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Blog log from R17 of 2018: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, R17 of 2018

Wingard receives from Polec outside a pack and tries his luck from 30m on the boundary… the Chad makes it work with a left-foot checkside off a step for the first goal! (Q1 10:29)
Boak roves and shoots off a step from 50m on a slight angle but hits the behind post OOTF. (Q1 11:54)
Sam Gray roves a pack at the top of the square but shoots wide off his left under pressure. (Q1 12:24)
Wines bounces a snap wide from half forward as Port builds a mountain of repeat inside 50s. (Q1 14:37)
Sheridan hits the lead of Cox in front of Howard 40m out in the corridor after Dixon turns the ball over by foot in midfield. Cox shoots for the first Freo goal… it’s good. (Q1 18:04)
Stephen Hill is pinged for soccering OOB deliberately in the Port FP, Polec sets up Westhoff to snap truly from 20m on the flank. (Q1 25:40)
Matera misses a snap from a pack at the top of the square. (Q2 2:44)
Walters gets a free on Ebert for putting his body over the ball, even though that is usually a free against for taking Ebert’s legs out. Son-Son misses from 40m on the flank. (Q2 7:10)
Mundy passes to Darcy who marks in front of Ryder 40m out on a slight angle on the end of a rebound around members wing from the last line started by Wilson. Darcy misses. (Q2 10:45)
Sutcliffe gets a free for tackling Bonner 40m out on a slight angle but his set shot is limp and wide. (Q2 13:08)
Walters bounces a snap across his body wide from 40m in front. (Q2 13:44)
McCarthy kicks quickly to the square from half forward, Sheridan marks in front of Amon but sprays a very easy set shot. (Q2 15:44)
Powell-Pepper feeds Boak streaming down the flank, the Port captain shoots from 40m but that’s well wide. (Q2 20:44)
Darcy misses another set shot, this one from the hotspot. (Q2 27:10)
Banfield hits the square from the HFF, Jones roves but Houston smothers and the ball dribbles for a point. (Q3 1:18)
Mundy gets a 50m penalty to put him 30m out on a slight angle, but he also misses to level the scores. (Q3 2:32)
A lull as Robbie Gray is stretchered off. (Q3 7:22)
Thomas snaps across the face from the right pocket, Polec marks on the left side 20m out but hits the post. (Q3 8:37)
Cox finally delivers some finishing quality to this steaming pile of a game with a conversion from 30m on a slight angle. (Q3 11:43)
Rockliff snaps wide from near CHF to restore the previous low quality of finishing. (Q3 12:38)
Sam Gray sails through a goal from a set shot from near CHF. Maybe our luck has changed? (Q3 13:52)
Stephen Hill snaps across the body from heavy traffic 30m out on the flank but it’s OOTF. (Q3 17:23)
Giro feeds Langdon who runs to the hotspot and shoots… another miss. (Q3 18:05)
The kick in is short and turned over by Polec, Sutcliffe gets his chance from 15m and snaps truly! (Q3 18:44)
Credit for Cerra spoiling Houston to set up that goal. (Q3 19:07)
Hughes roves a Matera ball to the square and gives outside to Hughes who snaps off a step from 40m on a slight angle… that one screws in! (Q3 20:52)
Sam Gray passes to Watts near the boundary 40m out who misses. (Q3 22:09)
After Wilson burns the footy by foot on the wing, Watts passes to Powell-Pepper 40m out on the flank who kicks truly. (Q3 26:22)
Giro goes long to the square where Jones uses his height and bulk to beat Howard to mark and goal leading up to 3QT. (Q3 28:54)
Eventually the weight of repeat inside 50s tells for Fremantle, Mundy roves a pack 25m out on the flank and checksides the goal. (Q4 6:06)
Watts breaks tackles on the wing and gives to Ebert who passes short to Boak 45m out on a slight angle. The captain doesn’t make the distance, no score. (Q4 7:33)
Wingard roves a Darcy tap at a stoppage in the pocket and screws through a trademark quality snap from 25m. (Q4 10:28)
McCarthy gets a contact free on Clurey 20m out on the flank, obvious arm around the neck. He has had a very quiet day… but this one sails through. (Q4 12:18)
Walters beats Bonner to mark a Neale kick to 35m on a slight angle. He has also had a dirty day, and he also converts. (Q4 15:13)
Thomas butters up a Motlop pass to 40m on a slight angle and shoots across the body… wide and rushed by Hughes. (Q4 16:03)
Westhoff gathers a Rockliff ball, ducks under a tackle and shoots from 25m on a slight angle… just wide. (Q4 18:15)
Motlop shoots well wide from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 19:17)
Rockliff passes short to Watts near the hotspot. He converts, margin is under three goals with 5:32 to go. (Q4 20:33)
Sam Gray gives to Wingard who tries a checkside from long range on the HFF, it drifts near the behind post where Ebert is paid a mark but doesn’t score with a shank. (Q4 21:58)
Wines intercepts in a pack on the Port HFF and goes wide and quick to the pocket for Thomas 25m out. LT hits the behind post OOTF. (Q4 23:18)
Rockliff pokes a pass from CHF to the hotspot where Neale gives away a front-on contact free to Boak, who kicks truly to make it a two-kick game with 2:25 to go. (Q4 25:09)
Sheridan catches Polec HTB on the wing to stop a Port attack, he goes to the HFF, Mundy roves and kicks OOB for a throw in in the FP, 1:27 to go. (Q4 26:48)
Dixon taps down to Bradley Hill who hits the square, crumbs falls to the pocket, Walters gathers and passes to Sutcliffe 50m out on a slight angle who misses, 26 seconds left. (Q4 28:19)
Mundy marks 50m out on the flank for a shot after the siren, they have already won this one, he doesn’t score. (Q4 29:34)

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