounces through! Upon review the goal stands and the Lions edge ahead! (Q4 3:49)
Wingard has acres of space after a throw-in and it lands in his lap enabling him to run into an open goal and the lead changes again! (Q4 8:07)
Prior gets a soft in the back after the play was done. He lines up on the boundary and screws it through the middle! (Q4 13:29)
The Lions give away 2 frees as they basically get the ball inside 50 with no effort. Lewis lines up and barely gets it through as the umps threaten to take over! (Q4 14:49)
Morrison marks 35m out on a slight angle assisted by a Frost shepherd, he misses to the right to take the margin to 3 points (Q4 17:27)
Newcombe dumps it inside 50 and the ball spills, Breust is there to do what Breust does, he dribbles through a goal and the Hawks lead by 9! (Q4 18:49)
Hipwood finds himself in space and tries to snap a goal but he just kind of kicks it high and out of bounds on the full (Q4 20:31)
Hawthorn get a 50m penalty that brings them to the middle of the ground. Koschitzke marks the resulting entry 45m out on a slight angle. He gives it everything but it’s rushed over (Q4 22:15)
Zorko goes for a run to bring it out of the defensive 50, but runs just a bit too far and Lewis gets a set shot 50m out on an angle. Lewis hammers it through and they lead by 16! (Q4 23:30)
Newcombe runs from the centre bounce once again and drills it long, the ball spills, Lewis gets it to Butler, and Butler kicks it into the post! 17 point lead with 7 minutes left (Q4 24:50)
The Hawks rush forward from defence and Breust has plenty of time to find an option but can only centre it. The ball spills and is rushed through by Andrews. 3 goal game. (Q4 28:31)
A pause in play as Lynch is assisted from the ground. 3 minutes, 3 goal lead. (Q4 30:50)
Jack Payne gets a set shot from 45m out on the boundary, the unlikely forward makes it look easy and cuts the margin down to 2 goals with 100 seconds remaining! (Q4 33:30)
The Lions move forward quickly through Neale who sends a chiseller to Cameron, the ball pings around and Cameron gets it back, he does the dribble kick and misses! 11 point margin! (Q4 34:31)
McInerney gets a free kick 55m out, he dishes off to Rich who sends it to the pack but no one can mark! Bailey tries to invent something but is pinged HTB and that’s the game! (Q4 35:44)
Zorko gets a very late goal on the run to cut the margin back to 5 points but with 2 seconds left on the clock it won’t be enough… Will it? (Q4 36:50)

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