Blog log from R3 of 2020: Geelong vs Carlton

Eddie Betts kicks the first goal inside the first minute of the match! Fast start for the Navy Blues! (Q1 5:02)
Former Saint Steven has his handball intercepted by Cunningham. The Blues chain it to Murphy, and Marc goals from 30! (Q1 10:35)
The Blues power out the back of the stoppage with Betts dash. Eddie unloads from 70 but Blicavs manages to rush it through. (Q1 13:35)
Weitering launches the ball forward and Casboult takes the flying grab ahead of Stanley. Levi launches from 40 and goals! (Q1 15:15)
Gibbons leads Tuohy to the pill and the second year player clunks the grab. He pulls his flank shot to the near side. (Q1 19:03)
The Cats have a rare foray forward and Dangerfield takes the leading mark. Patrick shoots from the arc and misses to the left. (Q1 20:46)
The pressure applied by the Blues is outstanding and forces the Dangerfield turnover. McGovern gathers the loose pill and goals! (Q1 22:36)
Miers dabs the pass to Tuohy and the Irishmen marks a step inside the arc. His kick drops short and Selwood soccers into the post. (Q1 23:46)
Williamson gifts the Cats the easiest of goals. He makes a beeline for Selwood and whacks Joel to the ground. The free is given and converted truly! (Q1 24:16)
The Blues grab the quick reply! Miers is caught with ball in hand and the scramble is on. Betts finds the pill and nails it from the pocket! (Q1 27:02)
Geelong get off to the fast start in Q2! Hawkins grabbed the loose pill and Guthrie is the recipient with lightning hands. Cam dribbles it through from 35! (Q2 1:28)
Ablett, Henry and Duncan link from half forward and end the play with Mitch marking inside the pocket. He shoots via the set shot and pulls it badly for a minor. (Q2 4:29)
Simpson gifts Stanley the free within scoring distance, gliding ahead of the ruck contest. Rhys goes back and nails it from beyond the arc! (Q2 6:11)
Carlton spread from the resultant stoppage and hammer it down the throat of Casboult via the Curnow pass. Levi shoots from 45 on the flank and misses to the far side. (Q2 7:30)
McGovern and Stewart battle after Cripps and Walsh link to create the isolated contest. Mitch clunks the grab and whacks it through from 35 on the flank! (Q2 8:40)
Cripps wins it at the coalface with a free. He moves it to Pittonet, Marc flicks to Martin and McKay takes the leading mark. Harry goals from 35 on the flank! (Q2 11:14)
Casboult dabs the pass to the leading McKay and this time he receives the free for arm slapping against the desperate Blicavs. He misses from 35. (Q2 14:27)
O’Connor bounds from the half back flank and darts the pill to Narkle. Quinton finds the late flying Rohan and Gary goes back, converting truly from the arc! (Q2 18:44)
Narkle finds the ball and flicks on hands and knees to the unmarked Selwood. Joel has time to settle on the snap, but misses from 30 on the slight. (Q2 20:29)
The Blues waltz up the other end and McGovern takes the leading mark outside scoring range. He chips further afield to Casboult and Levi splits the middle from 40! (Q2 22:31)
The Blues continue to extend their margin, this time through captain Cripps! Betts finds Patrick with the short dab. He receives a 50 and goals from point blank! (Q2 25:29)
Betts launches out the back on the left peg and finds the run of former captain Murphy. Marc goes back from 35 and dobs the goal! (Q3 2:52)
Dangerfield flies high on the wing and is unable to pull it down. The Blues subsequently stream forward and ends with Martin missing the set shot from 45. (Q3 5:03)
Betts kicks long to the top of the square and Cripps clunks the grab opposed to Ablett. Patrick shoots from the pocket and hooks it through! (Q3 9:22)
Dangerfield launches to the pocket and Rohan takes the diving mark ahead of Plowman. The former Swan shoots from the sharp angle and he splits the middle! (Q3 12:43)
Rohan launches the pill onto the hard running Hawkins, Tom taking the grab from 40 out, directly in front. The Cats have their first back to back majors! (Q3 15:49)
The Blues have spread from the stoppage with ease and they have runners wherever the eye scans. Cripps, McGovern, Betts and Gibbons link. Michael goals! (Q3 21:23)
Miers gathers the pill in the pocket, flicks to Hawkins and Tom centres to Taylor. Harry floated up and marked in the square. He goals from point blank! (Q4 1:24)
Rohan marks, spins on a dime and sends it down the throat of Hawkins. Tom takes the lead up mark and shooting from 35 on the sharp angle, misses to the far side. (Q4 4:47)
Half back hits the pill at pace and Bews runs his full measure. The Cat steadies and goals from 35, reducing the margin to within five majors! (Q4 8:27)
McGovern launches to the hot spot and Silvagni flies in the five strong pack. He pulls down the dramatic clunk, but fails to convert from 35 on the flank. (Q4 10:07)
Docherty turns the ball over under severe pressure, finding Duncan at half forward. Mitch dabs the pass and Hawkins takes the mark. He goes back and goals from 35! (Q4 13:27)
The Cats launch from the subsequent centre stoppage. Narkle gathers at half forward, flicks to Miers and Gryan hammers it through from 35! (Q4 15:52)
Blues led by 42 points and now hold less than a two kick lead. 5:26 remains… (Q4 17:03)
Miers takes the advantage after the Cats had a free within scoring range. He shoots but the ball is touched on the line… Sigh of relief for Blues. (Q4 18:30)
4:11 left, Cats forward 50 throw in stoppage. Hawkins to Duncan out of the stoppage and Mitch sends it straight through the middle! (Q4 19:07)
Wait a score review! It appears as though Simpson has touched the pill… (Q4 20:22)
Behind adjudicated… 3:41 to play. Cats ball on the wing. (Q4 21:38)
Petrevski-Seton grabs Ablett out of the stoppage and Gary will line up from 30 on the slight. Incredibly, he misses. (Q4 22:44)
2:31 left to play… throw-in in the Cats forward arc. (Q4 23:22)
Miers sends it down the throat of Atkins and Tom drops the uncontested mark. He has time to mop up the mistake and kicks it through from 40! (Q4 25:25)
1:20 left to play… (Q4 25:57)
48 seconds left… Cats forward half stopapge. (Q4 26:34)
Betts nails Henry in the tackle and wins a pivotal ball at the half forward flank. (Full Time)
Blues hold on for a historic victory away from home! (Full Time)

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