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Blog log from R2 of 2019: Sydney vs Adelaide

Blog log for Sydney vs Adelaide, R2 of 2019

Heeney roves a Reid contest deep in the pocket 15m and snaps narrow off a step. (Q1 2:34)
Hayward feeds Ronke who is half a step in front of Smith, he gets pushed in the side by Smith as he shoots from 45m on a slight angle but the ball wobbles through for the opener. (Q1 5:33)
Sloane misses from a stoppage deep in the pocket. (Q1 9:17)
Sloane flies high to a Mackay inside 50 kick to the pocket, Chayce Jones roves and snaps as he falls, but it’s wide from 20m. (Q1 13:35)
Mackay wins a hard footy at the feet of Walker after a contest at the top of the square, he rides a tackle and gets a right foot toepoke off for a goal. (Q1 15:55)
Melican holds Walker as they sit under a high ball 30m out on the flank, obvious free and Tex splits the hi-diddle-diddle with a peach of a set shot. (Q1 17:52)
Betts gets a contact free on Rampe at a stoppage 40m out on the flank, Rampe jumps around like a jackrabbit on the mark and puts him off enough to miss. (Q1 20:39)
Kennedy gives to Papley in a pack 30m out on a slight angle for a snap off a step across the body… wide. (Q1 22:50)
Franklin is not paid a mark from a Parker pass to true CHF, had a fair bit of it… Crows rebound up the guts, Laird hits Jenkins 50m out on a slight angle who goals! (Q1 24:18)
Adelaide rebounds again from half back ending with Seedsman marking 50m out on a slight angle, he has the boot but it’s just wide left. (Q1 26:47)
Atkins snaps wide from 20m on a slight angle after tapping down a Melican dump kick against four Swans. (Q1 28:49)
Seedsman gets a set shot after the QT siren from fully 55m on the flank, he loads up for bear with a massive torpedo punt that clears the big pack on the line for a goal! (Qtr Time)
Blakey takes a strong mark over Keath next to the goalsquare for the first goal of Q2. (Q2 0:23)
Rampe intercepts a Betts handball at CHF for the Swans, does a one-two with McVeigh then misses a quick snap. (Q2 2:18)
Kennedy is front and centre for a Hayward contest near the hotspot but his quick snap rolls wide. (Q2 2:54)
Zak Jones feeds Parker for a snap from the HFF but it’s well wide. (Q2 3:08)
Smith misses a running shot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 4:16)
Knight catches Cunningham HTB 45m out in the corridor and converts to keep the margin large enough to furrow Horse Longmire’s brow. (Q2 6:37)
Kennedy passes short to O’Riordan 50m out on a slight angle on a slow play. The Irishman’s set shot is short for no score. (Q2 8:23)
O’Riordan fumbles a Mackay kick to half forward, the crumb falls perfectly for Walker who shoots off a step across the body from 45m on a slight angle.. bounces wide. (Q2 9:41)
Knight kicks across the backline to the bootlaces of Talia, Reid monsters him to win the HTB free 30m out on a slight angle and takes full toll. (Q2 11:24)
Sydney gets in trouble on a kick in but Walker snaps wide from 20m. (Q2 12:49)
Lynch marks just on 50m on the flank after a clearance kick by Atkins, his set shot starts right then looks good but drifts left late for a behind.. (Q2 15:39)
Hewett gives to Franklin on the intersection of boundary at 50m paint, he’s corralled by Keath but squeezes a snap under his arm… and it’s a fantastic goal! (Q2 17:09)
Blakey marks on the HFF, wheels and kicks quickly to the hotspot where Hayward marks untouched for his first goal. (Q2 19:04)
Cunningham is pinged for a scoop from his knees 50m out near the boundary. Jenkins’s set shot drops, Brad Crouch roves and grubbers it home from 5m, review says no touch, goal. (Q2 21:34)
Franklin leaps over Kelly to mark a Lloyd kick on his chest 25m out on the flank, his set shot is very serviceable and the Swans are back within a kick. (Q2 25:08)
Kennedy feeds Franklin who snaps from 15m in the pocket while falling over under a Talia challenge… just wide. (Q2 29:10)
Betts goes short to Atkins, so short that Atkins is told to play on, he puts a sensational left foot step on Parker and shoots from 40m on the flank… fine goal! (Q3 1:07)
Laird leaps on the line to touch through a Kennedy snap from a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q3 6:08)
Gibbs spoils Heeney at half forward, Chayce Jones roves and has a ping from 50m… swerves into the goalpost. (Q3 8:10)
Lloyd is pinged for a tackle that drops towards the legs of Knight in the pocket 20m out, the set shot is narrow. (Q3 10:07)
Franklin does a one-two with Hayward running around the boundary to 30m and then tries an outrageous running checkside… narrow. (Q3 12:13)
Aliir drops a relieving mark 20m out, Chayce Jones roves and baulks but Rampe catches him HTB to prevent a score. (Q3 13:10)
Lynch receives from Matt Crouch and kicks across half forward to Sloane at true CHF. Sloane runs in right and shanks way right, OOTF. (Q3 13:35)
Reid and Ronke fight for a ground ball with three Crows on the HFF, Ronke jinks into some high contact by Kelly to earn a free 40m out but misses. (Q3 15:11)
Chayce Jones gets a 100m penalty on O’Riordan to take him from behind the wing to near the hotspot for a charity goal. (Q3 16:21)
But did Rampe touch it on the mark? Video review says yes, score changed to behind. (Q3 17:42)
Kennedy storms away from a stoppage on the wing and kicks long over Mackay to Papley to mark 30m out on a slight angle, who kicks badly. (Q3 21:04)
Matt Crouch passes short to Walker 55m out on a slight angle, long way out but he’s in range, Tex booms a set shot just wide. (Q3 25:37)
Murphy roves a Walker contest on the HFF and gives back to Walker who had drawn a crowd, he gives to Lynch who is free to run to 40m and slot an important goal nearing 3QT. (Q3 27:21)
Brad Crouch hits Betts leading hard in front of Rampe to 30m on a slight angle. Eddie takes his full 30 seconds then pops through another red time goal, tough for Sydney now. (Q3 28:54)
Hayward marks on the boundary 20m out and checksides a nice set shot for the first goal of Q4. (Q4 1:14)
Jenkins picks up the next centre clearance kick that bounces near the hotspot, he snaps over his shoulder for a very high goal! (Q4 2:44)
Kennedy runs away from the next centre bounce and tries his luck on the trot from 55m but Laird cuts it off in the square running back with the flight, no score. (Q4 3:31)
Reid and Buddy wax a ground ball on the HFF with Keath and Talia chasing, eventually Keath catches Franklin high 45m out near the boundary… the goal umpire does not move! Goal! (Q4 6:59)
Knight marks a Walker pass 30m out on a slight angle and kicks straight as a die, just about the sealer that one. Unless Buddy can pull it out himself… (Q4 8:35)
Melican knocks down a Murphy inside 50 kick but his punch towards CHF is perfect for Mackay to zoom onto and kick the sealer with a lairish checkside from 40m. (Q4 15:14)
Franklin ragdolls Jenkins at the Swans hotspot to give away a free, 50 penalty too, Jenkins bombs up the guts for Jacobs to mark at the Crow hotspot and hit the post. (Q4 19:15)
Franklin rises high in front of Talia to clunk a long ball 50m out on a slight angle, his set shot hooks right. (Q4 22:02)
Talia spoils a long Cunningham snap from CHF into the goalpost. (Q4 22:48)

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