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Blog log from R5 of 2020: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, R5 of 2020

Bailey forces a Bonner rebound kick to turn over to Cameron who finds Hipwood 40m out on the flank, who misses the lot for no score. (Q1 0:58)
Boak roves a Dixon contest but misses a screwing snap from 25m on a slight angle. (Q1 3:13)
Westhoff throws the boot at the crumb from a long Houston ball to the square but it dribbles for a point. (Q1 5:14)
Rayner kicks blind from a pack in midfield up the guts to the hotspot where McStay takes a strong mark on his chest in front of Clurey and boots the first goal. (Q1 8:30)
Boak gives inside from a pack on the HFF to Lycett who hoofs it wide off the right boot from 45m in front. (Q1 10:59)
Butters feeds Farrell for a run and bounce through midfield, he steadies and shoots from 50m on a slight angle… just wide left. (Q1 13:23)
The Lions get a run on around the outer wing, Hipwood bounces a kick to the square where Rayner leaps and volleys home like Paolo Di Canio! (Q1 14:44)
Lester gets back to rush a Boak snap from half forward into the goalpost. (Q1 16:08)
Martin passes to Hipwood who gets smashed by Hartlett after marking, no 50m and Hipwood misses from near the hotspot. (Q1 19:29)
McKenzie bombs the kick in to the centre circle, Powell-Pepper hits the lead of Gray 30m out in the pocket for the first Port goal. (Q1 20:59)
Powell-Pepper volleys the crumb from a stoppage at the Port hotspot wide for a point. (Q1 23:29)
Hipwood marks in front of Clurey on the HFF, wheels and shoots from 55m to an empty square… squeezes it in for a big goal! (Q2 3:03)
Rozee burns the ball at half back straight to Robinson outside CHF for Brisbane, he goes for Rayner who draws a contact free on Bonner at the hotspot and goals. (Q2 5:39)
Two Port players fight over a ground ball at a stoppage deep in attack for Brisbane, the ball ricochets off Neale straight to Cameron who goals from 10m. (Q2 8:24)
McCarthy bombs long to the hotspot after the next centre bounce, McInerney draws an arm chop free on Jonas and hoofs through another one for the Lions. (Q2 9:39)
Port can’t get their hands on the footy and it’s Bailey who is the next Lion to add his name to the scoresheet with a snap from the square under a McKenzie tackle. (Q2 12:09)
Tom Berry feeds Lyons for a running snap from 40m on a slight angle that sails wide right. (Q2 14:08)
Neale plays on to advantage from a ruck free 30m out but misses. (Q2 18:00)
The Lions boss a stoppage on the wing, Cameron passes from half forward over the hotspot to Hipwood 20m out on a slight angle… but the set shot shanks wide. (Q2 23:06)
Lester is one out with Gray for a long Westhoff ball to the hotspot, tries to volley the crumb and misses, has another go and misses again, Butters roves and goals. (Q2 24:26)
Hipwood marks 40m out on the flank and misses again. (Q2 25:38)
Lycett rushes a Neale snap from the pocket. (Q2 26:22)
Jarrod Berry roves the kick in and pokes the ball back to a pack at the hotspot, McCarthy roves and grubbers a checkside for the goal just before the HT siren! (Half Time)
Lyons gets the first centre clearance kick of Q3, McCarthy marks it 40m out on a slight angle and kicks truly. (Q3 0:16)
McCluggage is front and centre for a McStay contest to a Cameron bomb up the guts to the top of the square, he snaps a goal. Port not coming out firing, going further behind. (Q3 2:34)
Jarrod Berry roves and runs his full measure from the next centre bounce, long ball to McStay who outmarks McKenzie… but shanks a behind. (Q3 3:56)
Dixon grabs the ball out of ruck 30m out on a slight angle and snaps while falling backwards… just wide. (Q3 7:10)
Jonas gets a hospital handball by Motlop at CHB and coughs it up, Rayner snaps wide from the hotspot. (Q3 11:40)
Repeat inside 50 to Brisbane, McCluggage passes to Cameron 40m out on the flank who misses. (Q3 12:05)
Gray wins a HTB free on Ah Chee 40m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 14:26)
Boak goes long to the hotspot, Rozee roves and turns onto his right boot for a lovely finish screwing across the body. (Q3 16:18)
Robinson drops a mark in defence, Motlop roves and spins out of a tackle but misses from 20m on the flank. (Q3 17:41)
Port gets a rare fast break going, Boak hits Butters running behind the Lions defensive line to mark 20m in front and goal. (Q3 20:38)
Cameron speeds away from Houston up the wing to the HFF, he hits the hotspot where Bailey roves Hipwood and feeds Robinson to run into the open goal. (Q3 23:32)
Hipwood marks on the lead in front of Clurey 40m out on the flank but hits the right goalpost. (Q3 25:12)
Butters passes to Marshall 40m out on the flank, Gardiner pushes him late to concede 50m and ensure the goal. (Q4 6:06)
McCarthy rolls through a soccer kick from the top of the square after a stoppage. (Q4 8:47)
Dixon flies in front of Andrews and clunks a long Motlop ball to the hotspot, then misses much to the delight of the home fans. (Q4 10:03)
Rockliff rolls through a garbage time goal from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q4 12:47)
After Lester is caught in possession, Boak feeds Ebert for a hurried snap at the hotspot that goes wide. (Q4 16:01)
Neale passes to McInerney 45m out in front, whose set shot falls on the line and is rushed. (Q4 21:14)
Byrne-Jones gets there late to concede 50m on Neale to bring him from the HFF to 15m out, he gets some junk. (Q4 23:13)

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