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Blog log from R6 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Sydney

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Sydney, R6 of 2022

Wingard marks on the lead 40m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q1 2:50)
Gunston tries to rove a Koschitzke dropped mark 15m out in front but gets held by Rampe, he snaps the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 4:30)
Mitchell to Newcombe for a clearance from a secondary bounce in the centre, sizzling pass to Koschitzke 40m out on a slight angle who converts. (Q1 5:53)
Moore is over the back for a long Newcombe ball after Mitchell strips Franklin in a tackle in the centre, he runs into the open goal, Hawks have the jump again! (Q1 9:28)
Mitchell to Ward for the next centre clearance, Wingard marks on the lead 45m out in the corridor and sails through another one for the Hawks! (Q1 10:17)
Moore passes short to the lead of Gunston 35m out on the flank, Rampe gobs off at Warner for not blocking the space. Gunston misses right. (Q1 13:13)
Scrimshaw kicks long to Koschitzke who has two on him but the two Swans fall over each other after spoiling, Kosi keeps his feet to gather and goal with ease! (Q1 16:14)
McDonald drops a mark at half back, Paddy McCartin roves and rides a tackle to reef out a handball, Mills runs to 45m in the corridor for a much-needed goal for Sydney. (Q1 19:13)
Wingard can’t mark a Breust kick to the square, off hands for a behind. (Q1 20:24)
Franklin gets an arm chop free on Frost leading to 50m on the flank but hangs his set shot left. (Q1 21:38)
Franklin juggles a mark on the lead against Frost 40m out, his set shot starts right but swings left and inside the goalpost for his first. (Q1 24:37)
Wingard marks a Worpel inside 50 on the flank well within range but decides on a centring ball to Maginness at the hotspot, who sprays it left. (Q1 28:20)
Frost is pinged for deliberate OOB kicking from the last line to 40m out, Florent takes the free just before the QT siren and misses. (Q1 30:24)
Gulden roves the kick in, does a one-two with Warner and runs freely to 45m on a slight angle for a red zone special just on the siren. (Qtr Time)
Mills clears from the centre to Franklin who marks in front of Frost near the hotspot and misses. (Q2 0:31)
Paddy McCartin and Rampe get swamped on the HBF by small Hawks forwards, McDonald emerges with the footy and screws through a nice finish from 35m. (Q2 5:08)
McInerney se6ts up McLean to bounce through a goal from the hotspot after the Hawks try and fail to clear their lines on the rebound. (Q2 7:28)
Mills kicks OOTF from off a step from 50m in the corridor. (Q2 8:53)
Rowbottom snaps wide off his left from a stoppage deep in the pocket 20m out. (Q2 12:12)
Mitchell is over the back on a fast break to mark a Nash kick to 25m on the flank but he plays on with a grubber that doesn’t turn, just a point. (Q2 15:10)
McDonald passes nicely from wing to Franklin 45m out on a slight angle, who punches it wide left. (Q2 16:12)
Rampe roves a Mitchell shank kick in the back pocket but gets stripped in a tackle by Newcombe, leaving Breust to rove and goal. (Q2 20:17)
Franklin can’t mark a Ronke ball in a one-out contest with Frost 30m out on a slight angle, the crumb sits up for him to volley but he misses with the left peg. (Q2 21:57)
Parker passes to the lead of McDonald to mark despite a heavy challenge by Day 35m out on a slight angle, he misses. (Q2 23:52)
Gulden intercepts a Hardwick rebound kick on the HFF and goes inboard to Ronke 40m out on a slight angle. Set shots not good for Sydney today, and this one misses the lot. (Q2 25:52)
Sicily gives Worpel a hospital handball on the HBF, McDonald catches him HTB, HT siren goes and he misses again. (Q2 27:02)
McLean marks a Mills pass over Grainger-Barras 45m out on the flank after the first centre bounce of Q3. His set shot lands in the square to be rushed. (Q3 0:36)
Morrison gives to Moore for a miss from near the hotspot. (Q3 1:38)
Free to Mills in defence, 50m penalty then another free to Ladhams in a marking contest at the hotspot but it’s another set shot miss. (Q3 3:51)
Maginness pressures Warner coming out of the back pocket, Worpel intercepts the kick 45m out in the corridor and sails through a beauty of a set shot. (Q3 10:33)
Koschitzke marks a Morrison pass on a long lead to 50m on a slight angle on a slow play. The set shot is aimed well but just short for a behind. (Q3 13:32)
Blakey scrubs a kick under pressure to Campbell at half back who gets monstered by Nash to give up a HTB free 45m out on the flank. Nash’s set shot is just narrow. (Q3 14:32)
Mills gives to Ronke who snaps wide from near the hotspot. (Q3 19:45)
Bell centres for McDonald at the hotspot after roving a Hayward contest on the HFF, he almost misses but that’s a much-needed goal for Sydney. (Q3 21:00)
After a HTB free on Lynch to Parker from the centre, McLean roves on the HFF and gives outside to Warner who snaps the goal from 40m. (Q3 22:37)
Breust takes a strong contested mark despite a challenge by McInerney from a Wingard pass from the pocket to the square for a steadying goal for Hawthorn. (Q3 23:58)
Franklin roves his own contest in the pocket and centres for Ronke who is paid a mark that he nearly dropped 20m out, he goals after the 3QT siren. (Q3 27:35)
Ward is pinged for a push on Heeney 25m out on the flank. Heeney has had a quiet day so far but he screws this one through to bring the margin within a kick. (Q4 1:34)
Wingard roves a Gunston contest at the hotspot and gives over the top to Koschitzke who grubbers the goal from the pocket. (Q4 3:34)
Heeney leaps on the back of Grainger-Barras to clunk a McInerney kick to the pocket 25m out, but he screws the set shot wide left. (Q4 10:35)
Worpel and Newcombe can’t clear from a stoppage on the wing and the Swans waltz out the front, Warner runs to 50m on the flank and slots the goal on the run. (Q4 12:50)
Parker it was who engineered that goal with defensive efforts and the clearance. (Q4 13:30)
Frost rushes a Bell snap from half forward that drops in the square. (Q4 13:35)
Mils clears from congestion in the centre to Gulden on the opposite wing, he runs to half forward and goes over Frost to Franklin near the behind line, go-ahead goal! (Q4 15:19)
Heeney centres from the HFF to Rowbottom to mark 45m out on a slight angle, who sprays the set shot OOTF. (Q4 17:05)
Kennedy gives outside of a big scramble to Florent who snaps another one for Sydney from 30m on a slight angle. (Q4 18:34)
Sydney have owned the footy and territory since Q1 and are finally getting value for money. (Q4 19:05)
Ronke roves a pack at the hotspot and gives outside to Ronke who snaps truly. Swans nearly home now. (Q4 22:50)
Swans boss the next centre bounce, Ronke snaps another one to kick off junk time with five minutes to go. (Q4 23:52)
Franklin marks a Blakey pass in front of a pack at the hotspot for his third goal. (Q4 28:45)
McInerney pops through some more junk on the run from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 31:09)
Hayward snaps another one from the hotspot. It has become a procession. (Q4 32:39)

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