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Blog log from R15 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R15 of 2018

Puopolo gathers the loose pill after Smith sent the Hawks inside the arc. Paul throws it on the boot from the flank, bouncing through a minor score. (Q1 0:00)
The Giants struggle to evade their arc from the resultant play. Burton gathers the pill and drives for goal from the arc, bouncing another minor through. (Q1 0:00)
Sicily turns the ball over with an errant pass, the kick evading the Shiel attempted smother, yet marked by Whitfield. Lachie lines up from the arc and sends it through! (Q1 4:40)
Coniglio is the next to gain possession in scoring range for the home side. Bounding onto the loose ball, Coniglio is pressured into a 45 metre snap. He manages a minor score. (Q1 4:40)
Langford bounds inside the arc and chips the pass out the back to the run of Breust. Luke marks the well weighted pass and finishes truly with the resultant set shot! (Q1 11:20)
Whitfield launches to the isolated contest between Frawley and Lobb in the goal square. James is adjudged to have held his counterpart and Rory duly finishes with ease! (Q1 15:17)
Make that two in a minute for the home team! The Giants move it forward in numbers from the centre stoppage and De Boer is the recipient. Matt receives at ground level and goals! (Q1 17:18)
Three in a row for the rampant Giants! The orange and charcoal cut a swathe through the middle of the ground. Lobb gathers the pill at ground level and finishes from close range! (Q1 19:22)
Make that four and two in a minute for Lobb! The Giants power forward from the resultant centre bounce and Lobb gathers the contested pill at ground level. He spins and goals! (Q1 20:23)
Reid gains the contested pill on the outside of the forward fifty stoppage. The forward throws boot to ball, his hooking effort swinging through for a minor score. (Q1 21:32)
Shiel wins the ball at the forward fifty stoppage with relative ease, bounding to the drop zone unopposed. Dylan snaps from the sharp angle, missing to the near side. (Q1 24:56)
Puopolo and Henderson link by hand across the wing as the Hawks enjoy a rare passage of attacking play. Paul finds Smith and Isaac marks within range. He misses from 55. (Q1 28:06)
Hopper has a quick snap out of congestion from the flank to open scoring in this second term. His bouncing effort makes contact with the padding, minor score. (Q2 2:23)
The Hawks grab the first of the second term! Puopolo and Roughead combine by hand after Impey forces the turnover. Jarryd settles on the shot and nails it from 45! (Q2 5:20)
Lobb gathers the spillage after Tomlinson was unable to secure the Shiel kick. Rory turns on a dime and snaps from deep in the forward pocket, hitting the post in the process. (Q2 10:04)
The Hawks make it two in a row! Roughead gather the contested pill at the hot spot and sends it wide by hand to the runner in Henderson. Ricky settles and snaps truly from 30! (Q2 12:38)
Himmelberg launches long out the back and Patton takes the grab running back to goal, Burton unable to effect the contest. He shoots from 45 on the flank, missing to the far side. (Q2 15:44)
Questionable decision for holding goes against Stratton at the goal mouth, allowing Himmelberg the set shot. Harrison shoots from 25 and makes no mistake! (Q2 17:57)
Howe gives away the 50 metre penalty, failing to give the ball back on the full to Simpson. Dawson shoots from 45 out, directly in front, but hooks it to the left hand side. (Q2 20:06)
De Boer intercepts through the corridor and flicks further afield to the pacing Reid. Sam continues on and launches from a step inside the arc, whacking his effort into the post. (Q2 22:03)
Reid lowers the eyes and darts the pass to the unmarked De Boer. The former Docker marks directly in front, 30 metres out, but he is unable to convert truly from the set shot. (Q2 22:48)
The Hawks grab one against the run of play. The ball is moved wide through Mitchell to the run of Smith. Isaac marks, continues on and sails home the major from 45! (Q2 24:47)
Mitchell launches out of the stoppage and Breust is the small man to fly highest. Luke pulls down a fantastic grab over the pack and he goals with ease from close range! (Q2 26:13)
Duryea flicks to Smith and Isaac settles on the dab pass to the leading Breust. Luke lines up from 35 on the flank post siren, and misses to the near side. (Half Time)
Kelly and Coniglio link by hand through the middle of Spotless Stadium before Stephen dabs the pass over the top to the unmarked Shiel. Dylan marks and goals from 35 on the slight! (Q3 1:48)
Davis makes slight contact with Ceglar on the lead and the decision goes to the forward. Jonathon lines up from 45 on the flank and nails the set shot! (Q3 4:37)
Ceglar takes the strong contested mark opposed to Davis and moves it quickly by hand. Puopolo links in the chain and finds Roughead on the lead. Jarryd kicks number 550! (Q3 6:34)
The Giants move the ball with precision through the corridor and eventually force an opportunity through the carry of Langdon. Zac finds Hopper in scoring range and Jacob goals! (Q3 8:20)
The Hawks win a rare stoppage from the resultant centre bounce and launch long. Puopolo receives the free kick and duly converts from 45 on the flank! (Q3 9:33)
Ceglar takes the lead up mark a kick and a half out from goal. Hopper runs through the mark zone and the penalty is paid. The former Pie kicks from 30 on the slight and goals! (Q3 11:49)
Ceglar and Roughead combine through the middle of the ground and the captain launches long. Breust and Finlayson battle and Luke receives the free for holding. He misses from 45. (Q3 14:52)
Himmelberg gathers on the outside of the rolling maul, converging at the Giants goal mouth. Harry flicks off to Coniglio who spins in the O’Meara tackle and goals! (Q3 22:41)
The Hawks are unable to evade their defensive half and the Giants take advantage. Griffen pounces on the contested pill inside the attacking arc and goals! (Q3 25:19)
Patton marks within 30 of goal but inexplicably decides to play on. Hardwick forces the pressured kick, Jonathan sending his effort into the post. (Q3 28:46)
The Giants make it three in a row with six seconds left to play in this third term. Ward gathers the pill in the stoppage, loses Hardwick and goals with ease from 25! (3 Qtr Time)
Taranto grabs the loose pill on the paint of the boundary line. With eyes only for goal, Tim throws boot to ball and swings through a behind. (Q4 2:14)
The Hawks grab the first of the fourth! They swing the ball coast to coast through the middle of Spotless Stadium. Duryea and Breust combine with Luke punting it through! (Q4 3:17)
Make that two in a row for the Hawks! Roughead is unable to take the leading grab but Breust hits the ball at pace with classic roving work. He settles and goals from 20! (Q4 7:57)
McEvoy gets out the back and manages to take the grab leading his opponent in Simpson. The former Saint lines up from 35 on the flank and duly convert! (Q4 11:16)
Whitfield grabs an important major for the inaccurate Giants! He gathers the ball at half forward, runs his measure and bounces it through with pressure coming from all angles! (Q4 15:47)
Smith bounds off the wing with ball in trademark fashion. He settles on the dab pass and finds Sicily on the lead. James misses poorly from 35 on the slight. (Q4 18:55)
Shiel sends the ball long to the mismatch between Patton and Impey. Patton predictably receives the free kick for a holding infringement. He goes back and goals from 45! (Q4 24:27)
Tomlinson received the 50 metre penalty after late contact from Howe. Within scoring range, Adam shoots from 50 on the flank. He hits his effort into the woodwork. (Q4 27:48)
Finlayson infringes Sicily off the ball and the down the ground free kick is paid. James lines up from 25 on the slight and floats it through! (Q4 29:46)

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