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Blog log from R4 of 2019: Sydney vs Melbourne

Blog log for Sydney vs Melbourne, R4 of 2019

Papley gives to Rampe who dodges and shoots from 50m on a slight angle, Fritsch is there on the line to touch it through. (Q1 2:59)
Sinclair snaps OOTF off a step from a pack 25m out in the pocket. (Q1 2:59)
Petracca kicks the first goal of the evening from half forward after a set up by Melksham. (Q1 5:15)
Short throw in to the Demon FP, Preuss catches it out of the air with Aliir trailing and throws it on the boot for an unlikely goal, and he loves it! (Q1 7:19)
Dawson bombs high to the goalsquare from the HFF, Gawn tries to mark instead of spoil against two Swans but Sinclair comes over the top to mark and goal. (Q1 9:28)
Zak Jones gets a very soft free for Viney’s fingernail in his back as he falls over at the hotspot, charity goal for the Swans. (Q1 14:11)
Tom McDonald marks near the boundary 35m out and misses. (Q1 15:54)
Heeney roves a Blakey contest at the hotspot and feeds Jack who misses off a step. (Q1 18:38)
The Swans lock in the kick in, Jack passes to Franklin at the hotspot who misses, the crowd goes aww. (Q1 19:57)
Florent misses from the pocket after roving a smothered kick. (Q1 21:45)
Preuss marks in front of two Swans on the HFF, he lines up with a drop punt and lands it just over the goal line! (Q1 21:45)
Petracca fumbles a ground ball near defensive hotspot, Jack plays for and gets a high contact free on Joshua Wagner for the go-ahead goal, his first. (Q1 26:29)
Florent sails through a snap from the hotspot as again the Swans are cleaner with hands in the ground battles as neither side can get an outside game going in the dewy conditions. (Q1 28:44)
Franklin passes to Dawson 45m out on the flank who sends through another quality finish, Sydney looks a class above at the moment. (Q1 30:17)
Parker gives to Franklin who screws his snap too far and misses across the face off the left from 30m on a slight angle. (Q2 0:22)
Melksham runs through midfield and finds Harmes 40m out in front of Kennedy, he kicks the first goal of Q2. (Q2 1:27)
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Dawson snaps high and straight from a ball in to the pocket 20m out. (Q2 5:45)
Reid beats Oscar McDonald to mark a high ball near the hotspot, but he misses badly. (Q2 8:26)
Heeney rises in front of Oscar McDonald to mark a Zak Jones speculator from the HFF to 20m in front, he makes no mistake. (Q2 11:53)
Petracca roves a Melksham contest to a Tom McDonald kick to the hotspot, he feeds Nathan Jones who goals from 15m. (Q2 14:42)
Oliver gets a free in the centre, long ball to a big pack at the hotspot, Nathan Jones beats his brother Zak to the crumb and screws through a lovely goal! (Q2 16:38)
Ronke keeps a ground ball alive in the pocket and zooms back onto it but hits the post. (Q2 18:24)
Melbourne applies some frontal pressure deep in attack, Swans are there but so are the Dees in number, a smothered ball falls for Hunt who feeds Melksham for another one! (Q2 20:23)
Thurlow kicks high up the corridor after the next centre bounce, Franklin beats Frost in a wrestle to mark 40m out and goal. (Q2 21:08)
Hunt gives to Melksham for a snap from CHF, looks good but a video review shows the goal umpire was right to call it a snick on the goalpost. (Q2 22:53)
Viney snaps from the pocket 30m out and this game has undergone a rapid transformation, suddenly it’s the Demons who keep scoring goals! (Q2 28:43)
Dawson roves at half forward and pokes a pass over traffic to Papley 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q2 31:23)
Rampe passes to Franklin who marks in front of Salem 45m out on the flank, but misses. (Q2 31:56)
Rampe is pinged for front-on contact on Tom McDonald 20m out to concede the first goal of Q3 to level the scores. (Q3 2:03)
Nathan Jones kick from the BP but pressure from bother Zak forces a turnover to Florent 40m out. Florent’s kick is a dirty old sack but it wobbles through for a goal. (Q3 4:05)
Petracca roves in a pack 40m out on a slight angle, gets tackled and slung but gets ball on boot and floats through a fabulous goal! (Q3 7:18)
Hunt misses a highly unlikely snap off balance from near the behind line. (Q3 9:33)
Lloyd intercepts a dump kick from Gawn to midfield, he goes to Franklin at true CHF, his set shot is straight but just short, Melbourne rebounds. (Q3 11:03)
Hibberd runs through midfield and the kick goes to Hunt 40m out on the flank, his set shot is an ugly hoof but it just avoids the right goalpost, Dees kicking away now. (Q3 12:03)
Spargo passes short to Hunt 40m out in the corridor on the end of a fast break, Hunt’s set shot again flirts with the post but that’s a goal. (Q3 21:18)
Aliir is pinged for a fairly obvious arm chop on Preuss 35m out on a slight angle, but Preuss misses. (Q3 27:44)
Heeney marks on the HFF and gives to Franklin who tries his luck from 55m, Buddy hasn’t got the leg tonight and that’s off hands for a behind. (Q3 28:48)
Franklin takes a contested mark at half forward, wheels and goes to Ronke at the hotspot for a much-needed goal. (Q4 5:26)
Weideman gets a free on Thurlow just inside 50m on a slight angle, the goal umpire arches his back as the set shot sails straight over his peaked cap. (Q4 10:27)
Rampe runs down the wing and kicks over the pack at the hotspot where Jack marks 20m out and gets the lead back to single figures with his second goal. (Q4 11:55)
Petracca passes to Tom McDonald just to the right of true CHF, who hits the post. (Q4 14:15)
Ronke slings Nathan Jones around the neck at a stoppage 30m out on the flank, big kick this and again the goal umpire is a statue as it splits the middle, three for him! (Q4 20:11)
Lloyd burns the footy running through midfield straight to Hore, the Dees work the ball to the HFF where Salem passes to Harmes 40m out, he misses. (Q4 22:27)
Brayshaw ices the game with a snap from a ball up 35m out on a slight angle. (Q4 26:28)
Papley hits the post with a snap from the HFF. (Q4 27:42)

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