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Blog log from R15 of 2018: Carlton vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Carlton vs Port Adelaide, R15 of 2018

Polec turns the ball over on a slow play on the HBF, Cripps goes long to Charlie Curnow who crumbs his own contest to beat Howard and bounce through the first goal. (Q1 1:51)
Robbie Gray beats Jones one out to mark near the boundary 25m out, he goes with a screwing set shot, it’s low and almost touched on the line by Lamb… ruled a goal. (Q1 10:48)
Motlop volleys the crumb from a Thomas contest at the hotspot wide from 20m. (Q1 15:58)
After Garlett coughs the ball up on the wing, Powell-Pepper shoots wide from 55m in the centre square. (Q1 16:51)
Wright marks and gives to Murphy steaming up the wing, he reaches 50m on the flank and rolls through a nice goal. (Q1 17:18)
Sam Gray gives wide of a pack near CHF to Wingard who scoots clear for a left foot dribbler from 30m on a slight angle… but it refuses to curl around and rolls wide. (Q1 18:38)
Sam Gray passes to Thomas 30m out on the flank, who splits the middle with his set shot to give Port the lead back. (Q1 19:49)
Ebert passes to Westhoff 35m out on the flank, whose set shot just creeps inside the left goalpost. (Q1 23:24)
Pickett roves a Charlie Curnow contest to the next inside 50 kick by Dow, spins in a tackle and gives back to Curnow for the goal from 15m. (Q1 25:51)
Pickett gets around Pittard on the wing, reaches the HFF and goes long to the square, ump picks a free out of a four-man pack against Wines to Charlie Curnow, third goal for him! (Q1 28:04)
Cripps draws a free for contact by Wines for a hold on his arm 35m out on the flank, and sails through a dead-eye straight set shot. (Q1 29:49)
Weitering is pinged for contact on Westhoff with an arm draped over the shoulder 40m out in front. The Hoff misses badly, though. (Q1 31:18)
Sam Gray roves a pack at the hotspot, shrugs off a tackle and shoots off his left just before the QT siren from 25m… another one that refuses to bounce the right way, point. (Qtr Time)
Rockliff wins a HTB free on a fumbling Mullett the wing and passes to Ryder 40m out on the flank, whose set shot is wide, short and rushed. (Q2 2:10)
Fisher bounces off Motlop in a pack at half forward and scoots towards the hotspot for a snap across the body off the right… skews OOTF. (Q2 4:57)
Charlie Curnow gets a good bounce in the pocket for a ball that goes past Clurey and gives to Garlett who bounces through a fine finish from 25m. (Q2 5:59)
Late score review, Garlett’s goal reversed, ruled touched off the boot. (Q2 6:55)
Jones touches an unlikely Dixon snap from the pocket through for a behind. (Q2 10:42)
Robbie Gray beats Silvagni to mark at the hotspot for his second goal. (Q2 12:40)
Robbie Gray gathers a loose ball at half forward, baulks around a player and shoots from 40m on a slight angle for his third! (Q2 13:27)
Wingard gets a free on Graham and a 50m penalty to bring him from the centre circle to the hotspot after the next bounce, he builds the Port lead with that goal. (Q2 15:26)
Pittard spoils a Wright pass to Dow at the hotspot but straight to Murphy, who baulks and shoots from 35m… wide. (Q2 18:41)
Wright turns the ball over by foot deep in defence to Marshall 40m out in the corridor. Marshall, who hadn’t touched it yet, kicks straight as a die. (Q2 19:56)
Westhoff draws a holding free on Weitering going for a Rockliff ball 20m out in front, bit soft but the Hoff makes no mistake. (Q2 21:41)
Dixon marks on the HFF, wheels and hits Thomas deep in the pocket 25m out. LT checksides across the face, no score results. (Q2 23:41)
Rockliff runs up the guts and passes to Dixon leading to 45m on a slight angle, who misses everything. (Q2 27:43)
Ed Curnow pokes a pass to 40m on the flank, Pickett gets a free for a push by Ebert just before the HT siren and sails through a pretty set shot. (Half Time)
Pickett passes to Charlie Curnow on the boundary 15m out, who just misses. (Q3 0:29)
Charlie Curnow takes a contested grab over Clurey 50m out on the flank, wheels and shoots like Jono Brown and launches his fourth goal! (Q3 1:39)
Powell-Pepper pokes a pass from a ball=up on the HFF, Westhoff wins a wrestle with Weitering to mark 40m out in the corridor but shanks for no score. (Q3 3:33)
Charlie Curnow goes long from the wing to a big pack 45m out on the flank, Casboult marks but misses. (Q3 6:53)
Murphy passes to Casboult just inside true CHF, who just misses. (Q3 12:51)
Cripps passes short to Kennedy 40m out on a slight angle, he also misses. (Q3 14:27)
Garlett roves a stoppage 40m out on the flank, breaks a tackle and wobbles a snap off the left boot… falls on the line, was it touched or a poster? It’s a poster. (Q3 19:58)
Phillips leaps and marks a Murphy inside 50 kick from the wing to 40m on a slight angle on a slow play. He steers that one through, only a kick in it now. (Q3 21:53)
Thomas gets a a free for his legs being taken out by Silvagni. The crowd boos lustily as LT lines up from 40m on the flank, then cheers as Phillips marks on the behind line. (Q4 6:23)
After Polson burns the ball on a fast attack, Dixon brings a Trengove ball to the pocket to ground, Thomas roves and gives to Motlop who checksides the goal from 20m. (Q4 7:38)
Wines rides a tackle deep in the pocket to give to Wingard who performs a perfect Peter Daicos grubber that skids through from 20m. (Q4 8:58)
Dixon uses his bulk to beat Silvagni going for a Ryder centre clearance kick to 40m on a slight angle. He kicks truly, Port making its move late but in decisive fashion. (Q4 10:43)
Cripps baulks away from trouble on the wing, has space to run and bounce to 45m on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 12:48)
Rowe spoils Dixon at the hotspot but Dixon fights on at ground level with two of them, he gives outside to Marshall who bobbles but has time to snap truly. It’s over. (Q4 13:21)
Dow snaps a goal from the pocket to give the Blue fans some hope. (Q4 16:10)
Polec pokes a pass from the pocket under heavy pressure to Boak near the hotspot, who seals the deal if it needed to be sealed with his first goal. (Q4 21:03)
Wright marks at half forward, wheels and somehow has Kennedy all on his own at the hotspot for a goal. (Q4 23:37)
Rockliff wins a HTB free on Kennedy in the centre and passes to Ryder 50m out on a slight angle, whose set shot is short and rushed. (Q4 28:39)
Casboult gets a blocking free in a pack at the hotspot but shoots way left. (Q4 30:03)

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