Blog log from P1 of 2021: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Riccardi takes a pack mark and boots the first goal of the afternoon from 35m on a slight angle. (Q1 0:31)
Rampe roves at half back but de Boer catches him HTB, Bruhn plays on to advantage to goal from 20m. (Q1 2:12)
Kennedy roves a big pack on the HFF and shoots from 45m on a slight angle but it drifts across the face. (Q1 4:57)
Taranto cops an arm around the jaw by Florent chasing a loose ball in the pocket, he converts from 25m. (Q1 6:57)
Briggs gets a 50m penalty for encroachment by Bell after the next centre bounce, he kicks the goal from the hotspot. (Q1 7:57)
Gulden toepokes home the first goal for Sydney after keeping his feet following a contest with Idun to a Rowbottom kick to the top of the square. (Q1 14:08)
Greene marks in front of Campbell 45m out on the flank but misses. (Q1 18:58)
Idun spoils a speculator near the hotspot but it falls behind the pack where Warner has read it to catch and release from 15m despite Idun’s tackle, fine goal. (Q1 23:09)
Himmelberg uses strength and courage to win a loose footy in traffic and sets up Lloyd to snap around the corner for a nice goal from near the hotspot. (Q1 25:42)
Buckley marks a Greene pass at the hotspot and converts. (Q1 28:14)
Gulden kicks quickly from a pack on the HFF, Ash approaches but the ball unluckily bounces high over his head, favouring Rowbottom for the opportunist goal from the square. (Q1 31:08)
Green somehow gets free for a mark inside 50 on a slow play, Ward it was with the pass. Green’s set shot from 45m on a slight angle is short and rushed, though. (Q2 0:27)
Himmelberg fights on after contesting with two Swans at the hotspot, Green rakes the ball out for Bruhn to gather and goal. (Q2 3:24)
Parker’s dump kick from a pack at the Giant hotspot lands in the arms of Buckley 45m out in front, who sends it back over everybody’s head for a goal. (Q2 9:44)
Bruhn kicks across the body from 75m out near the centre square, intended to sit up for the run of Greene but the ball rolls on and on through for a goal! (Q2 12:28)
Parker marks 45m out on a slight angle and delivers a quality finish, as usual. (Q2 12:28)
Blakey takes a contested grab on the HFF over Perryman, hits the ground running and goals from 50m. (Q2 18:28)
Himmelberg leads in front of Melican to mark a Hopper centre clearance at the hotspot, easy goal. (Q2 18:28)
Greene snaps a nice checkside goal from the pocket 25m out after the Giants swarm the ballcarrier to prevent a Swan rebound and force the turnover. (Q2 21:28)
Gulden marks at half forward, has a look then passes to Bell leading up the guts to 45m, who misses. (Q2 21:28)
Gulden centres from the pocket to Papley to mark in front of Sam J. Reid 30m out on the flank, for his first goal. (Q2 27:59)
Campbell runs off half back and finds Papley to mark again 40m out in the corridor, he goals again. (Q2 27:59)
Greene passes to Himmelberg on the boundary 20m out just before the HT siren. Himmelberg screws it home. (Q2 30:44)
Dawson jumps in front of Riccardi to intercept a Ward kick on the wing, 50m penalty against Riccardi means Dawson shoots from 40m on a slight angle… miss. (Half Time)
Parker roves a Reid contest and rolls through a goal from 20m. (Q3 2:47)
Riccardi roves and gives inside to Bruhn who hits the post from the hotspot. (Q3 6:20)
Sam Reid passes to Wicks 40m out in front, who burns a man running to the square but kicks the goal from the set shot anyway. (Q3 9:20)
McDonald takes his first contested grab over Idun 40m out in front and strokes a lovely set shot through for an impressive goal. (Q3 13:05)
Hayward misses from close range after a Wicks kick to the teeth of goal. (Q3 13:05)
Blakey hits the lead of McDonald ahead of Haynes 45m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 16:30)
Warner misses a flying snap from half forward. (Q3 16:30)
Cumming catches Papley high in a tackle 45m out on a slight angle after a McDonald inside 50 kick. Papley gives off to Campbell who misses. (Q3 20:18)
Lloyd is pinged for holding Parker without the footy, Parker makes him pay with a gaol from 45m on a slight angle. (Q3 20:18)
de Boer passes short to Greene well within range on the HFF, he goes inboard to Lloyd 35m out on a slight angle who converts. (Q3 26:20)
Sydney works the ball out of the centre bounce by hand, Papley sets Rowbottom away to snap the goal from near the hotspot. (Q3 26:20)
Greene passes to the lead of Himmelberg 30m out on the flank, nothing Idun could do there. 3QT siren sounds, Himmelberg misses. (Q3 29:40)
Heeney misses a snap across the body from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 2:06)
Greene leads up to true CHF to mark a Finlayson pass, and converts in trademark quality style. (Q4 9:03)
Cumming sends a long ball from outside CHF to a big pack at the square, Hickey fumbles and Greene volleys it home from 5m out! (Q4 9:03)
Another centre clearance to GWS, this time it’s Himmelberg who marks the Ash inside 50 kick and goals from 20m. (Q4 12:24)
Gulden passes to Parker leading to the boundary 35m out, who misses. (Q4 12:24)
McDonald roves an Idun spoil and snaps off a step from 20m on a slight angle, but just misses. (Q4 15:50)
Green sails through a snap goal from 50m on a slight angle, GWS have woken up and taken control of the game. (Q4 19:24)
Gulden misses from the boundary 25m out after Buckley kicks OOTF. (Q4 23:04)
O’Halloran speeds away from a stoppage on the wing and goes long to Finlayson at the hotspot who beats Melican to mark but misses a sitter. (Q4 23:04)
Bruhn marks a Green pass diving in front of Campbell near the hotspot, he shoots for goal number four… low and straight. (Q4 26:50)

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