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Blog log from R8 of 2018: Fremantle vs St Kilda

Blog log for Fremantle vs St Kilda, R8 of 2018

Johnson passes to Ballantyne on a switch play after Steven gets in trouble rebounding on the outer wing. Balla lines up from 40m on a slight angle but misses. (Q1 2:36)
Not much goalmouth action so far, neither team blessed with much quality on the delivery inside 50. (Q1 12:06)
Ballantyne plays for and gets a free going for Matera ball near the boundary 40m out, very slight contact from behind by Savage. He threads the needle for the first goal, finally. (Q1 13:21)
Danyle Pearce has a snap from the HFF, the ball falls on the line and just clears it before being touched, another one for Freo. (Q1 15:51)
Weller chases down Neale to win a HTB free 45m out on a slight angle from the St Kilda goal, but kicks OOTF. (Q1 17:51)
Sandilands clunks a long McCarthy ball from the HFF to the hotspot in front of a hapless Gilbert, he goals as well. (Q1 20:03)
Gilbert catches Duman HTB in a pack 20m out on the flank after an inside 50 kick by Webster. He boots the first Sainter goal. (Q1 24:07)
Fyfe to Banfield to Neale at the next centre bounce, Neale lets fly from 55m but it bounces wide. (Q1 25:37)
Newnes marks on the HFF on a fast play and hits Membrey with a quick ball to the hotspot who misses, disappointingly. (Q1 27:10)
Gresham draws a contact free on Nyhuis going for a Newnes pass from the wing to 45m out on a slight angle just before the QT siren. But, of course, he misses. (Q1 29:07)
Membrey chases a long ball to the pocket and snaps from near the behind post, did it snick the goalpost on the way through? Review inconclusive, ruled a point. (Q2 5:09)
Fyfe gathers the kick in outside CHF and gives to Mundy, his long ball to the square sits up for Matera to run into the open goal! Extremely easy coast-to-coast score. (Q2 6:09)
A lull as Carlisle is assessed following a knee to the head. (Q2 8:08)
Cox passes to Mundy 45m out on a slight angle who sails through another one for Fremantle. It is already a procession. (Q2 10:32)
Newnes gets a free on Hamling on the boundary 35m out but misses. (Q2 13:00)
Fyfe gets a free plus 50m on Ross for time wasting to bring him from wing to near the hotspot. His set shot is not pretty, but effective. (Q2 14:40)
Mundy gives to McCarthy to run free down the flank to 20m for a fast break goal after Freo bosses a stoppage in defence. (Q2 19:19)
Fyfe marks 50m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q2 21:53)
Billings passes to the lead of Membrey 40m out in the corridor, nothing Hamling could do about that. Membrey shanks it wide right. (Q2 23:54)
Mundy passes to Neale 45m out in the corridor, his set shot falls near the behind post where Cox marks but misses with a checkside. (Q2 28:20)
Sandilands marks a long speculator from behind the centre to the corridor 45m out, he gives off to Ballantyne for a miss. (Q2 29:53)
Neale plays on to advantage from a free at a stoppage 35m out, he avoids two Saint defenders to grubber home from 15m in the pocket. (Q3 2:37)
Matera spoils a Coffield kick from HBF to CHB, butters up but shoots wide. (Q3 4:31)
Membrey is on his own to mark a Weller ball near the hotspot, he gets this one on target. (Q3 7:02)
Cox marks a Blakely pass over Steele 40m out on a slight angle for a miss. (Q3 11:37)
Marshall misses a set shot from 40m near the boundary. (Q3 14:34)
Duman catches Gresham high at the hotspot after the small Saint forward apply some frontal pressure to force a loose ball. Gresham gets the goal with a shank. (Q3 16:46)
Armitage shepherds a long Geary ball to the square to bounce through for another one for the Saints. (Q3 19:05)
Billings feeds Gresham who jinks onto his right boot on the HFF, he lets fly off a step from 50m and it wobbles just inside the left goalpost for another one! (Q3 20:32)
Cerra roves a Cox contest and screws through a nice finish off the left boot with a screwing ball from 40m on the flank. (Q3 23:24)
Crowden gives away 50m for encroachment after Banfield catches Newnes high on the wing to bring the Saint near the hotspot, Newnes kicks truly. (Q3 25:00)
Steven’s kick from the centre skids past the contest at the hotspot, Billings is first back but snaps wide from 15m under pressure. (Q3 27:32)
Geary turns the ball over with a kick around the key at half forward, fast break Fremantle, Langdon passes to McCarthy who marks 20m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q3 29:35)
McCarthy had multiple teammates on for the Joe the Goose before that set shot. (Q3 29:35)
The Saints go coast to coast from the kick in up the guts, ending with Steven breaking tackles from Banfield and Hamling to grubber through from the hotspot! (Q3 31:13)
Nyhuis kicks from the last line but straight to Membrey near the hotspot, but as he has so often done this season, Membrey fluffs a straightforward set shot. (Q4 2:25)
Cerra gets a contact free on Geary going for a Mundy ball to 40m out on a slight angle, bit of an arm chop though it was soft. The kid boots his second goal to steady the ship. (Q4 4:08)
Clark feeds Steele sprinting from the next centre bounce to CHF but his running shot is wide. (Q4 5:09)
Brown intercepts on the wing and goes high to a big pack 40m out on a slight angle where Membrey flies and clunks it. The set shot is the difficult part… another miss. (Q4 6:38)
Langdon feeds Tucker for a snap off a step from 40m in the corridor, that is the goal to make the game safe. (Q4 12:40)
Technically there is time enough for St Kilda, but they just can’t kick straight enough to come from this far back. (Q4 12:55)
Billings marks a Steele centre clearance on the lead 40m out on the flank. His set shot is a terrible shank, but Hickey gets a blocking free on Johnson 15m out and goals! (Q4 14:20)
Tucker passes to Ryan 45m out on the flank, who hits the post. (Q4 18:54)
Mundy roves a long ball to the hotspot and gives wide to Langdon who misses. (Q4 19:54)
Cox gives to Matera who snaps the sealer from the hotspot after Coffield gets in trouble at half back. (Q4 21:21)
Matera turns provider to Cox who breaks a tackle and boots his first goal from 40m on a slight angle in the last minute. (Q4 26:24)

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