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Blog log from R16 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn, R16 of 2018

Duryea and Shiels link by hand as they search for the central pass. Liam dabs it to the unmarked Breust and Luke marks 40 from goal. The livewire nails the first! (Q1 4:15)
Smith gains possession a kick and a half from goal and finds Schache on the short lead. Josh marks and settles on the set shot. From 45 on the flank, he misses to the far side. (Q1 6:15)
The Bulldogs pace it up the corridor through Johannisen. He finds Biggs out the back. Shane’s shot is short, but Schache marks in the goal mouth. He makes no mistake! (Q1 8:41)
Richards makes the error coming out of defence, his kick off the side of the boot falls to Morrison. Harry marks 45 out from goal and the youngster kicks his third career goal! (Q1 11:28)
Hardwick is caught by his opponent in Richards and holding the ball is duly paid. Ed finds Hunter inside the arc with a short punt. Lachie nails the set shot from 40 on the flank! (Q1 13:58)
O’Rourke makes high contact in the attempted tackle on Wallis. The free is paid the Bulldogs way and Mitch sends his set shot straight through from 40 on the flank! (Q1 17:43)
Gowers takes the strong lead up mark in scoring range and then Sicily, perhaps predictably, has a brain fade. James pulls Biggs to the ground off the ball. The 50 is paid… (Q1 20:58)
And Billy makes no mistake from point blank range! (Q1 21:32)
O’Meara receives out of the congestion and sends it inside the attacking arc. Breust and Smith battle in the isolated contest and Luke takes the contested grab. He goals from 35! (Q1 22:58)
Breust gathers the spill and flicks off to Duryea. Taylor hands off to the free O’Meara and Jaeger finishes truly from 35! Well worked goal by the Hawks there! (Q1 29:30)
Adams attempts to shrug off the desperate Breust, but Luke manages to hang on and force the decision. Luke lines up from 25 and nails his third of the quarter! (Q1 30:59)
Breust nails another in the tackle, this time Hunter. The 50 is then paid after the ball wasn’t handed on the full by Lynch. Luke kicks his fourth of the first from close range! (Q1 32:19)
Schache spins in and out of trouble as the Bulldogs search for the first goal of the term. Harassed by several Hawk counterparts, Josh sends his close range shot to the right. (Q2 7:13)
Gunston takes the short lead up mark as the Hawks gain their first shot on goal for the term. Jack lines up from 45 on the sharp angle and misses to the near side. (Q2 12:27)
Johannisen opens the play with a spellbinding bout of pace through the corridor. Wallis sends the ball inside the arc. Under pressure from Sicily, Biggs gets it home! (Q2 13:55)
Trengove and McEvoy battle in the isolated contest from the resultant Hawthorn centre clearance. Ben gains the ball and sends it goalward. The snap effort misses from 30. (Q2 15:27)
The ball is sent long to the contest between Breust and Lynch, with Luke receiving the free for illegal contact. The star Hawk nails the set shot from 45 on the slight! (Q2 19:55)
The Bulldogs gain the quick reply through Hunter! From the resultant stoppage, the Dogs chain it forward by hand. Lachie receives out the back and finishes from 40 on the slight! (Q2 20:41)
Johannisen provides another pacy display from the wing. Breaking the lines, he sends it long to Wallis who marks at the top of the square. Mitch nails the simple set shot! (Q2 22:41)
Roughead launches to the isolated mismatch between Gunston and the undersized Hunter. Jack predictably grabs the mark and duly converts from 35! (Q3 3:11)
Lynch attempts to evade all in his path but is unable to wrangle away from the desperate Roughead. Jarryd receives the free and makes no mistake via the close range set shot! (Q3 4:41)
Gunston flicks off to the rampaging Smith as the Hawks attempt to do three in two minutes. Isaac sets sail for goal from the paint of the arc, his shot missing to the right. (Q3 6:39)
Burton stands off the pack and Smith is able to find his man through the congestion. Ryan takes the mark within scoring range, but the youngster misses the shot from 40. (Q3 8:28)
Make that six for Breust! Speeding front and centre, Luke gains the ball with precise crumber play off the attempted mark by Roughead. He finishes truly from close range! (Q3 10:12)
Long bomb to the goal mouth and this time Gunston is able to pull down the contested grab. From deep in the forward pocket, Jack waltzes around and converts truly! (Q3 11:46)
The Hawks send it long to the isolated match up between Adams and Gunston, with the former Crow pulling down the grab. Lining up from 30 on the slight, Jack nails another! (Q3 14:26)
Impey dabs the pass inside the arc after wrapping Dahlhaus up in the tackle. Roughead takes a fly at the pass and pulls down the grab. Jarryd lines up and nails the set shot! (Q3 18:14)
Howe, O’Meara and Breust link up through a chain of foot passes resulting in a set shot for Luke. Lining up from 30 on the sharp angle, he misses to the near side. (Q3 19:55)
Puopolo, O’Meara and Howe link by foot with Daniel taking the grab on the paint of the arc. He lines up and sends it straight through the middle! (Q3 22:54)
The Bulldogs win a rare centre clearance from the resultant stoppage and Gowers takes advantage with a grab inside the arc. He lines up from 35, but misses to the right hand side. (Q3 23:57)
Roughead receives a free after being legged by his opponent in scoring range. The Hawks captain lines up from 45 on the flank and sends his effort into the post. (Q3 27:17)
Breust, Shiels and Smith combine as the Hawks swarm inside scoring range. Isaac receives and slams it home from close range for the first of the fourth! (Q4 5:47)
Breust takes the leading mark, taking the grab 30 out from goal on the flank. Luke lines up and manages his second behind of the night. (Q4 9:28)
The Hawks launch long through Sicily and Gunston is able to fly, pulling down a terrific contested grab. From 50 out on the sharp angle, Jack misses to the near side. (Q4 10:02)
Hawthorn continue their second half procession, this time through their captain in Roughead. He receives the pass from Breust and nails the set shot from 35! (Q4 12:47)
The Bulldogs gain their first of the second half! Daniel receives by hand and runs his full measure before finishing truly from close range! (Q4 18:23)
Lynch attempts to take the game on out of defence and is caught once more by the powerful Roughead. Jarryd receives the decision and converts truly from 40! (Q4 21:28)
Bontempelli and Wallis link by hand as the Bulldogs push into the attacking arc. Mitch receives back from Marcus and hooks through his third from 40! (Q4 23:28)
Add another to the margin as Smith swings one through from close range! He gathers the pill off the stoppage and runs unopposed to the goal mouth for a basic major! (Q4 27:18)
Hardwick, O’Meara, Henderson and Gunston link as the Hawks swing it from the corridor to scoring range. Jack receives and dabs it through from 30 for his fourth! (Q4 30:28)

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