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Blog log from R1 of 2021: Melbourne vs Fremantle

Blog log for Melbourne vs Fremantle, R1 of 2021

Cerra roves a stoppage on the HFF, runs to 40m near the boundary and misses to kick off the scoring for the afternoon. (Q1 2:39)
Schulz catches Hunt trying to run out of defence to win a HTB free 50m out on a slight angle, but Hunt smothers him on the mark for no score. (Q1 4:24)
Mundy snaps high and wide from a huge pack at the top of the square. (Q1 4:24)
Petracca halves a contest in the pocket to a Sparrow speculator, keeps his feet to fight on then gets caught high by Ryan… but shanks it into the post from 10m out. (Q1 6:20)
Tomlinson is pinged for a hold on Pearce 35m out on the flank. Pearce kicks like a backman, his first behind. (Q1 10:36)
McDonald marks on the wing and gets a 50m penalty for encroachment by Acres, he misses from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 11:44)
Langdon intercepts a pressured kick by Hughes 40m out near the boundary, he misses near side. (Q1 12:42)
Pickett leaps to mark a short kick by Spargo to a heavily populated area 40m out on the flank. His set shot is low and punchy, just clears the line for the first goal. (Q1 14:05)
Harmes gets the next centre clearance, drifts to the pocket where Jackson gives to Langdon who measures a running checkside from 20m on the boundary… it’s good! (Q1 16:20)
That was Melbourne’s first clearance of the game. (Q1 16:35)
Rivers turns the ball over by foot at half back, Freo’s attack is rather chaotic but eventually Taberner centres to Cerra 30m out on a slight angle… shank, no score. (Q1 18:20)
Melbourne’s rebound breaks down with Oliver at half back, it’s Serong who gets the chance off a step from the hotspot but he misses. (Q1 18:44)
Oliver to Petracca at a stoppage at half forward, quick kick bounces high in the square, Hughes unlucky as his man Fritsch volleys it home on the line. (Q1 20:49)
Harmes roves a Gawn contest and snaps under pressure from 25m on the flank but it’s across the face for a point. (Q1 22:39)
Jordon marks forward of centre and hits Petracca on the lead to mark over Mundy 40m out on a slight angle, who converts. (Q1 24:55)
Hughes juggles and drops a defensive mark from a Salem speculator to the hotspot, Spargo roves and gives to Jordon who spins and goals. (Q2 2:36)
Aish bounces through the centre and has to go to Henry with two talls on him, but Rivers is pinged for a push and Henry gets the free at the hotspot… which he misses. (Q2 4:16)
Switkowski finally delivers the opening Fremantle goal with a snap from 40m after a give by Fyfe at a stoppage on the HFF. (Q2 7:56)
Fritsch marks a Spargo pass 30m out on a slight angle but slices the set shot wide left. (Q2 10:22)
Jordon does exactly the same thing from the same spot as Fritsch, albeit with a hook off the right boot instead of a slice off the left. (Q2 11:26)
Henry gets a set shot opportunity from hard in the pocket 25m out after Hunt falls in his back, tough angle but his chip shot is nice and straight. (Q2 14:37)
Fritsch’s set shot from the HFF falls next to the behind post where McDonald marks and goals. (Q2 16:37)
Colyer roves a Taberner contest near CHF and gives to Schulz who baulks clear and goals from the hotspot. (Q2 24:23)
Fremantle gets in trouble on the HBF with too many Demons swarming the ballcarrier, McDonald baulks through traffic and feeds Harmes to goal from 20m. (Q2 24:23)
Angus Brayshaw kicks off a step from the HFF and hits McDonald leading from the square to the hotspot, who hits the post. (Q3 2:01)
Taberner marks strongly in front of Salem in the pocket 25m out and steers through a nice finish. (Q3 7:02)
Blakely converts a set shot from 45m on a slight angle after marking a Schulz pass across goal. (Q3 9:23)
Colyer blazes OOTF from the HFF. Fremantle’s clearance dominance throughout the game is now starting to show in inside 50s. (Q3 10:58)
Spargo receives from Oliver and passes to the lead of Fritsch 40m out on the flank. Fritsch avoids the left goalpost for a steadier for Melbourne. (Q3 12:37)
Colyer marks over Hunt and misses from 35m out in the corridor, very gettable that one. (Q3 21:08)
Lever gets a 50m penalty to bring him from wing to the flank 25m out but he kicks like a backman, only a behind. (Q3 26:38)
Lever intercepts in defence and starts a rebound around outer wing, Pickett with the key linebreaking run, Jordon kicks to Spargo in the square for an easy one. (Q3 28:56)
Andrew Brayshaw gets the quick replying goal for Freo after Serong roves Gawn at the bounce and sets the younger brother to run through CHF and shoot from 45m. (Q3 30:33)
Colyer feeds Aish who blazes wide off a step from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 3:54)
Freo can’t rebound past half back from a kick in, Petracca bounces through what should really be the sealer from half forward. (Q4 10:53)
Ryan is swamped by three Demons on the HBF, McDonald takes the HTB free and strokes through some cherries from 45m. (Q4 13:35)
Angus Brayshaw marks a Langdon pass just inside 50m in the corridor over Switkowski, and hooks the set shot. (Q4 15:28)
Fritsch passes to Jackson 40m out in front on the end of another rather easy Demon rebound, the Dockers are shot. Jackson shanks for no score. (Q4 17:51)
Jones passes to Sparrow just inside 50m on the flank, who misses. (Q4 18:58)
Cerra passes to Taberner op the boundary 30m out who gets some junk. (Q4 20:20)
Petracca feeds Jones for a miss across the body from the hotspot. We are well and truly in garbage time now. (Q4 22:57)
Jones intercepts the kick in and passes to Harmes 45m out on a slight angle whose set shot is short and rushed. (Q4 23:48)
Freo goes the length of the ground with Fyfe feeding Taberner to goal on the run from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 24:20)
Neal-Bullen has a hectare on members wing, he goes long to the hotspot for Jackson to mark, nothing Ryan could do there. Jackson misses badly. (Q4 25:57)
Jackson leaps in the middle of a pack Disco Roach style to clunk a mark on the HFF, he goes inside to Petracca 40m out on a slight angle, siren sounds, Trac doesn’t score. (Q4 28:53)

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