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Blog log from R13 of 2019: Gold Coast vs St Kilda

Blog log for Gold Coast vs St Kilda, R13 of 2019

King leaps high in front of Brown to mark a Weller kick to 45m on the flank, but just misses. (Q1 3:02)
MacPherson goes long from the HFF to the top of the square, Billings leaves his man to go third man up to spoil Wright but the crumb falls for that man Powell to rove and goal. (Q1 10:30)
Miles snaps from a pack 20m out in the pocket after a throw in, it’s straight but touched off the boot for a point only. (Q1 12:14)
Ellis gets a set shot near the boundary 30m out, takes a Ben Brown style run up then hooks it right. (Q1 14:45)
Ross receives and snaps over his right shoulder from 35m on the flank, just wide. (Q1 17:29)
Horlin-Smith misses a tough snap from deep in the pocket. (Q1 21:15)
King is over the back for a long ball near the square, the bounce is poor and he gets tackled but Dunstan holds on too long to concede the free and easy goal. (Q1 23:15)
Parker gives away a contact free in a pack 45m out on a slight angle to Martin, who kicks truly in laconic fashion. (Q1 25:46)
Gresham hits the post with a set shot from the pocket 15m out. (Q1 29:15)
Swallow snaps from a stoppage 20m out on a slight angle, it bounces through but came off the fingers of Marshall for a behind. (Q2 1:58)
King marks in front of Brown 25m out on a slight angle and boots his second goal. The Suns have the jump, and are going on with it. (Q2 4:39)
Kent reefs the ball out of a scrum in the centre to set up Dunstan for a running snap from CHF that goes through for the first for the Sainters. (Q2 6:28)
Marshall down to Acres at the next centre bounce, quick kick to just inside true CHF where Hind leaps to mark and boot his first goal, Saints suddenly back in it! (Q2 8:13)
Parker wheels on the HFF and goes long, Martin spoils Hunter and the ball skids for a behind. (Q2 10:12)
Fiorini passes to King 25m out on the flank on the end of a coast to coast rebound around the outer wing, Brown nowhere. King shanks it for no score. (Q2 11:28)
Billings just snicks the post with a set shot from 45m on the flank. (Q2 18:08)
Ah Chee gathers a loose footy on the wing, rides a tackle and bombs long to the pocket where Powell draws two defenders to allow Wright to crumb and goal from the square. (Q2 19:10)
Membrey drops a Hind pass to 20m in front under no actual pressure, panics with the handball to Kent who misses. Opportunity lost. (Q2 23:02)
Newnes passes from the HFF to Gresham 20m out in the pocket, who runs in right and shoots well right. (Q2 24:14)
Swallow marks a high ball in front of Savage in a pack 25m out on the flank, but shanks the set shot OOTF. (Q3 2:09)
Parker turns the ball over by hand on the wing, eventually Joyce kicks inside 50 and Holman gets a holding free on Battle at the hotspot to kick truly. (Q3 3:39)
After Powell drops a mark at half forward, Hind bounces down the wing and passes to Membrey 35m out on the flank who tries an inboard pass that doesn’t work. (Q3 5:55)
Weller turns the ball over by foot at half back to Bruce, eventually Newnes marks 45m out on a slight angle and sits it up to the square, Kent roves and snaps, Witts rushes it. (Q3 9:26)
The Suns have a loose man on the coast to coast rebound, MacPherson kicks to space near the square for Wright to lumber ahead of Savage to gather and goal. (Q3 10:10)
After another bad turnover at half back by the Suns, Dunstan passes short to Kent 40m out on a slight angle who finally gets a set shot on target for the wayward Saints. (Q3 12:10)
Powell misses everything with a flying snap from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 13:22)
Membrey gathers a bouncing inside 50m kick to the pocket and snaps around the body from 25m, that is a lovely finish. (Q3 14:26)
Membrey gives to Gresham who screws through another one for the suddenly rampaging Saints, that one from near the hotspot. (Q3 17:10)
Miles baulks and shoots off a step from a 40m out on the flank but it flies wide. (Q3 20:04)
Bruce snaps high from a pack 30m out on a slight angle, it drops in the square but White fumbles it into the goalpost. (Q3 21:25)
Newnes passes from the centre to Battle zoning up from defence, he bounces freely over the HFF paint and launches from 40m for a nice goal. (Q3 25:41)
Witts gets a ruck free on Marshall on the HFF and kicks long and quick to the square where Day leaps over Brown to mark and goal, just. (Q3 29:56)
Hind runs away from the next centre bounce to CHF then passes to Membrey to mark strongly in front of Ballard 20m out on a slight angle, he makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q3 31:56)
Fiorini mongrels a kick from CHF after the next centre bounce, it swerves and bounces into the goalpost. (Q3 33:25)
Billings passes to Kent near true CHF on a fast break, he has some half-options but is told to go back for the set shot… and roosts it for a big goal! (Q4 0:51)
Holman roves at CHF and tries a snap across the body from 45m, King engages Brown to shepherd the bouncing ball through for a goal! (Q4 2:51)
Newnes kicks a loose footy off the shin of Ballard to win an OOTF free 25m out, he passes to Membrey near the behind line who misses. (Q4 5:47)
Sexton forces a cough up handball by Gresham 20m out then gets the feed back from Wright for the snap, it’s touched off the boot. (Q4 10:05)
Gresham bombs long from the HFF, White contests in the square but it’s off hands for a point. (Q4 10:49)
Wilkie bombs it back in from the HFF, White gets a holding free on Lukosius 20m out on the flank but shanks it well wide left. (Q4 11:49)
Parker passes to Membrey in the pocket 25m out, he really does not want to take the shot but eventually has to, and kicks straight to give the Saints the lead! (Q4 18:14)
Miles has a kick smothered at half back by Clark who gathers and gives to Billings, he launches from 50m on a slight angle for another one for the Saints! (Q4 19:03)
Parker misses from half forward as the Saints keep surging. (Q4 19:03)
MacPherson flips a loose ball at the hotspot to Sexton who bounces a goal off his right boot. (Q4 20:28)
Lukosius ruves at defensive hotspot but White mows him down for a HTB free, advantage is paid for a Dunstan pass to Billings who goals again, two for the quarter for him. (Q4 23:42)
White marks in front of Lukosius 20m out on the flank but shanks it wide left again. (Q4 26:33)
MacPherson kicks wide of congestion on the HFF to Ballard who baulks away from two chasers and passes to Miles 40m out on a slight angle… he goals! (Q4 28:51)
2:19 to go and there’s a kick in it, as there often is late between these two teams. (Q4 29:29)
Sinclair runs away from a lot of blokes on the wing to the HFF, gets well within range but chooses a pass to Membrey near the hotspot for… a miss! (Q4 31:21)
22 seconds lefty, Miles marks the kick in and goes long to CHF, rebounded, Harbrow kicks to CHF again, no mark, siren sounds, Saints hold on! (Q4 31:21)

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