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Blog log from P2 of 2019: Melbourne vs Brisbane

Blog log for Melbourne vs Brisbane, P2 of 2019

Hipwood kicks the first goal after Rayner taps a loose ball to him at half forward and he burns off Frost on a run to 40m on the flank. (Q1 1:11)
Fritsch sails through the first goal for Melbourne from 40m on a slight angle after a feed following a stoppage. (Q1 5:02)
Hunt marks 50m out on a slight angle and bangs through another nice long finish. (Q1 5:51)
Oscar McDonald gives away a contact free to Hipwood at the hotspot, Hipwood kicks his second goal. (Q1 7:43)
Bastinac passes to Neale 40m out on the flank on a slow play, who gives off to Rayner for a miss. (Q1 9:02)
Chaos ball to the top of the Lion goalsquare, Cameron roves but his snap is off hands for a point. (Q1 11:17)
Bastinac receives a contested handball by McStay behind a packl 40m out in front and snaps a nice goal. (Q1 13:18)
Spargo’s inside 50 kick goes to ground, Harmes feeds Hunt who dashes clear of traffic to goal from 20m. (Q1 15:52)
Cameron gets a free for a hold by Jetta in midfield, his kick up the guts goes to McStay at the hotspot for his first goal. (Q1 19:03)
McCluggage sets Robinson off to goal with ease from 20m after Hipwood beats four Demons to keep a fast break going at CHF. (Q1 21:42)
Andrews is pinged for a push on Weideman 20m out in front, easy goal for the Weed. (Q1 24:08)
Vandenberg is caught HTB at half back and gives Neale a rabbit punch to concede 50m and an easy goal to Jarryd Lyons. (Q1 26:01)
Mathieson bounces through a snap from the HFF after Neale roves a stoppage and sets him off. (Q1 30:47)
Mathieson takes a contested grab 40m out on a slight angle, lands heavily but gets up and hits the post. (Q2 4:54)
Melbourne rebounds around members wing with Gawn going over two Lions to Tom McDonald at the hotspot for his first goal. (Q2 6:26)
Spargo marks 45m out on a slight angle and sails through the set shot. (Q2 8:56)
Jarryd Lyons leads out of the square to mark a Bastinac pass from CHF to 20m on a slight angle. He kicks truly. (Q2 10:35)
Joel Smith finishes off another flowing move around the outer wing with a rolling goal from the HFF. (Q2 12:23)
Hipwood takes a pack mark at half forward and plays on with a short pass to Jarrod Berry 40m out on the flank. The elderberry misses left. (Q2 16:27)
Brayshaw shoots on the run from half forward after a feed from Oliver, he’s all class and that one sails right through from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 20:07)
Petracca marks just inside 50m on a slight angle and kicks truly. (Q2 24:07)
Cameron goals from the top of the square to restore the Brisbane lead after marking a Jarryd Lyons kick from a pack at CHF. (Q2 29:37)
Rayner marks next to the hotspot to boot the first goal of Q3. (Q3 0:31)
Andrews spoils Weideman going for a Stretch inside 50 kick to a pack 30m out on the flank, but the crumb bounces up for Smith who snaps a goal. (Q3 12:17)
McStay boots his second goal with a free kick from 40m near the boundary after May is pinged for a scoop off the ground. (Q3 15:32)
McStay gets another set shot from a similar position, this time he hits the post. (Q3 20:11)
Jarryd Lyons bounces through a snap from 25m out on the flank for his third goal. (Q3 22:34)
It’s Jarryd Lyons again for goal number four, roving a Cameron contest at the hotspot and avoiding Hibberd for the left foot snap! (Q3 23:58)
Tom McDonald roves and feeds Oliver for a left-foot snap from 20m but it wobbles into the post. (Q3 27:04)
McCluggage marks on the tumble at the hotspot from a short pass by McStay, he converts. (Q4 6:27)
Ballenden feeds Taylor on the HFF who baulks around Lewis and snaps a nice goal from 40m off his right. (Q4 9:23)
Joel Smith marks a Keilty pass on the HFF, wheels and shoots… OOTF. (Q4 11:04)
Joel Smith gets a free at the top of the square for a block by Robinson, his third goal. (Q4 13:25)
Weideman goes very short from outside CHF to just inside CHF where Brayshaw marks and delivers another beautiful finish. (Q4 16:35)
Oliver runs from the centre towards CHF, he lets fly from 55m, it pitches behind Joel Smith and bounces wide. (Q4 18:02)
Neal-Bullen marks a Gawn pass 20m out on a slight angle for a goal, this would be a good contest if it meant anything. (Q4 19:17)
Salem smothers what looked a certain goal from Rayner at the top of the square. (Q4 24:00)
Joel Smith marks on his chest at the hotspot for his fourth goal. (Q4 24:49)
Ballenden rises majestically in a big pack 20m out on the flank to clunk a long ball down the line. His set shot is the worst shank imaginable, no score. (Q4 27:03)
Taylor passes short to Bastinac 45m out in the corridor after the kick in doesn’t clear half back, Basti takes his full measure of time and shanks it, no score either. (Q4 27:48)
Neale gets a free for holding the man by Salem near the hotspot in the last minute, he seals the deal with a goal. (Q4 29:03)
Brayshaw snaps a goal from the hotspot just before the final siren. (Q4 30:03)

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