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Blog log from R7 of 2018: Brisbane vs Collingwood

Blog log for Brisbane vs Collingwood, R7 of 2018

De Goey misses from the HFF after a 50m penalty. (Q1 4:02)
Robinson gets a free for contact off the ball and kicks the first goal from 20m on the flank. (Q1 5:31)
Dunn it was who scragged IQ as they waited for a Martin inside 50 kick. (Q1 6:33)
Blair gives to Pendlebury who has an acre of space to waddle to 40m on a slight angle and pop through the first goal for Collingwood. (Q1 10:05)
Phillips passes to De Goey 50m out on a slight angle, who sails through a nice set shot. (Q1 11:44)
Hoskin-Elliott gives from the pocket to Varcoe who feeds Mayne for an easy goal from 10m. (Q1 18:43)
Zorko passes up the guts to the lead of Hipwood at true CHF, who had two steps on Dunn. Hipwood hoofs it OOTF by ten metres. (Q1 21:44)
McStay draws a holding free on Scharenberg contesting next to the goalsquare, he kicks the goal after a long period of repeat inside 50s for Brisbane. (Q1 25:41)
Pendlebury passes to Hoskin-Elliott 25m out on the flank, he chooses to pass which doesn’t work but eventually Howe gets a snap away from the HFF that goes through. (Q1 27:13)
Beams roves a Cameron contest to a short Zorko ball and screws through a nice finish from 20m on the flank. (Q1 28:18)
Hodge kicks blind from a pack but straight to Hoskin-Elliott 35m out on the flank. WHE chooses to shoot this time, but it’s wide, short and rushed. (Q1 31:04)
Sidebottom gives to Treloar after the first centre bounce of Q2, he has five yards’ space on Beams for a scooting run to CHF, snaps just before being caught… and goals. (Q2 0:17)
Varcoe goes long to Moore with two on him at the top of the square including Gardiner leaving his man, the crumb falls over the back where De Goey goals with ease. (Q2 1:24)
McInerney marks a long Allison ball over Scharenberg at the hotspot for an impressive goal, his first in the big league. (Q2 2:23)
Murray coughs the ball up by hand on the wing and suddenly there are Lions everywhere forward of the ball, Zorko has McCluggage over the back for the easy goal. (Q2 8:24)
Berry roves a pack at the hotspot and beats a tackle to snap truly. Lions back in t! (Q2 9:22)
Berry roves at the hotspot and gives to Taylor who screws through the go-ahead goal! Credit to Bailey for the contest and a nice tackle to set that up. (Q2 12:09)
Cox taps down to Thomas from a stoppage 35m out on the flank, Thomas screws through a nice goal to restore the Magpie lead. (Q2 14:55)
Mayne misses a mid-range snap. (Q2 16:20)
De Goey marks on the HFF and passes to Moore leading hard to the boundary 25m out. The big Magpie kicks a very nice drop punt through for his first goal. (Q2 19:40)
Thomas marks 40m out on a slight angle and kicks another one for the Pies. (Q2 24:25)
Andrews drops a sitter in defence 30m out on the flank, Thomas roves and screws through an opportunist goal. (Q2 26:26)
Martin bombs long from the next centre bounce, Zorko soccers a goal from the top of the square. (Q2 27:38)
Taylor rides a tackle 20m out and gives to Cameron to screw through the goal nearing HT. Lions hitting back. (Q2 31:38)
Taylor fluffs what should have been an easy volley goal from 5m out, but after Howe overruns it too he has time to butter up and kick the goal. (Q2 32:42)
Phillip kicks the first goal of Q3 from a pack at the hotspot after crumbing his own contest and breaking a Gardiner tackle. (Q3 4:07)
Taylor marks 40m out on a slight angle and goals to make good on work by Cameron up field. (Q3 5:24)
De Goey marks 40m out wide on the flank and threads the needle with a quality set shot. (Q3 7:22)
Mayne passes to De Goey 30m out on the flank, who misses. (Q3 10:32)
Cox marks an Adams pass 45m out on a slight angle for his first goal. (Q3 11:37)
Cameron passes to Zorko 40m out in front who goals to keep the Lions in it. (Q3 13:39)
Hipwood gives to Taylor who has only a moment to steady at the hotspot but misses a very gettable one. (Q3 17:26)
Varcoe receives from De Goey at half forward, has to snap on his left from 40m on a slight angle with a man on the line but gets it straight and long enough, big goal! (Q3 18:53)
Four-man pack on the HFF for Brisbane, the crumb falls over the back where Berry stayed to gather and give to Taylor to run down the line with a bounce and goal from 15m. (Q3 21:34)
Taylor roves a Hipwood contest to a long McStay ball to the pocket, he gives to Bailey who rides a tackle and goals from the square! Lions back within a kick. (Q3 24:23)
Treloar scoots to the HFF after a give from Murray at a stoppage on the wing and sits a ball up for Stephenson to use his height to mark over Rich 20m out in front and goal. (Q3 28:22)
Murray marks in relief at defensive hotspot and starts a quick switch play, De Goey marks 35m out on a slight angle for an important goal. (Q4 4:44)
Taylor does a one-two with Berry for a flying snap from 40m on a slight angle, but hits the post. (Q4 6:54)
Hoskin-Elliott is on his own 20m out to mark a Mayne ball, play on and goal despite a chase by McCluggage. (Q4 7:45)
Thomas feeds Sidebottom for a snap on the lope from 30m on the flank but it’s just narrow. (Q4 9:41)
Zorko puts his studs into the back of Phillips to take a screamer from a high Allison ball to the hotspot. He kicks truly. (Q4 11:16)
Blair feeds Treloar for a quick snap from the HFF which goes across the face. (Q4 13:12)
McInerney roves a pack 40m out on the flank and gives inside to Zorko who tries a checkside off a step… that’s his fourth goal! (Q4 17:58)
Two kicks in it, 7:07 to go. (Q4 17:58)
Rayner zooms onto the ball at the next centre bounce running from the back of the square, his long bomb to the square is marked by McStay for the goal! Kick in it. (Q4 19:20)
Appleby is pinged for a throw in a nest of Brisbane players 40m out on a slight angle, Martin gives off to Cameron who just misses. (Q4 20:48)
Christensen misses on the turn from 40m on the flank after a chaotic attack started by Martin from a stoppage on the wing. (Q4 21:59)
DeGoey stands tall to mark a Phillips ball in the pocket 20m out despite a challenge from behind by Gardiner. The Lions fans boo, he shuts them up with his fifth major. (Q4 23:00)
Rich goes long from the HFF after Rayner gives off, rushed behind, goal the difference with just over three minutes to go. (Q4 25:09)
Christensen gathers a loose ball on the HFF and gives to Rich who has four Lions waving arms inside, Forkie chooses captain Beams to shoot from 45m on a slight angle… goal! (Q4 25:41)
Scores level, 2:14 to go. (Q4 25:41)
Varcoe gives to Sidebottom who runs to 50m on a slight angle after the next centre bounce, he shanks, out for the throw in in the pocket, 1:50. (Q4 27:14)
Mayne soccers a behind from the resultant stoppage, Pies lead by that point, 1:35. (Q4 27:46)
McStay goes long from the HBF to Taylor on the wing, he kicks to Christensen who has heavy pressure and kicsk OOTF from the HFF. (Q4 28:41)
Cox marks on the wing, Phillips goes to De Goey in the pocket who is challenged but delivers a sensational handball to Stephenson to run into the open goal for the sealer! (Q4 29:02)

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