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Blog log from SF of 2019: Brisbane vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Brisbane vs Western Sydney, SF of 2019

Greene roves a Jeremy Cameron contest near the behind post and squeezes in the first goal of the evening from 10m, greeted by a fusillade of boos from the Lions fans. (Q1 3:19)
A melee erupts after that first goal and the umpire picks a free out of it to Finlayson against Hodge, he goals as well and suddenly the Giants have the jump. (Q1 4:24)
Jeremy Cameron screws through a set shot from deep in the pocket 20m out after frees against Robertson for rough play and then against Hodge for OOTF. (Q1 8:54)
Lloyd dives and marks at true CHF as the Giants again boss the centre bounce, his set shot is a peach as it just clears the line for another one! Giants are on FIYAH! (Q1 9:52)
Jeremy Cameron marks a sack kicked by Kelly up the wing to the boundary 50m out, but shanks that one OOTF. (Q1 11:37)
Berry gets the first goal on the board for the Lions from a set shot from the hotspot, after getting a holding free on Reid way off the ball. (Q1 13:25)
Finlayson hits the post with a set shot from 45m on the flank. (Q1 17:31)
Hipwood marks a McStay pass 45m out on a slight angle and kicks truly. (Q1 20:40)
Zorko passes to Charlie Cameron who marks in front of Corr on the boundary 20m out despite his injured elbow, then gets up and screws through another goal for Brisbane! (Q1 22:52)
Zorko marks 20m out in front and goals as well after the Lions boss the next centre bounce. Back within a kick! (Q1 24:28)
Rayner roves and misses from the pocket 20m out after the Lions again get drive out of the middle. (Q1 25:45)
Reid is again pinged for contact off the ball, this time on Charlie Cameron at the Lions hotspot. Charlie misses to level the scores. (Q1 27:58)
Lyons marks 40m out on a slight angle and puts the Lions in front with his first goal. (Q1 32:43)
Greene feeds Taranto who misses from a pack 20m out on the flank. (Q2 2:52)
Greene volleys his second goal from a stoppage in the pocket 20m out to give the lead back to GWS. (Q2 4:02)
Brisbane gets the next centre clearance and Hipwood is over the back to mark on the goal line and convert to restore their lead. (Q2 5:00)
Hopper marks over Hodge 40m out on the flank and kicks truly, another lead change. (Q2 12:25)
Martin tries a volley from the pocket 20m out but can’t get that one on line. (Q2 13:37)
Williams goals with a snap from half forward after a feed by de Boer. (Q2 18:18)
Jeremy Cameron extends the Giant lead with his second goal from the pocket. (Q2 21:57)
Rayner snaps a goal from near CHF to bring the Lions back within a kick. (Q2 23:20)
Finlayson kicks his second goal, an opportunity for the Lions to touch it on the line but they didn’t get there. (Q2 28:21)
Answerth misses Adams with a rebound kick, Kelly mops up and hits Greene in front of Rich 45m out on a slight angle, the crowd cheers as he misses badly to the left. (Q3 0:46)
Jeremy Cameron marks another Kelly inside 50 kick from the wing in front of Gardiner 40m out on a slight angle, he makes no mistake for his third goal. (Q3 2:01)
Berry misses everything from a set shot on the boundary 25m out. (Q3 7:11)
Rayner passes with skill into a phonebox 25m out on the flank where Berry marks between three Giants but misses again. (Q3 11:01)
McCluggage roves and misses under pressure from a pack 20m out. (Q3 12:49)
Reid marks 45m out on the flank, sees a target in Greene but kicks it over his head for a behind. (Q3 13:48)
de Boer taps the crumb from the kick in to Greene who snaps across the face from 40m on the flank. (Q3 14:19)
Hipwood marks 45m out near the boundary but misses. (Q3 14:57)
Bailey breaks up a switch rebound on the HFF, Hodge gives to McStay who screws home the long-awaited goal off the left boot from 30m on a slight angle. (Q3 20:03)
Charlie Cameron marks 45m out on the flank, runs in rightish, kicks near the goalpost… falls over the line inside the post, big goal! (Q3 22:28)
Daniels gives to Kelly who tries a low percentage snap off the left from the boundary 20m out, it dribbles wide. (Q4 0:40)
Kennedy is pinged for deliberate OOB on the wing, long ball by McCarthy to the pocket, Hipwood receives from Berry and snaps truly! (Q4 3:02)
Neale receives from McCarthy in the pocket, he tries a screwing snap but it’s wide and rushed. (Q4 3:57)
Hipwood beats Taylor to mark a Martin pass to the pocket 25m out then hits the post to level the scores. (Q4 6:32)
McCluggage roves a McStay inside 50 kick to 30m on the flank and snaps on the turn… drifts across the face. (Q4 7:49)
Kelly marks a Jeremy Cameron pass to the pocket 20m out and screws through the goal to regain the lead for the Giants. (Q4 8:53)
McInerney juggles a mark that he didn’t know much about to being with as two Giants came across in front of him, he lines up from the boundary 20m out and hits the post. (Q4 15:23)
McCarthy kicks to the pocket, misses his target but Christensen gets a holding free on Kennedy 25m out. This for the lead, it’s good, 5:09 to go and it’s anyone’s game! (Q4 23:03)
Taylor intercepts on the HBF to prevent a Lion surge as the clock ticks below 3:30. (Q4 26:57)
Daniels beats Witherden for pace to rove on the HFF, leaves the Lion in his dust then checksides the huge lead-changing goal from 25m! 2:34 to go. (Q4 27:53)
Haynes intercepts the next inside 50 kick, clock at 1:45 as he rebounds. (Q4 28:08)
Andrews pumps it back in, Davis intercepts, 1:30. (Q4 28:08)
Whitfield roves on the wing, his kick goes out on in the wing, throw in called, 1:14. (Q4 28:08)
Secondary stoppage on the outer wing, 1:04. (Q4 28:08)
Ball up on centre wing, 54 seconds. (Q4 28:08)
Another ball up, 39 seconds. (Q4 28:08)
Ball in, 27 seconds. (Q4 28:08)
Another ball in on the wing, 15 seconds left. (Q4 28:08)
Lloyd kicks inside 50, Andrews fumbles and time runs out, Giants win! (Q4 28:08)

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