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Blog log from R5 of 2019: Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Adelaide vs Gold Coast, R5 of 2019

Betts roves a stoppage 30m out on the flank but shoots wide to begin his 300th game. (Q1 1:18)
Keath is pinged for a hold on the arm of Wright as they stand under a high ball 30m out on the flank. 2MP misses. (Q1 4:35)
Smith’s kick in is straight to Miller who goes to Wright 40m out on the flank, 2MP has had a sighter but also misses this one slightly to the left. (Q1 4:53)
Betts wins a footy in a pack on the wing, Murphy kicks to space but Joyce prevents Lynch from gathering and the ball rolls for a point. (Q1 9:19)
After some frankly boring play as neither side is able to penetrate forward 50 effectively, Smith passes to Sloane near the boundary 30m out who shoots OOTF. (Q1 24:34)
Lynch roves and bounces a snap wide from 20m deep in the pocket. (Q1 24:34)
At long last Walker kicks to 30m on the flank where Murphy marks just before the QT siren, could this be the first goal? Yes, thank Crimmins. (Q1 26:47)
Sexton roves and kicks from CHF, the ball bounces near the behind line towards the goal line but touches the goal post for a behind, almost a Monfries special there! (Q2 3:09)
The Suns get their first goal from Fiorini from near the boundary 30m out after a hard ball get and feed following a stoppage by Swallow. (Q2 5:17)
Milera releases Mackay to stream up the guts after the next centre bounce and hit Walker on the hands 40m out, Tex marks but misses. (Q2 6:39)
Smith marks on the wing, his man falls over, he gets up and launches from 55m on the flank for a fine goal! (Q2 9:10)
Greenwood roves and snaps across the body from 20m on the flank but just misses off the left. (Q2 11:09)
Greenwood takes a contested grab at thew top of the square for a goal. Ominous signs for Gold Coast here, the Crows are winding up. (Q2 14:40)
Long ball to the Adelaide hotspot, all Sun defenders go up, three Crows stay down and it’s Ellis-Yolmen who roves and gives Walker a Joe the Goose special. (Q2 16:03)
Milera rolls through a behind under heavy pressure from the pocket 25m out. (Q2 18:39)
Greenwood crumbs his own contest 20m out and gives to Ellis-Yolmen who handballs to the square where Murphy volleys home. (Q2 20:24)
Brodie gets caught HTB at half forward and the Crows go up the guts again, Betts marks 40m out and lifts the crowd with his first goal in his 300th game! (Q2 22:09)
Betts gathers a Walker pass that misses its target, turns and shoots high from near the hotspot but just misses. (Q2 28:09)
Lukosius baulks away from Keath in the pocket and centres to Holman at the hotspot who misses, disappointingly. (Q3 3:02)
Walker contests 20m out and pretty much taps it over the back for Betts to run into the open goal, smart play by Tex there. (Q3 4:22)
Hartigan passes to Walker 50m out on a slight angle, right in Tex’s range this one, but he just misses. (Q3 7:22)
Betts roves, gets tackled by Harbrow and rolls a snap wide from near the hotspot. (Q3 8:10)
Walker marks at true CHF and delivers a trademark howitzer for his second goal. (Q3 8:55)
The Crows boss the next centre bounce like it’s a training drill, Atkins hits Walker leading to 35m on the flank, goal number three for Tex. (Q3 10:37)
Lukosius roves and screws through his first goal from 40m in front, his first senior goal but we are deep in junk time by this stage. (Q3 12:55)
Lynch passes to Walker 35m out near the boundary, he tries a screwing set shot, falls near the behind line, Greenwood roves and goals. (Q3 15:22)
Brodie passes to Wright 40m out on a slight angle, who splits the middle with his set shot. (Q3 18:14)
Sexton bounced a behind from a snap from 45m on the flank. (Q3 21:10)
Murphy marks, plays on and goals from 40m in front. (Q3 22:10)
Wright misses a set shot from 50m on the boundary. (Q3 29:18)
Miller roves and gives to Holman who snaps high and wide off his left from 15m. (Q3 30:14)
Fiorini burns the ball by foot in midfield, Greenwood provides the target inside 50 and taps it over the back for Betts to run into the open goal. (Q3 30:40)
Wright gets a free on Keath 40m out on a slight angle just before the 3QT siren, the ump takes pity on MacPherson who had played on and missed…. Wright converts. (Q3 32:38)
Sexton misses from a pack in the pocket. (Q4 0:25)
Wright marks in front of Talia 45m out on the flank, all his shots have come from difficult spots like this and he makes it 2.4 with that miss. (Q4 1:58)
Betts gets a very lucky free on Harbrow when he ducks into high contact 30m out on a slight angle, Eddie takes the charity goal. (Q4 5:03)
Lynch joins the party with his first goal after roving a Betts contest and baulking clear for a snap from 25m on the flank. (Q4 7:38)
Smith bounces twice up the wing then misses from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 8:15)
Milera feeds Kelly who misses from 25m on the flank. (Q4 9:51)
Smith mops up a dump kick to half back by MacPherson and snaps a goal from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 10:43)
Murphy marks 25m out on the flank running back with the flight and gets crunched by Harbrow a split second late, Betts takes the kick from the goal line for some more charity. (Q4 12:19)
Sexton marks 45m out in the corridor and boots his first goal, belatedly. (Q4 14:13)
Betts performs a party trick left-footed checkside for his sixth goal from the boundary 30m out and brings out the DJ decks for celebrations as well! (Q4 21:14)
Himmelberg marks and goals from the hotspot. (Q4 22:18)
Wright gets a contact free on Hartigan 20m out on a slight angle going for a Witts pass, and boots his third goal. (Q4 27:44)

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