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Blog log from R11 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, R11 of 2019

Himmelberg marks the first inside 50 of the game by Coniglio from the wing to the hotspot, he pops through the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 1:09)
King marks in front of a pack in the pack 20m out and punches low and hard for his first goal at senior level. (Q1 3:55)
Finlayson marks the next centre clearance from Coniglio and strokes through a lovely set shot from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 6:25)
Hopper passes to Greene just inside true CHF who kicks OOTF searching for extra distance. (Q1 7:25)
MacPherson has a speculator from a stoppage in the pocket off the left boot from 25m under a Perryman tackle, the ball takes an off break past the post and through! (Q1 11:10)
Davis dumps a kick from deep in defence but skews it straight to Martin 40m out on a slight angle, whose set shot is straight but touched off the boot for a behind. (Q1 12:55)
Hombsch is pinged for a block on Cameron in a pack 45m out on the flank, who misses. (Q1 14:05)
Wright marks outside CHF on a rebound from the last line, he turns and passes to King who marks over Keeffe but misses from 30m on the flank. (Q1 15:40)
Bowes intercepts a rebound kick 40m out on a slight angle after the next kick in but he also misses a gettable shot. (Q1 16:51)
Cameron snaps his first goal after a stoppage on the HFF with an assist give inside by Daniels. (Q1 22:11)
de Boer hoofs a running snap from CHF after the next centre bounce after a give by Coniglio, Cameron shepherds it through. (Q1 23:06)
Swallow bangs through a goal from a stoppage at the Suns hotspot. (Q1 24:53)
Finlayson receives from Daniels but misses from 20m. (Q1 26:12)
de Boer roves a stoppage 40m out on the flank but just snicks the post with a snap. (Q2 9:18)
Finlayson marks a Daniels pass from the HFF to the behind post, plays on and goals for a belated first goal of Q2. (Q2 11:36)
Finlayson bounces three times around the outer wing and goes long to Deledio 25m out on the flank, but Lids kicks wide. (Q2 14:26)
Hopper snaps across the body for his first goal off the right boot from congestion near the hotspot. (Q2 15:42)
Joyce intercepts on the HFF and gives to Weller who misses. (Q2 22:24)
Greene snaps the first goal of Q3 from a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q3 3:26)
Cameron marks on the flank 35m out and steers through his second. (Q3 5:30)
Himmelberg, Finlayson and finally Daniels pass their way through the Suns defence untouched, but Daniels misses from 30m. (Q3 9:16)
Finlayson keeps the party going with a snap from a pack near the hotspot after a stoppage, his second. (Q3 10:43)
Horlin-Smith marks over Kennedy 20m out in front for a rare Suns goal. (Q3 12:56)
Weller passes to Horlin-Smith 30m out on a slight angle who misses badly. (Q3 15:41)
Holman intercepts Whitfield 35m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 16:11)
Corbett marks a Fiorini speculator in front of a big pack at the hotspot but misses, another disappointment. (Q3 18:56)
Cameron intercepts a Joyce kick to near the boundary 40m out but misses. (Q3 22:37)
Hopper passes to Coniglio in the pocket who feeds Cameron for a screwing snap from 30m on the flank for some garbage. (Q3 26:41)
Greene passes to the lead of Finlayson 40m out in the corridor, who misses. (Q4 0:42)
Taranto pushes Powell in the back on the boundary 30m out, Powell gets up and threads the needle. (Q4 3:57)
Himmelberg passes short to Deledio 45m out on a slight angle after the next centre bounce, Lids kicks it right over the goal umpire’s peaked cap. (Q4 5:10)
Kelly picks up a loose ball at half forward and gives to Coniglio who bounces through another one from the hotspot. (Q4 7:17)
Deledio gives to Whitfield zooming to the pocket 30m out but the snap goes wide. (Q4 8:15)
Cameron beats Hombsch to mark next to the goalsquare for his fourth goal. (Q4 10:31)
Finlayson feeds Coniglio for another one from the top of the square. (Q4 15:14)
Daniels misses from close range. (Q4 17:02)
Coniglio marks and goals again from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 18:12)
Cameron marks in a pack 40m out on the flank for his fifth goal. (Q4 19:58)
Finlayson roves his own contest at the hotspot and gives off to de Boer who snaps a wobbly goal. (Q4 21:16)
Sexton gets a classic junk time special from CHF after a feed by Wright. (Q4 22:50)
Himmelberg gets some garbage from a set shot from 25m out on the flank. (Q4 26:24)
Finlayson feeds Kelly for a grubbered goal from the hotspot with 20 seconds to go, the smelliest garbage possible. (Q4 33:58)

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