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Blog log from R18 of 2019: Carlton vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Carlton vs Gold Coast, R18 of 2019

Day gives to MacPherson who snaps across the body off a step from the hotspot, it clears the goalkeeper in the square for the first goal. (Q1 2:27)
O’Brien sends a high ball from the HFF to the hotspot where Setterfield wins a battle of strength with Ellis to mark and goal. (Q1 3:58)
Rischitelli roves Kreuzer at a stoppage 20m out and snaps off a step for his first goal. (Q1 6:45)
Lang volleys wide from near the behind post after a Joyce fumble. (Q1 9:25)
Wright catches Kennedy over the ear 30m out on the flank in a marking contest, the Blue kicks truly. (Q1 12:27)
Lukosius hits the lead of Day 40m out on the flank, who misses. (Q1 14:39)
Setterfield marks 55m out on a slight angle and plays on as Heron overcommits to the spoil, but he misses from 50m. (Q1 16:14)
Sexton passes from the centre to the lead of King 40m out on a slight angle, who hangs his set shot right. (Q1 19:12)
Lang converts a a set shot from 40m near the boundary after getting a push free on Ballard going for a Cripps ball. (Q1 21:28)
The Blues sweep up the guts with numbers on the rebound, Silvagni feeds Fisher running forward of the play to waltz into the open goal. (Q1 23:43)
Weitering rushes a long set shot from the HFF by Day. (Q1 25:44)
Lang taps the crumb from a Fisher contest at the hotspot to O’Brien who goals from 20m. (Q1 27:13)
Casboult marks a Simpson kick 25m out on a slight angle just before the QT siren but misses. (Q1 30:58)
Murphy receives from Thomas after a stoppage on the HFF and passes to McKay near the hotspot, who misses a soda. (Q2 2:25)
Murphy gets a high contact free on Ballard near the hotspot after some repeat inside 50s to the Blues, he makes no mistake. Carlton taking scoreboard control. (Q2 4:54)
Walsh leaps over a big pack at the hotspot to bring a Kennedy centring ball to ground and keeps his feet to crumb it himself, but snaps wide. (Q2 10:43)
Thomas is pinged for a fairly obvious hold on Lemmens at the hotspot, who converts. (Q2 15:25)
Sexton rolls through his first goal from the pocket 20m out after waiting over the back of a Day contest with no Blue anywhere near him. (Q2 18:04)
King’s set shot from 50m on a slight angle is wide, short and rushed. (Q2 21:33)
Casboult marks a Fisher clearance kick from midfield over Hombsch 40m out on a slight angle and boots his first goal. (Q2 25:24)
Thomas roves a Casboult contest in the pocket and handballs to grass to set up Kennedy to goal from the square. (Q2 27:38)
Witts marks a Miller kick 30m out on the flank and misses just before the HT siren. (Q2 30:26)
Cripps plays on from a HTB free to Fisher on Joyce at half forward to Gibbons who passes to McKay in the square for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 0:47)
Thomas passes short down the line from the HFF to Deluca leading to 40m in front of Joyce, who goals and has most of the team jump on him in celebration! (Q3 3:20)
Heron roves the next centre clearance kick by Witts and gives to Wright who goals from the hotspot. (Q3 4:19)
Cripps snaps his first goal after a stoppage near the hotspot, after easily breaking a soft arm tackle by Lukosius. (Q3 6:50)
McKay marks a Silvagni pass 45m out on the flank but hooks his set shot right. (Q3 11:32)
Murphy baulks away from Lukosius in the pocket and gives to Kennedy who goals from 20m under a tackle. (Q3 13:07)
Sexton gathers a Day kick to the HFF and centres to King who marks in front of Newman at the hotspot and goals. (Q3 15:56)
King passes to Sexton 20m out on a slight angle who goals. (Q3 19:36)
Hanley marks at 50m on a slight angle,. plays on and strokes through a lovely finish. (Q3 22:42)
Wright marks a short Fiorini clearance kick from the wing to 40m out on a slight angle and bangs through another one, the Suns are back within striking distance! (Q3 26:54)
Walsh receives outside a pack at CHF and kicks over the Suns defence to Gibbons in the square for a steadying goal. (Q3 29:16)

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Credit to McKay for the pressured handball from the pack to set up that goal. (Q3 30:17)
Burgess gathers a bouncing rebound kick by Petrevski-Seton to the flank, he gets a very ugly snap off from 45m that bounces in the square near Jones and through! (Q3 32:07)
Lang mows down a dithering Dawson in the pocket 20m out but misses the HTB free kick. (Q4 5:57)
Setterfield gives forward of a pack outside CHF to Kennedy who turns and rams through his fourth goal from 40m. (Q4 9:27)
Silvagni misses an OOTF free from 40m. (Q4 11:24)
Wright marks 50m out on a slight angle, wheels and shoots… bounces near Day in the square and rolls for a behind. (Q4 13:21)
Heron roves a Wright contest 15m out and rides a tackle to give off to Sexton for a goal. (Q4 14:06)
A 6-6-6 infringement by Swallow gifts Kreuzer the centre clearance, his wobbly kick bounces at the hotspot for McKay to rove and snap… big leg break for a goal! (Q4 15:38)
After the next centre bounce, Day passes from the HFF to Wright 30m out on the boundary, who kicks across the face for a behind. (Q4 16:58)

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