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Blog log from R9 of 2019: West Coast vs Melbourne

Blog log for West Coast vs Melbourne, R9 of 2019

Jones roves and kicks a very ugly ball from a stoppage 25m out on a slight angle but it ABCs its way straight through for the first goal. (Q1 2:36)
Tom McDonald marks near the HFF, wheels and goes long to the hotspot where Petracca has position to mark over Hutchings, but miss badly. (Q1 4:50)
Harmes stands up in a tackle 20m out and gives off to Garlett who checksides wide off a step, disappointingly. (Q1 7:35)
Hickey passes to Kennedy to mark in front of Salem 45m out on the flank after an intelligent long handball from congestion on the wing by Jetta to open it up. JJK kicks truly. (Q1 9:31)
Rioli sharks a Wagner handball at half forward, has Kennedy on his own inside 50 but quickly snaps himself with a low-percentage grubber from 45m… it rolls the right way, goal. (Q1 11:51)
Frost is pinged for a block on Kennedy 20m out on a slight angle, extremely soft that one, easy charity goal. (Q1 11:51)
Petracca roves a Tom McDonald contest 20m out, baulks around Allen with a nice left foot step and rams through a nice goal. (Q1 15:41)
Harmes passes to the lead of Tom McDonald who beats Cole to mark 40m out on a slight angle, the set shot is ugly and wide. (Q1 19:55)
Cripps bounces twice on a gallop up the wing ahead of Jones, his pass goes to Petruccelle who misses from 40m on the flank. (Q1 19:55)
Oliver gets involved three times on a rebound up the guts by hand, he feeds Hunt to run from half forward to the hotspot ahead of McGovern for another Melbourne goal. (Q1 23:51)
Hunt has Garlett over the back of the Eagle defence for the easy mark and goal from the square after Tom McDonald delivers a contender for the handball of the season! (Q2 2:35)
Petruccelle passes from the wing to the flank 45m out for Rioli to mark untouched and sail through a pretty set shot. (Q2 7:45)
Gawn down to Lockhart for a clean clearance on the HFF, Smith roves the Tom McDonald contest 20m out and snaps truly. (Q2 10:55)
Rioli roves, bounces off a tackle like a cork in the ocean and misses from 15m on the flank. (Q2 16:12)
Sheed feeds Shuey outside a ball up 40m out on a slight angle, Shuey screws in a quality snap off a step. (Q2 24:17)
Smith catches McGovern HTB on the boundary 40m out, the set shot is straight but a little short and rushed. (Q2 26:06)
Rioli passes to Ryan 30m out on the flank who misses. (Q2 28:04)
Harmes pokes a pass to Hunt 45m out on a slight angle who shanks it for no score. (Q2 30:21)
Neal-Bullen passes from half forward to the fat side for Baker to mark 45m out on a slight angle. The first-gamer misses just before HT. (Q2 32:07)
Tom McDonald beats Allen to mark a Neal-Bullen kick to the flank 45m out with superior desire, his set shot slices right. (Q3 1:01)
Petracca misses a tap in the centre and the Eagles are everywhere on the counter, Ryan marks 40m out on the flank but doesn’t score. (Q3 3:31)
The Demons rebound at full pelt from a stoppage in the back pocket, Tom McDonald passes to Garlett 20m out on a slight angle and Jeffie converts. (Q3 4:48)
Jetta kicks a chaos ball to CHF on a counter-attack, Kennedy does a one-two with Darling and snaps a goal against the flow from 40m. (Q3 10:57)
Brayshaw intercepts on the wing and kicks to the fat side for Garlett to gather and shoot on the run from 40m on a slight angle… dribbles wide. (Q3 13:38)
Sheed roves a Smith tap behind a stoppage 40m out on the flank but he misses off a step. (Q3 15:12)
Melbourne is playing like a 9-12 side with underwhelming skills whose only hope is outworking better opposition, it’s as if they’re North. (Q3 15:45)
On the end of another fast Dee rebound Garlett has Hunt over the back, almost misses the kick but it bounces luckily over McGovern, Hunt feeds Petracca to run into the open goal. (Q3 16:42)
Oliver marks just inside true CHF, his set shot drifts to the behind post where Tom McDonald marks, plays on and shoots OOTF. (Q3 21:01)
Cole dives to get a hand on Petracca to put him off a running snap from 20m on a slight angle, it skids wide. (Q3 23:00)
Lockhart passes to Garlett leading up from the square to the hotspot, the set shot is fairly leftish but it just falls inside the goalpost, three to Jeffie! (Q3 24:05)
Hickey beats Gawn on the ground to win a loose ball on the wing and gives to Darling who kicks down the flank to Kennedy 35m out, who converts for his fourth goal. (Q3 25:55)
Rioli delivers a lovely touch pass from the wing over traffic to Sheed standing by himself 40m out on a slight angle. Sheed hits the post just as the 3QT siren sounds. (Q3 27:58)
Yeo mops up on the HFF and gives to Shuey who tries his luck off a step from the boundary 35m out, did Petty get a finger on it? Video inconclusive, umpire’s call of goal stands. (Q4 1:53)
Harmes receives from Oliver and shoots under heavy pressure from 45m in front but it skews wide. (Q4 2:43)
Hurn speeds up the guts on a rebound and gives to Cripps who misses from CHF. (Q4 5:27)
Cripps plays on to advantage from a contact free to Hutchings on Salem chasing the crumb from a big pack at the top of the square, he goals to level the scores. (Q4 6:43)
Kennedy feeds Sheed after contesting 20m out who goals, Eagles hit the lead. (Q4 8:48)
Petracca roves a Garlett poke kick to Tom McDonald and gives Hunt a Joe the Goose special to even up the scores again. (Q4 10:54)
Sheppard spoils a rebound kick to Kennedy who turns and shoots off a step from 50m on the flank… OOTF. (Q4 12:54)
Ryan passes to Kennedy outside CHF, runs to the square and leaps on the shoulder of Gawn to take a screamer and kick the go-ahead goal! (Q4 18:24)
Hickey sharks a Fritsch handball on the wing and gives to Cripps ahead of the play, Cripps runs to 50m near the boundary and threads the needle for the near-sealer! (Q4 23:11)
Hunt sets up Stretch for a running shot from 40m on a slight angle that goes wide. (Q4 23:34)
Long ball to the square for West Coast, the bounce eludes Frost and the ball sits up for Darling to volley home the official sealer. (Q4 26:55)
Brayshaw misses from 30m on a slight angle after a 50m penalty. (Q4 30:40)

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