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Blog log from R7 of 2019: West Coast vs Gold Coast

Blog log for West Coast vs Gold Coast, R7 of 2019

Darling kicks long from the wing for the lead of Kennedy 45m out on a slight angle, who just misses. (Q1 1:56)
Swallow kicks to a pack at half forward, Bowes hits the crumb to the front at high speed and gives over the top to Powell who snaps the first goal on the run from 25m. (Q1 2:36)
Kennedy leaps in front of Collins to clunk a long Sheppard ball up the corridor to 40m for the first Eagle goal. (Q1 5:08)
Cripps runs from a stoppage and reaches CHF, plenty of forwards to aim at but he kicks it over all their heads for a bounced behind. (Q1 7:15)
Darling gets a free for a push by Horlin-Smith just inside 50m out on the flank, he plays on but just misses. (Q1 9:14)
Kennedy leaps on Fiorini to mark a Cripps kick to 25m on the flank and boot his second goal. (Q1 16:01)
Petruccelle misses a quick snap from near the hotspot after a stoppage. (Q1 19:17)
Ryan hits the post with a snap from the pocket. (Q1 21:33)
Sheppard passes to Cripps 40m out on a slight angle, who converts. (Q1 23:17)
Miles marks 50m out on a slight angle, his set shot is a boomer but misses left after he ran in right. (Q1 26:29)
Shuey marks a low Jetta ball to 45m on a slight angle but misses. (Q1 27:31)
Wright marks 55m out on the flank, several options but goes himself to an empty square and nails it! (Q2 1:56)
Darling beats Murdoch to mark an Allen kick to 45m on the flank, and boots his first goal. (Q2 3:41)
Darling grabs the ball out of ruck near the hotspot and snaps his second goal. (Q2 8:09)
Vardy to Shuey at the next centre bounce, kicks goes towards CHF where Sheed marks and goals. Simple game, footy. (Q2 9:11)
Hombsch goes to ground chasing a loose ball at the Eagle hotspot, his man Darling keeps his feet to swoop and kick his third goal of the quarter. (Q2 14:15)
Jetta passes to Darling 50m out on a slight angle, this one goes wide. (Q2 15:55)
Ryan rolls through a crowd-pleasing goal from the pocket after beating Harbrow in a ground battle in a pack 20m out. (Q2 17:26)
Sexton misses from the HFF off a step. (Q2 19:48)
Petruccelle misses from 25m on a slight angle after a Hombsch fumble. (Q2 22:43)
Swallow sends a high speculator to the flank 40m out, McGovern is pinged for contact on Wright who misses. (Q2 25:26)
Yeo runs to the HFF and bombs to the square, off Darling’s hands for a behind under Hombsch pressure. (Q3 0:59)
Allen roves a Kennedy contest and gets slung around the neck by Harbrow 25m out on the flank. He misses. (Q3 2:47)
Bowes marks a Corbett pass near the hotspot on a fast break despite a late lunge by Jetta, he kicks off second half junk time with his first. (Q3 5:29)
Sheed plays on to advantage from a contact free to Ryan and snaps truly from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 8:17)
Sheed passes to Kennedy 50m out on the flank, who just misses near side. (Q3 12:27)
Corbett juggles a nice mark over Schofield from a quick ball up the guts by Murdoch to 45m, he runs in right and shoots left. (Q3 17:00)
Joyce’s inside 50 kick is terrible but he gets dropped by Ryan, downfield free goes to Holman 20m out on a slight angle who converts. (Q3 19:40)
Duggan kicks OOTF in the pocket, Young takes the free 30m out, it drops and is eventually rushed. (Q3 23:00)
Jetta turns the ball over by hand at half back, Wright mops up and passes to Ainsworth near true CHF, who kicks into McGovern on the mark, no score. (Q3 23:00)
Ryan is pinged for encroachment to bring Miles from half forward to the square for some charity, as the crowd boos lustily. (Q3 25:00)
Allen gets a very soft free on Ballard as they exchange some gut punches 20m out on the flank, but he misses after the 3QT siren, footy gods smile. (Q3 31:28)
Corbett takes a big contested grab over a pack at the hotspot from a centring ball by Sexton, but shanks a behind. (Q4 1:35)
Powell rises in front of Jetta to clunk a long Ainsworth ball from the HFF to the corridor 20m out, this set shot goes right through. (Q4 2:50)
As a melee goes on on centre wing, Venables marks 40m out on a slight angle then misses. (Q4 6:55)
Redden shoots wide from a pack at the hotspot after a Kennedy contest. (Q4 9:27)
Holman marks over Gaff at half forward, wheels and goes to Wright who uses his height to mark over two Eagles at the hotspot. This is a big kick… he goals! (Q4 13:25)
Ten minutes left, three kicks in it. (Q4 13:25)
The Suns work the ball around the outer wing in classic Eagles style, Swallow passes inboard from the HFF to a phonebox where Sexton marks 30m out and goals! (Q4 21:10)
That score came after a string of stoppages and repeat inside 50s for West Coast. The Suns defence is holding strong this half. (Q4 21:10)
Gaff runs down the wing and hits Darling leading to 35m on a slight angle, who kicks a steadying goal for his team. (Q4 23:13)
Yeo baulks away from Horlin-Smith at a stoppage at half forward and rams through the official sealer from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 25:35)

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