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Blog log from R1 of 2021: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Blog log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R1 of 2021

Steele launches from deep in the D50 and Perryman takes the intercept on the arc. He launches for goal and misses to the right. (Q1 1:51)
Webster, struggling with the wet conditions, mishowers a pass which falls directly to Greene. Toby settles and misses to the left via the snap. (Q1 2:45)
Butler has a soccer within range, but a smother comes across, producing the Saints first score of the season. (Q1 12:05)
The Saints surge it forward by hand as the conditions continue to take their toll. Steele receives, pirouettes and hooks to the left from 25. (Q1 15:48)
Greene takes an absolute hanger over Howard, an early contender for mark of the season. He hung for a century! Toby finishes truly from 30! (Q1 17:03)
High class play by Green sees the Giants with the second major. With the rain bucketing, Green sells the candy and whacks it through from 40 on the flank! (Q1 23:05)
St Kilda surge out the back through Steele, Jack receiving from Gresham and in turn finding Billings. The Saints star finishes truly from the pocket! (Q1 25:03)
Battle produces an outstanding chase down tackle and follows it up with a pinpoint pass to the leading Higgins. Jack shoots from the flank and misses. (Q2 2:09)
The Saints have the first of the second term through Lonie! A 50-metre penalty is paid and Jack goals from point-blank range! (Q2 3:45)
Toby Greene gathers on the bounce and hooks it on the left peg to find Hill unmarked. Bobby shoots from 35 via the set shot and nails it! (Q2 5:07)
After an extended period without score, the Giants are the first to blink. Cumming drops an uncontested mark and Higgins gathers and goals from the top of the square! (Q2 17:23)
Former Hawk and Docker Brad Hill pounces on the loose ball, forcing it forward and running onto it. He kept his feet and expertly slid it through from 50! (Q2 27:46)
Haynes is holding Membrey under the high ball and the free is duly awarded. Lining up from 35 directly in front, the former Swan goals! (Q2 28:42)
And with that goal, the Saints have opened up a buffer in the difficult wet conditions. (Q2 29:11)
Buckley launches from 45 under immense pressure, surprisingly managing good purchase on the ball. Howard flies back and manages to time the first for a minor score. (Q2 30:56)
Himmelberg darts ahead of the pacing Howard, reading the flight of the ball superbly to take the important grab. Harry goes back and nails the set shot from 35! (Q2 32:22)
The Giants win the clearance and waste little time in launching forward. Taranto receives a free from 45 on the flank and thuds his effort into the woodwork. (Q3 0:54)
GWS surge the ball forward once more and this time Himmelberg is able to take advantage. Harry gathers, runs his measure, flicks in board to Coniglio who goals! (Q3 7:23)
Bytel, Sinclair and Higgins link up through the middle of the ground before Jack finds his namesake, the former Tiger marking 20 out, directly in front. He goals! (Q3 9:33)
The Saints go coast to coast and snag back to back majors. Seb Ross gets on the end of strong wing play and the onballer bounces it through from 45 on the flank! (Q3 13:03)
Greene wins the pill in the heat of congestion. He’s tackled to ground, but manages to fling a boot to ball. He bounces it through for a minor score. (Q3 15:30)
Howard launches from D50, allowing Gresham to run onto the ball. Jade moves it further afield to Membrey, who steadies and goals from 45! (Q3 19:24)
Bruhn finds the ball deep in the forward pocket and the first gamer flicks wide to the veteran in Ward. Callan settles on the right peg and swings it through! (Q3 24:04)
Greene, Hill and Taranto combine, the play ending with a short dab pass from Bobby to find the leading onballer. Tim shoots from 40 on the slight and goals! (Q3 27:04)
St Kilda push forward with two minutes left in the third stanza. Battle roves the pack at pace and reads it off the Hunter attempted mark, finishing from point-blank range! (Q3 30:04)
Hopper launches to the Himmelberg/Howard contest and Harry gets a step on his namesake to take the grab. From 40 on the flank, he nails his second! (Q3 32:01)
Himmelberg receives a free in the forward 50 ruck stoppage and Harry resultantly lines up from 35 on the slight. He nails the first of the final term! (Q4 2:27)
Greene evades the Long tackle attempt and sizes up the options deep in the forward pocket. He attempts to roll it from home, hitting his effort into the post. (Q4 5:25)
The Giants kick ahead! Himmelberg displays clean hands at ground level and flicks wide to the pacing, unmarked Hopper. Jacob receives and goals from 45! (Q4 8:32)
Himmelberg takes a fly in his combative contest with Wilkie, and the free is duly awarded. Harry shoots from 30 on the slight and thuds the post. (Q4 10:47)
The ball bobs around in the congested Giants forward line, eventually popping out to Taranto. Tim hooks for goal in the blink of an eye, missing to the near side. (Q4 12:49)
An incredible Lonie effort has the Saints grabbing a major against the run of play. Pegged up against the boundary line, 25 out, Jack thunders it through off the left peg! (Q4 15:27)
Ross takes the intercept mark across the half-forward flank and has a congested forward 50 to pass in. He runs his measure, foregoes the passing duties and goals from 50! (Q4 21:13)
Membrey gets ahead of Taylor and Tim takes the seemingly uncontested mark. St Kilda lines up for their third straight goal and Tim banks it! (Q4 22:23)
The Giants surge forward, initially with the Greene handball. Keefe takes the mark out on the lead via the Hopper pass. The former Magpie hammers it through from 45 on the flank! (Q4 26:43)
Gresham manhandles Davis and pounces on the loose pill. Jade flicks wide to the pacing Sinclair, Jack unable to split the difference from the pocket. (Q4 27:42)
Saints lead by 2 points. 3:22 left. (Q4 28:12)
Boundary throw-in, neutral territory. 2:00 left to play. (Q4 30:27)
Ward is caught holding the ball and Butler receives the free-kick. Less than 50 seconds to play. The former Tiger shoots from 40 and goals! (Q4 32:13)
The Saints are home! (Q4 32:38)
Saints victors by 8 points in an epic to start the season! (Full Time)

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