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Blog log from R10 of 2022: Richmond vs Essendon

Blog log for Richmond vs Essendon, R10 of 2022

Hobbs sends a high ball to the square where it’s tapped around and eventually rushed over for a behind (Q1 0:51)
Richmond move forward with Cotchin passing to Dusty who runs into the 50 and takes a shot but it bounces to the right for a minor score (Q1 1:59)
Laverde’s handball is wayward and Maurice Rioli cuts it off, running into space and taking a snap at goal, but it bounces into the point post (Q1 5:30)
Lynch outmarks Reid easily 30m out on an angle. His set shot flies to the right however for a behind (Q1 8:17)
Hind rewards a Francis lead and he marks 40m out on an angle. His set shot just squeezes home for the first goal of the match! (Q1 10:31)
Redman catches Bolton stone cold in the middle of the ground. Bolton doesn’t give the ball back quickly enough to give away 50 too. Redman kicks from 35m out in front, but misses (Q1 12:51)
The Tigers move quick from the kick-in and are down the other end in seconds. Bolton kicks to Riewoldt who marks and then handballs to Edwards in the square who goals (Q1 14:00)
Perkins gets Vlastuin HTB on the 50. He widens the arc and takes a shot, but hooks it badly and it soars OOTF (Q1 16:47)
A floaty Parish kick is intercepted outside 50 and the Tigers are quick to capitalise through Riewoldt who marks 35m out on an angle. He goes for the run around kick and nails it! (Q1 20:46)
Ross pumps a ball inside 50 which the Essendon defence can’t mark. Dusty catches Draper and then cleans up his mess with a snap and goal! It’s called a behind upon review however (Q1 27:02)
Richmond get the ball forward quickly, it goes to ground and Maurice Rioli is there to soccer it through! (Q2 1:07)
Redman coughs up the ball allowing Edwards to calmly kick inside 50 to Castagna who lines up from 35m out on a slight angle. He puts it through the middle as Richmond edge away (Q2 5:07)
Richmond circle again with Baker passing neatly to Soldo who beats out Draper to mark 30m out on an angle. His kick sneaks in to add another goal to the tally (Q2 7:37)
Smith chips a pass to Waterman who marks on the 50. He opens the angle and goes long, but it flies through for a behind (Q2 11:03)
Grimes is pinged for a dangerous tackle on Hobbs which could be questioned. But regardless, Hobbs lines up on a sharp angle and with nerves of Steel puts it through! (Q2 12:49)
Prestia loads up from range with a long bomb and Riewoldt, who was left unmark, glides in and takes an easy mark 25m out. His kick barely squeezes in, but he has 2! (Q2 15:08)
Perkins turns it over and Richmond move quickly, with Castagna the final piece kicking to Maurice Rioli who marks 30m out. He makes no mistake and he has 2 in the Dreamtime! (Q2 18:08)
M Rioli dives on a sliding Laverde and is rewarded with a set shot from 25m out in the pocket. The ball is punched through however (Q2 20:09)
Richmond go forward again with the ball coming to ground. Bolton scoops it up and snaps, but misses to the left (Q2 21:30)
Essendon conjure a rare foray forward through Martin which ends with Perkins in the pocket. He nails the set shot to breathe a little life in the Bombers! (Q2 23:33)
The Richmond key forwards combine with Riewoldt kicking to Lynch who marks 35m out near the boundary. He kicks after the half-time siren, but misses the lot (Half Time)
Essendon coordinate a forward stoppage well with Smith getting it out to Shiel who throws it onto the boot and kicks the first of the second half! (Q3 2:41)
Edwards attempts to soccer it after it spills off the pack but Redman gets a touch on it and after a long review it’s called a behind (Q3 8:59)
Nankervis is pinged for having a fistful of Bryan’s jumper and he gets a set shot from 35m out in front. Bryan slots his first AFL goal to continue the little fight back! (Q3 11:15)
Kelly tries to take on several Richmond players but is brought down and caught HTB. Lynch takes the shot from 35m out on an angle, but misses to the left (Q3 12:56)
A high entry inside Richmond’s forward 50 spills off the pack and into Bolton’s breadbasket! He dodges and snaps, giving the Tiger fans something positive to cheer about! (Q3 13:51)
Lynch takes a set shot from 40m out on a slight angle, but misses once more to the left (Q3 17:16)
Lynch gets out the back and is running into an open goal, but his kick slams straight into the post padding! (Q3 18:55)
Waterman brushes off McIntosh and pops a kick up to Hobbs who marks 30m out near the boundary. He slots this one like the last and Hobbs has two! (Q3 22:55)
The Tigers respond quickly, Ross flicking it up to Prestia who kicks to the advantage of Riewoldt who marks 35m out on a slight angle. He puts it through for goal number three! (Q3 24:15)
Richmond attack from the centre quickly again, McIntosh chipping a short one to Riewoldt who marks 45m out on little angle, but hooks this one to the left (Q3 26:00)
Bolton’s wild high snap misses to the left (Q3 31:19)
Aarts is tackled over the line after a mad scramble from a hacked Bolton kick (Q3 32:43)
Guelfi has no time and rushes a handpass in front of Draper who has to lunge for the soccer kick, but stuffs it and kicks it wide for a behind (Q4 2:20)
Hobbs is cleaned up high but Waterman and Guelfi take the advantage, Waterman running into an open goal and getting one back for Essendon! (Q4 5:17)
It’s a mad scramble in the square as Essendon go forward again, eventually it’s just bundled through for a minor score (Q4 6:38)
Edwards tries a snap that floats to the top of the square and Nic Martin punches it over (Q4 8:43)
Richmond go forward ending with an Aarts pass to Bolton who runs into space and snaps a goal! (Q4 14:58)
Riewoldt gets the ball 55m out and spots empty space ahead. His eyes light up and he sends the ball forward, but it bounces to the right for a behind (Q4 16:19)
Gibcus gets the ball to the pocket where Riewoldt is waiting. to mark. He runs around and Jack slots goal #4 as the Tigers put the game to bed (Q4 23:03)
Wanganeen tries to snap a late goal, but it’s touched off the boot unfortunately. (Q4 25:23)

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