Blog log from EF of 2019: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Bontempelli gets a holding free after the first centre bounce, Suckling plays on to advantage and runs to 60m on a slight angle then roosts the first goal! (Q1 0:21)
Himmelberg marks in front of Young on the boundary 40m out, gives to Finlayson who misses. (Q1 7:22)
Whitfield marks on the boundary 45m out and uses the wind to perfection to swing through his first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 9:22)
Cameron provides a crumb from a long Williams kick up the guts but it rolls away from Lloyd for a behind. (Q1 13:50)
The kick in to CHB is turned over immediately, Greene snaps and gets a nice off break bounce for his first goal. (Q1 14:22)
Finlayson marks a short pass by Deledio from the point of the centre square to 40m on a slight angle, but misses. (Q1 16:07)
Cameron marks a Finlayson pass to the boundary 40m out, plays on but screws it too far with the wind, just a behind. (Q1 18:15)
Naughton leads and marks over Taranto from an intelligent Lipinski pass to 30m on the flank, he goals. (Q1 22:37)
Perryman kicks in ugly fashion off the left boot down the flank into the arms of Greene 35m out. The Doggy fans boo, Greene shuts them up with a goal. (Q1 28:08)
Daniels runs away from congestion on the HFF but his checkside drifts wide from 40m. (Q2 1:30)
Greene roves at full pace on the wing and tries his luck from fully 60m on a slight angle, but the ball refuses to take the necessary leg break and goes wide. (Q2 5:31)
Perryman smothers and catches in a pack in the FP, gives out the back to Finlayson who misses off the left from 25m. (Q2 8:22)
Series of stoppages deep in defence for the Giants, eventually the ball falls for Finlayson to waltz into the open goal. (Q2 9:39)
Dale marks a Suckling pass near the hotspot but slices his set shot right. (Q2 14:09)
Bontempelli misses off the left boot from a stoppage in the pocket 25m out. (Q2 15:01)
Himmelberg runs into the open goal to make good on some more frontal pressure. The Giants should be further in front given their domination in most aspects. (Q2 17:51)
McLean marks on the dive 30m out on the flank from a tumbling Smith clearance, but hooks badly to the left. (Q2 19:51)
The short kick in doesn’t work, McLean intercepts Williams’ kick and sails it over his head from 20m out. (Q2 20:28)
Naughton gets a pushing free on Davis 15m out and makes no mistake. (Q2 22:31)
Bontempelli kicks to space on the HFF where English leads Mumford to the ball, big Mummy is no chance of catching the young pup who runs into the open goal. (Q2 24:53)
Centre clearance to the Dogs, Bontempelli marks over Haynes at the hotspot, this for the lead amazingly… just wide right. (Q2 26:02)
Richards feeds Hunter to run around the boundary for an unlikely snap from 20m… wide as well. (Q2 27:09)
Taranto gives to Finlayson for a snap off a step from 25m on the flank, that one screws through. (Q2 28:31)
Cameron snaps from a pack 40m out on the flank, the ball bounces high near the goalpost… and touches it before falling through. (Q2 33:07)
Schache gets a high contact free fighting for a ground ball with de Boer at the hotspot and boots the first goal of Q3. (Q3 3:22)
Whitfield receives from Taranto at the hotspot, jinks clear for a left foot snap across the body but screws it too far. (Q3 4:37)
Kelly puts his head over the footy in the pocket 25m out and gets bumped by Suckling, who is reported. The Giant kicks the big goal. (Q3 6:06)
Crozier roves in the BP but Deledio catches him HTB, Lloyd plays on to advantage and snaps truly from 20m. (Q3 9:02)
Daniels plays on to advantage from a ruck free on the HFF, his snap from 50m on a slight angle swings wide. (Q3 11:13)
Naughton catches a fumbling Taylor HTB in the centre and goes to Richards who plays on around the man on the mark and goals on the run from 40m on the flank. (Q3 12:53)
Shaw is pinged for some fairly soft contact in the back of Lipinski 25m out on the flank, Lipinski misses. (Q3 18:13)
Cordy falls over on the HFF to allow his man Finlayson to mop up a ground ball fed out by Daniels, he checksides a grubbing snap from 40m and shushes the Doggy fans. (Q3 22:28)
Himmelberg kicks long from the HFF to the square where Lloyd marks over Suckling for his second goal. (Q3 23:43)
Greene draws a front-on contact free on an outpositioned Young in the square and goals as well, we’re nearing the knockout blow if that wasn’t it already. (Q3 27:13)
Young marks a Wiitfield kick in relief at FB but the ump says it’s touched so play on, Greene forces the spillage and Himmelberg gathers and goals. (Q3 31:54)
Himmelberg bombs long from the HFF to the pocket, big pack flies and the crumb falls boundary side where Daniels is waiting, he gives a Joe the Goose special to Kelly. (Q4 1:04)
Himmelberg marks 40m out on the flank and just misses. (Q4 2:17)
Cameron roves a pack and screws through a goal from the hotspot. It’s party time now for the Giants. (Q4 5:19)
Himmelberg feeds Kelly behind a stoppage in the pocket, he misses. (Q4 7:27)
Daniels snaps wide from a pack in the pocket. (Q4 8:53)
Kennedy hits the post on the run from 50m in the corridor. (Q4 10:42)
Deledio passes to Cameron on the boundary 40m out who misses. (Q4 13:20)
Cameron gets some more junk from a set shot in the pocket. (Q4 17:06)
Duryea is pinged for legging Kelly at the hotspot, another orange-flavoured cherry. (Q4 19:53)
West feeds Lloyd for a meaningless major from the hotspot. (Q4 23:36)
English misses a snap from half forward in the last minute. (Q4 27:23)

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