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Blog log from R18 of 2020: Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Gold Coast, R18 of 2020

Ceglar catches Witts HTB after the opening bounce and gives to Wingard who goes long up the guts to the hotspot where Gunston marks and boots the first goal of a warm day. (Q1 1:07)
Puopolo hits the crumb from a Lewis contest in the pocket and tries a Daicos special running to the boundary from 20m out… Poppy gets the roll for a sensational finish! (Q1 3:08)
Shiels outjudges Greenwood to rove a Witts tap towards the boundary and snaps truly off the left boot from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q1 6:53)
After Lukosius falls over in the centre to start a Hawks counterattack, Burgoyne roves in the pocket and gives to Breust who rides a Harbrow tackle to goal from the square. (Q1 8:48)
Puopolo has two on him for a high Greaves speculator to 30m out on a slight angle but somehow marks it and goals again! (Q1 11:57)
Farrar roves in the pocket, baulks away from the chasing Hardwick and screws through a lovely finish from 25m on the flank. (Q1 14:53)
Corbett marks and misses from half forward. (Q1 16:59)
Gunston marks a Morrison ball over Collins 25m out on a slight angle, he converts with a low set shot. (Q1 19:12)
Morrison passes to Gunston 50m out on the flank who misses left. (Q1 26:03)
Moore roves a Lewis contest at the hotspot and goals just before the QT siren. (Q1 27:42)
O’Brien leaps in front of Collins to take a contested grab from a Gunston ball to the pocket 20m out, he converts. (Q2 1:44)
Ainsworth dives in front of Stratton to mark a short Swallow ball to 45m on a slight angle, his set shot is touched through on the line. (Q2 4:21)
Swallow bounces a snap wide from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q2 7:13)
Burgoyne muscles Anderson off the fall and roves a Breust ball to Lewis at the hotspot then waltzes into the open goal. (Q2 12:44)
McEvoy is pinged for a high fend after roving in the BP, King goals from 15m. (Q2 14:45)
Stratton marks at half forward and gives off to Frost who blazes wide from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 16:51)
Ellis gives to Miller who snaps wide off a step from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 19:22)
Sexton marks 40m out on the flank, the goal umpire doesn’t move as the set shot sails over his peaked cap in bright sunshine. (Q2 20:38)
Ainsworth bombs long from 55m on a slight angle, the ball floats past two contests and takes a cruel off break for a behind. (Q2 22:06)
Hawthorn goes coast to coast around members wing, Breust hits Gunston 40m out on a slight angle just before the HT siren for a miss. (Q2 22:59)
Gunston drops a mark at the hotspot, two Suns there but the crumb falls over the back and Gunston keeps his feet to volley home from 10m. (Q3 1:22)
Wingard chases a Gunston crumb, three Suns there but he gets a boot to it… across the face from 10m. (Q3 3:07)
Cousins snaps wide on the run from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 3:07)
Frost kicks long to the hotspot, Gunston stays down to rove Collins’ spoil and snaps truly. (Q3 6:38)
Moore passes to Lewis 40m out on a slight angle who converts. (Q3 10:23)
Hardwick is pinged for deliberate OOB 20m out, Rankine checksides the goal. (Q3 17:02)
Sam Day marks a Sexton pass at the hotspot and kicks truly. (Q3 19:39)
O’Meara sets up Puopolo for a mark, play on and running snap from 30m on a slight angle, that one bounces over the goal line for his third! (Q3 26:09)
O’Brien marks a Gunston set shot from the HFF that falls in the square and kicks off Q4 junk time with his second goal. (Q4 0:55)
Harbrow has Sexton over the back for some easy junk, on an attack up the guts. (Q4 6:04)
King roves and feeds Lukosius for a miss from the hotspot. (Q4 7:37)
Gold Coast locks in the kick in, Greenwood screws through the goal from 35m on a slight angle. (Q4 8:03)
Rankine volleys wide from 15m after a stoppage in the pocket. (Q4 10:56)
Morrison passes to Breust 40m out on a slight angle for some garbage. (Q4 15:44)
Gunston marks well within range but chooses the very popular option of Stratton leading from the square to the hotspot. The retiring captain goals, the Hawks swamp him! (Q4 18:04)
Sexton marks 40m out on the flank, starts his set shot left but draws it in for some junk. (Q4 20:41)
Sexton gets a contact free on Frost at much the same spot and this time doesn’t score. (Q4 22:44)
Lewis marks a short Mitchell ball to the hotspot for some refuse. (Q4 25:19)

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