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Blog log from R11 of 2019: Brisbane vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Brisbane vs Hawthorn, R11 of 2019

Puopolo marks at CHF, releasing Impey on his outside. Jarman kicks into the path of the speedy Wingard who collects, runs away from Robertson, and nails the goal. (Q1 4:11)
Breust sneaks forward into open space to mark the beautiful Burgoyne pass. His shot is almost marked on the line by Impey, but it’s dropped and results in a minor score. (Q1 5:43)
Andrews lowers his eyes to laterally spot up Taylor, 45m from goal. His shot narrowly misses to the near side. (Q1 7:24)
Wingard lays the tackle on the unaware Robertson deep in Brisbane’s backline. Gunston feeds it to Breust who runs in and kicks the easy goal. (Q1 10:53)
A galloping Smith goes long to the goal square where Hodge gives away a high, holding free kick on Impey. Jarman lines up from 25 and slots it. (Q1 11:22)
HTB is paid against Andrews for contentiously diving on top of the footy. Lewis is the beneficiary and he has no trouble with the 25m set shot. (Q1 16:28)
McCarthy is able to set a hasty shot out of the stoppage from the flank which doesn’t miss by too much. (Q1 17:25)
Ricky Henderson marks the skyward Gardiner clearance and cops a whack for his efforts. He lines up from 45 on a tough angle and makes it look easy. (Q1 22:51)
Rich sends it inside 50 to a pack. McStay can’t hold the mark. Martin then does the roving and gets a quick snap away which is offline. (Q1 26:11)
Rayner is rightfully paid the mark after the umpire took a millennial to award it. He shoots from 45 on a tight angle, missing to the near side. (Q1 28:54)
McStay clunks an impressive pack mark and will line up from 35m without any significant angle. He runs in and hits the post. (Q1 30:07)
A brainfade from Gunston sees him soccer the footy OOTF in Brisbane’s forward pocket before the quarter-time siren. Hipwood can’t play on, which closes the angle, causing the miss. (Qtr Time)
Taylor loops a handball over the top to Hipwood who puts on the afterburners, galloping away from a couple of Hawks. Eric can’t keep his 40m running shot on target. (Q2 6:24)
A poor rebounding kick from Sicily lands with Rich in the centre square. He wastes no time in finding Rayner within range. From 50, directly in front, Cam slots the goal. (Q2 7:24)
Zorko and Lyons combine to send it inside 50. Mathieson runs and jumps cleanly to clunk the mark over the top of Frawley. It’s not perfect, but his shot is home. (Q2 9:39)
Lyons gets a rushed toepoke from just outside the goal square amidst traffic that results in a minor score. (Q2 11:40)
Thanks to a smothered Hipwood kick, the Hawks are able to rebound. Cousins gets the one-two with O’Meara before kicking a nice goal on the run from 45. (Q2 11:58)
The dangerous Puopolo combines with Impey in the forward pocket. Impey dashes toward goal, steps inboard to find space, and then connects his snap with the woodwork. (Q2 13:21)
Lewis dabs a short pass to Gunston 45m out near the boundary. Jack elects for the set shot which is nowhere near his target, eventually rushed over the line by Hodge. (Q2 14:39)
With poise, McCluggage finds Archie Smith free in the pocket. His shot is horrendous and doesn’t register a score, nor make it over the boundary line as play continues. (Q2 18:27)
Cameron chases down O’Brien and is rewarded with a HTB free kick. The Hawks keep playing, resulting in a 50m penalty, allowing Charlie to chalk up an easy goal. (Q2 19:24)
Stef Martin does well to surge the footy forward before McCarthy tees up Lewy Taylor. He snaps across his body on the left, slotting in through from 30! (Q2 22:35)
Ceglar is penalised for a hand over the shoulder in the marking contest, giving Martin a shot at goal. From 30m on a slight angle, Stef has no problem. (Q2 24:40)
McCarthy knocks it cleverly into the path of Taylor streaming forward. He pounces and kicks the easy goal, however, it was off his knee, and therefore only counts as a behind. (Q2 27:12)
Isaac Smith sends it long to the Gunston/Gardiner contest in the square. After his soccer kick is blocked, Gunston finds Scully in support who snaps the goal on his left. (Q2 31:25)
After passing through O’Meara and Puopolo, Ceglar clunks a big mark over the top of Andrews and Robertson. From the pocket, he slots the first major of the second half. (Q3 4:15)
Mitch Robinson hacks it forward dropkick-style from the wing. Archie Smith dishes quickly to Hipwood whose shot drops into Cameron’s lap in the pocket. Charlie snaps the goal. (Q3 5:10)
A sidestepping and bouncing Wingard sends it inside 50 to a contest. Robinson’s tackle on Burgoyne holds on a little too long, allowing Silk to split the middle from 25m. (Q3 7:15)
High contact against Ceglar gifts Robinson a look at goal. He lines up from 45 on a slight angle and bends it back for a major! (Q3 15:57)
Shiels accidentally knocks it OOTF in his defensive back pocket. Hipwood takes the tight-angle snap on his right boot and has no trouble! (Q3 24:30)
Lewy Taylor gets a quick kick out from congestion at half forward. McStay is able to strongly mark in front of Burgoyne, then goes back, and misses the easy 30m attempt. (Q3 28:46)
Brisbane’s ruckmen combine with the one-two on the wing before Charlie Cameron gets involved on the flank. He shows composure to find Keays who misses from 40m. (3 Qtr Time)
Mathieson marks the Keays kick a fraction of a second before the 3QT siren. He splits the middle to put his squad 7 points up at the final break. (3 Qtr Time)
Hipwood stands tall to get rid of O’Brien and clunk a strong mark off the Robinson entry. From 30m on a 45-degree angle, Eric sneaks it home! (Q4 4:32)
RIch’s defensive clearance is pick off by Shiels with the intercept. A 50m shot on goal fades to the left for a minor score. (Q4 9:38)
Puopolo’s centering pass is marked strongly by Lewis amidst a cluster of players. He shoots from 30m and slots the relatively easy goal, keeping the Hawks well within contention. (Q4 11:59)
McCluggage is involved before Lewy Taylor is able to get a quick shot away from 45. It looks good until Stratton gets a fingernail on it on the goal line. (Q4 13:01)
Puopolo kicks to the pocket where Lewis juggles the contested mark. His shot, however, isn’t a good one. (Q4 18:56)
After a couple surging soccer kicks, Cameron pops it over the top to Rayner who goes with the Jackie Chan goal line kick. The connection wasn’t flush, but it still counts! (Q4 20:34)
The Hawthorn defenders fail to get any contact on the footy, allowing Zorko’s 70m kick from the centre clearance to bounce over everyone and go through for a goal! (Q4 22:16)
Zorko catches Sicily HTB and lines up from 45 but his shot is never online. (Q4 22:40)

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