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Blog log from R7 of 2018: Adelaide vs Carlton

Blog log for Adelaide vs Carlton, R7 of 2018

Casboult splits the pack in the hotspot and the ball falls to McKay. He spreads it to Kreuzer who snaps from 30 to get the first for the Blues! (Q1 3:21)
A spearing pass bounces off the chest of Jenkins and the Crows work it out of their 50 to Laird. He shoots off a step from outside the arc and boots Adelaide’s first! (Q1 5:20)
Gibbs gets the centre clearance and goes long to the square. The ball bounces off hands to go over the back to the advantage of Jenkins. He runs onto it to tap in the goal. (Q1 6:05)
Mullett receives a free kick for a push against Fogarty. He lines up from 50 out on a slight angle and hits the post. (Q1 6:55)
Gibbs snaps around the body and finds a diving Fogarty who marks with pressure from Jones. From 30 out on the flank he shanks it for a behind. (Q1 10:16)
Jenkins goes inside 50 towards McGovern who marks with Jones and Mullett both attempting to spoil. His set shot from 40 drifts back nicely for a goal. (Q1 12:04)
Betts spoils a Jones kick meant for Rowe and puts a dinky kick into the hotspot to a line of Crows. Jenkins is the one to mark. His set shot is a goal. (Q1 14:19)
Douglas clears from a stoppage on the wing. His kick inside 50 goes to Lynch who is held by Mullett to receive the free. His set shot from 40 splits the middle. (Q1 17:10)
Adelaide work it from defence extremely well by foot. It ends with Fogarty spotting up McGovern on the lead in front of Rowe. His shot from 50 out on the flank is a beauty. (Q1 19:49)
O’Shea puts a high ball into the hotspot where Phillips gets a clear run at the footy. Talia comes in from the side but gives away the free. Phillips’ shot from 30 is a goal. (Q1 25:28)
The Crows run in numbers out of defence with Mackay providing the overlap. He then darts a pass onto the chest of a leading Jenkins. His set shot from 55 is a behind. (Q1 28:22)
Simpson turns it over with an ambitious kick coming out of defence. The Crows go back inside 50 and Betts collects the ground ball to snap a tidy goal! (Q1 29:44)
Following a stoppage in the Crows’ 50 Greenwood is paid a free for a hold against Cripps. From 40 out on the flank he steers it through. (Q2 2:18)
The Blues switch and work it well by foot with Curnow finding Graham inside 50. His kick falls short and is rushed through for a behind. (Q2 5:03)
Crouch turns it over in his defensive 50 with McKay intercepting a pass intended for Jacobs. From 30 out he puts it through. (Q2 5:33)
A scrum forms in front of the Carlton goal with the ball in dispute. It eventually releases to Dow who snaps his first career goal! (Q2 11:03)
Mullett sends a long kick toward goal where Casboult can’t hold the mark. It falls to Petrevski-Seaton in the pocket who tries to weave some magic but hits the post. (Q2 12:49)
The Crows turn over the kick in and Mullett snaps but the ball is touched before crossing the line. (Q2 13:16)
Curnow gets the clearance from a contest on the wing. He goes long to a McKay-Jenkins contest where McKay marks. His snap from 20 out in the pocket is a goal! (Q2 15:04)
Gallucci goes long to the pocket where Lynch protects the space and dives forward to mark against O’Shea. From 20 out he slots the goal. (Q2 17:37)
Thomas is taken high inside 50 and receives the free kick. He concedes slightly to get it into the hands of Mullett. His shot drops short but is marked by Casboult! He goals. (Q2 22:34)
Jones’ handball is smothered and falls to Greenwood. He takes a shot toward an open goal from 60 out. It bounces through for a behind. (Q2 28:32)
Adelaide gets the first centre clearance of the half. Fogarty is spoiled by Jones and the Crows work it by hand to Betts. Betts snaps from 30 and goals. (Q3 0:31)
A stoppage occurs deep in Adelaide’s forward line. Jacobs gets the tap down to Douglas who while being tackled, manages to squeeze out a snap.
(Q3 3:15)
The score is reviewed and is judged to have been touched by Kerridge. (Q3 3:45)
Jacobs intercepts the kick in 50 out from goal. He then spots up Douglass who marks 40 out on the flank. He goes back and makes sure of it this time. (Q3 4:54)
O’Shea goes into the hot spot where Cripps is paid a free kick for a hold against Laird. From 30 out he sprays the set shot for a behind. (Q3 12:50)
From a stoppage deep in the Blues 50 Cripps hands it out to Wright. He squeezes a shot out in traffic but misses. (Q3 14:16)
McGovern marks 50 out near to the boundary. He sends the footy to the goal square and Phillips punches it through. (Q3 14:49)
The Crows centre it inside 50 and the ball is punched to ground. It falls to Atkins who is in two minds. He ends up shooting from 40 but he hits the post. (Q3 16:46)
Carlton turns the ball over coming out of their defensive 50. Seedsman sends it to the hot spot where it goes to ground. It eventually pops out to Greenwood who snaps the goal. (Q3 18:48)
Doedee gets a 50 after O’Brien goes over the mark. He goes to Laird and who sends it to the hot spot where McGovern takes an absolute hanger! He duly converts from 20. (Q3 20:56)
Carlton control it from a throw in on the wing. Fisher handballs inside to Graham who launches a long bomb from 55 and goals! (Q3 24:01)
The Crows get the centre clearance and Jenkins marks deep in the pocket. He goes back and puts one around the corner to goal. (Q3 26:02)
Douglas goes long down the middle and finds McGovern who rises above Rowe and clunks another one. His set shot from 50 out on the flank is across the face for a behind. (Q3 27:17)
Jenkins marks in a mismatch against Kerridge 40 out against the boundary line. He goes around the corner again but puts it to the near side. (Q3 28:27)
Rowe gets outmarked by Douglas 40 out on the flank. Some push and shove breaks out after Rowe gives him one to go on with. His set shot goes right over the goal umpires hat. (Q3 31:19)
Jenkins marks against Jones and shoots from 50. It falls short and the clearing kick from O’Brien is poor, landing with Gibbs directly in front of goal. He slots it from 30. (Q4 3:49)
Following a turn over from O’Brien coming out of defence, McGovern marks 40 out against the boundary. He goes back and nails the set shot. (Q4 10:49)
A long ball is sent toward the Blues’ goal. Doedee slips over on the last line and the ball bounces in the opposite direction just crossing the line for a goal! Oops! (Q4 12:49)
Petrevski-Seton kicks it forward into the pocket. Carlton players push it toward goal, trying to find a chance but Adelaide allows it through for a behind. (Q4 14:55)
Greenwood beats 2 Carlton players in the pocket to bring the ball to ground. He feeds it out to Mackay who snaps from 15 out to add another goal. (Q4 15:50)
Douglas goes to the fat side to find Jacobs on the lead in front of Thomas. From 30 out on the flank he misses. (Q4 18:50)
Seedsman roves the throw in on his attacking 50 and takes a long shot from a tight angle. His shot drifts back but hits the post. (Q4 21:19)
Carlton go inside 50 and make a meal of it. Eventually Cripps is able to mark a Graham kick 20 out directly in front. His set shot is a shocker and hits the post. (Q4 22:51)
Wright marks 40 out on the flank. His set shot splits the middle as the Blues try to repair an unflattering margin. (Q4 25:06)
Fogarty marks 45 out on the flank. His set shot falls short and McGovern receives a dubious free kick for a block against Phillips. He snaps his fifth of the night. (Q4 27:44)
McGovern kicks a high snap from 40 out but it bangs into the post. (Q4 29:35)
Curnow puts through a consolation goal after working hard for the Blues all night. (Q4 30:51)

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