Blog log from R1 of 2020: North Melbourne vs St Kilda

Pittard is smothered by Hannebery under a tackle 15m out, the ball stays in Hanners’ hands and he shoots… straight but it’s touched off the boot by McDonald. (Q1 4:38)
Dumont roves on the HFF and hits the square, Hill is pinged for a hold on Polec… who hits the post from 10m out. (Q1 6:12)
Butler does a one-two with Kent on the burst through the centre, reaches 40m in the corridor but misses. (Q1 7:42)
Steele marks in front of Murphy one out at the top of the square for the first goal. (Q1 8:12)
Curtis Taylor marks near the boundary 40m out but sprays it OOTF. (Q1 12:34)
A lull as Josh Walker’s injury is assessed. (Q1 14:24)
King is part of a big pack for a long Kent ball from the HFF to the square, he draws a holding free on Tarrant and boots his first senior goal. (Q1 17:39)
Brown marks a Ziebell mongrel punt down the flank to 30m and steers through his first goal of the season. (Q1 19:24)
Marshal intercept marks in a pack on the wing and starts a switch play that ends with Jones marking 40m out in the corridor, but he misses. (Q1 24:09)
Billings snaps high, straight and just long enough from a ball up 40m out in the corridor, after a feed by Clark. (Q1 27:30)
Kent gets a holding free 40m out in front chasing a shank inside 50 by Dunstan, it was McDonald who scragged him. Kent misses. (Q2 0:35)
Dumont passes to Goldstein 40m out on a slight angle on the end of a chaotic rebound started by Ahern. Goldie kicks truly. (Q2 5:36)
Hill, who has been quiet, does his favourite thing which is laying an inside 50 kick on the sternum of a leading forward, in this case Membrey 35m out who goals. (Q2 7:50)
Butler gives to Gresham running down the flank but he takes too long to steady and gets challenged as he shoots, wide from 30m. (Q2 10:49)
Ryder marks in a pack at the hotspot on the end of another Saint repeat inside 50, plus a 50m penalty to ensure the goal. (Q2 11:55)
Ziebell marks 40m out near the boundary and misses. (Q2 15:06)
Hill gets another chance for an inside 50 and places the Sherrin gently on the left nipple of King 40m out on a slight angle. King misses. (Q2 17:03)
Jones passes to Billings 50m out on a slight angle, he hits the goal line with a shepherd by Membrey for a goal! (Q2 22:51)
Jones misses a long snap early in Q3. (Half Time)
Billings passes to Membrey on the boundary 25m out, who misses everything with a screwing set shot. (Q3 1:24)
Atley is pinged for HTB after catching a short kickout in the BP and not being paid a mark, Kent misses the free kick. (Q3 2:25)
Brown marks next to the behind post and hits the far goal post. (Q3 2:59)
Butler marks 40m out on a slight angle but he tries a pass to Ryder that doesn’t work, no score. (Q3 4:45)
Lonie roves a pack 20m out in the pocket and tries a Daicos special but it takes a leg break the wrong side of the goalpost. (Q3 7:02)
Clark does just enough to put Anderson off a mark in the square from an Atley kick, the crumb falls into the goalpost. (Q3 7:58)
North locks the ball in from the kick in and it’s Simpkin who snaps truly from 45m on the flank after a feed by Atley. (Q3 8:46)
Hall runs around from the pocket after a pass from Taylor and snaps his first goal for North Melbourne from 20m. (Q3 11:21)
Larkey marks in front of Long on the boundary 20m out and misses. North is coming. (Q3 14:01)
Anderson marks in the pocket and goes inside for Taylor 30m out on the flank. Taylor kicks straight as a die, the Roos are jumping now. (Q3 15:41)
Jones hits the post on the run from 40m on a slight angle as Dumont chases just hard enough to affect the kick. (Q3 19:01)
Anderson roves a long ball to 20m out but gets tackled and his dribbler bounces the wrong side of the goalpost. (Q3 20:21)
Larkey receives from Brown outside the hotspot and snaps off a step.. it’s high and straight! (Q3 21:26)
Anderson gives to Dumont who just misses with a snap across the body near the hotspot. (Q3 22:58)
Taylor catches Long HTB at half forward and passes to Polec 50m on the flank who hits the square… off hands, Saints clear. (Q4 5:02)
Zurhaar misses from a stoppage 35m out on a slight angle. (Q4 7:25)
Anderson passes to Cunnington leading up from the square to the hotspot after a rebound around the outer wing. Cunners kicks the go-ahead goal! (Q4 8:58)
Butler marks a Lonie kick 45m out on the flank after excellent lead up work by Paton. He hits the hotspot… King holding free, goal to change the lead! (Q4 14:58)
Cunnington juggles a mark over Paton and Jones in the square and goals again, two for the quarter for him and another lead change! (Q4 17:57)
3:31 at the next bounce, anyone’s game. (Q4 19:08)
Marshall leaps against two Roo defenders and clunks a long ball to 40m on a slight angle with strong hands. He runs in as the clock ticks under 2:00… miss! (Q4 21:23)
Series of stoppages in the Saints forward 50 but Cunnington’s rebound kick goes OOTF… Polec smothers Ryder’s snap in the square and North dodges a bullet! (Q4 23:23)
Brown gets a high contact free on the wing and ices the game. (Q4 23:23)

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