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Blog log from R2 of 2020: Brisbane vs Fremantle

Blog log for Brisbane vs Fremantle, R2 of 2020

Fyfe intercepts on the wing but Walters is caught in possession and the Lions pounce, McCarthy passes to Rayner who misses from 40m on the flank. (Q1 1:08)
Neale roves a big pack 40m out on the flank, has a look inside but goes himself around the corner… fabulous first goal! (Q1 5:52)
Hughes is out of position on a fast break and gives away a contact free to Cameron in the pocket 30m out, Charlie screws through his first goal with lackadaisical ease. (Q1 9:07)
Cerra passes to Matera 20m out on the flank after the Dockers again go around the outer wing and finally get some contested mark wins. Matera goals. (Q1 13:33)
Freo’s inability and/or unwillingness to switch is making this some turgid stuff, but on that build up they were able to keep the possession chain going. (Q1 14:08)
Taberner marks a long Aish kick behind Andrews on the behind line, plays on and shoots low and straight. (Q1 18:56)
Cameron and Zorko wax the footy on the HFF, eventually Charlie misses from 40m. (Q1 22:29)
McInerney marks in a big pack 40m out on the flank and converts. (Q1 23:53)
Zorko gets things rolling after the next centre bounce, Hipwood can’t mark on the HFF but McCarthy gets the key tap on and it’s Cameron again with the goal! (Q1 25:53)
The ball looks locked into the Fremantle FP as the QT siren is about to go after Lyons commits a clanger in the centre, but somehow Schulz rolls through a big goal! (Q1 27:39)
Zorko and Neale combine for the first centre clearance of Q2, the crumb from a McCarthy contest falls into the lap of Cameron who snaps goal number three from 35m. (Q2 0:16)
Taberner rolls through his second goal after a rebound started by Aish, again Andrews is caught in front of his player and Tabs goals from 40m. (Q2 4:13)
Andrews intercepts a blind rebound kick on the wing and kicks in ugly fashing, but it’s straight to Cameron who goals again from 40m on the flank, four for Charlie! (Q2 5:52)
Young roves a loose ball on the HFF, jinks onto his left boot and misses from 45m. (Q2 9:09)
Fyfe is front and centre for a rather aimless ball to a pack near the hotspot, he rolls a snap through for a Fremantle goal. (Q2 10:39)
Ah Chee snaps from the pocket, the ball lands on the behind line where Taberner marks in exactly the same way as Higgins on Thursday night. But Tabs misses. (Q2 12:54)
Banfield wins a HTB free on Gardiner near the hotspot and levels the scores, somewhat unexpectedly, with his first goal. (Q2 18:34)
The game is somewhat ugly and stoppage-focused, which is perhaps surprising given that Ross Lyon isn’t coaching. (Q2 18:54)
The Lions get a wave of possession going from congestion on the wing after a stoppage, ending with Rayner feeding Zorko to goal on the run from the hotspot. (Q2 19:57)
Rich intercepts a rebound kick to the centre and sends it in long and hard, McStay roves and goals from the square! (Q2 22:39)
Taberner marks a cross-field pass by Cerra 30m out on the flank but misses. (Q2 26:25)
Fyfe gets a free for contact off the ball by Rayner, he lines up from 40m on a slight angle for a screwing set shot and converts. (Q2 29:10)
Robinson gets the first inside 50 of Q3 coming off the wing to the center, the ball falls into the lap of Hipwood 45m out in front for a quick goal. (Q3 0:08)
Neale marks a short McStay pass near the boundary 45m out and roosts a fantastic set shot for his second goal! (Q3 3:02)
Fyfe busts open a big pack to take a contested grab 40m out near the boundary. But he misses the set shot. (Q3 5:20)
Hipwood roves and gives to Cameron who snaps across his body off a step from 35m on a slight angle… OOTF. (Q3 8:08)
Zorko roves a Hipwood contest at the hotspot and snaps off a step into the goalpost, with Rayner waiting on the outside for the easy give. (Q3 13:30)
A mad scramble after Taberner fumbles on the wing gets the ball forward in ugly fashion for Brisbane, eventually Ah Chee snaps truly off a step from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 16:27)
Schulz snaps a point from the pocket after some more scrappy play. (Q3 20:02)
Fyfe takes a big mark at the top of the square for his third goal to keep the Dockers within some sort of reach nearing 3QT. (Q3 23:52)
Mundy goes long from half forward, Taberner appears to mark it in the square but the ump calls it as a fumble and pays a point, mystifyingly. (Q4 0:56)
Fyfe kicks off a step from 40m, it falls on the behind line, Taberner fumbles it over the line but gets a free for a push… and misses. (Q4 2:34)
Aish misses a running snap from the HFF. (Q4 3:09)
Bailey feed McCluggage for a miss from a pack 25m out on the flank. (Q4 8:28)
Jarrod Berry also misses a tough snap from heavy traffic. Not much space for either team today, very congested wherever the ball is. (Q4 9:47)
Walters rolls through a goal from the HFF to keep things interesting, two kicks in it with 5:26 to play. (Q4 13:29)
Throw in to the Freo FP, Fyfe gets the big clearance with a give to Walters who spins and shoots from 25m… that’s through! A kick in it, 3:42 to go! (Q4 17:17)
McInerney juggles a big pack mark 20m out in the pocket but sprays the set shot OOTF. 2:34 to go, will that be costly? (Q4 19:29)
Conca goes long to the wing on the rebound but the Lions boss the crumb and start another attack, go slow as the clock ticks under 2:00… (Q4 20:29)
Robinson kicks a high bomb to the pocket, Tom Berry flies and takes a fantastic mark over Ryan! But then he misses. Freo still alive, 1:06 to go! (Q4 20:54)
The kick in is caught by Lobb at CHB but it’s touched off the boot so it’s play on, eventually Cameron is paid a blocking free 40m out on the flank! (Q4 21:40)
Charlie misses. A goal in it, 32 seconds left! (Q4 21:55)
Stoppage at CHB for Freo, 21 seconds. (Q4 21:55)
Tom Berry to Bailey, blind handball to the pocket, ball in, 10 seconds. (Q4 22:37)
McStay roves and gives to Zorko who snaps the sealer! (Q4 23:08)

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