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Blog log from R6 of 2018: Fremantle vs West Coast

Blog log for Fremantle vs West Coast, R6 of 2018

Lycett feeds Redden who misses from 35m on the flank. (Q1 3:57)
Kennedy marks in front of Pearce 45m out on the flank for the first goal. (Q1 5:43)
Walters roves a McCarthy contest to a Fyfe centre clearance kick and rolls through a quality finish across the body from 40m on the flank. (Q1 6:58)
Langdon falls back and marks a long and quick McCarthy ball from the wing to near the hotspot behind two Eagle defenders. He kicks truly, Freo leads by that goal. (Q1 21:29)
Matera passes to Walters at half forward, Sheppard worries him out of it but it’s Matera who follows up to rove it himself and ram through the goal from 40m on the flank! (Q1 25:14)
McCarthy marks a Neale ball from the wing to the HFF, McGovern tackles him after kicking but for some reason the ump doesn’t pay 50, McCarthy misses from 45m. (Q1 26:46)
Langdon intercepts at much the same spot after the kick in, he also misses. (Q1 27:49)
Again the Eagles can’t clear half back on the kick in, Mundy has a snap from 30m on a slight angle and that one goes through, the crowd is pumping! (Q1 28:31)
A ruck free against Sandilands plus 50m bring Naitanui from the centre circle to the hotspot, but he misses. (Q2 1:10)
Darling stands tall in a pack at the top of the square to clunk a long Gaff ball, Wilson gives away 50m to ensure the goal. (Q2 1:44)
Fyfe clears from a stoppage on the wing to McCarthy who dives in front of Hurn to mark 40m out in the corridor. McCarthy kicks the goal. (Q2 4:29)
LeCras gets a set shot 40m out on the flank which he misses. (Q2 7:26)
Darling marks a Rioli pass near the hotspot but misses, much to the delight of the purple hordes. (Q2 8:14)
Pearce spoils Kennedy 30m out on the flank but straight down the throat of Darling who strolls into the open goal. (Q2 10:39)
Hill marks 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot starts on target but veers left late. (Q2 15:00)
LeCras gets a free on Blakely 45m out on a slight angle, this one he gets on target. (Q2 17:54)
Darling marks a quick Lycett bal from the HFF to the hotspot in front of the hapless Pearce, he boots goal number three to level the scores. (Q2 20:57)
Shuey bounces through a lovely finish from 50m on a slight angle after the Eagles boss the next centre bounce, Eagles hit the lead to make good on dominance around the ground. (Q2 22:30)
Kennedy misses a hurried snap from 15m as the West Coast pepper their goalface with inside 50s. (Q2 22:59)
Sandilands gets a holding free on Naitanui waiting for a Neale ball 40m out on the flank, crowd roars as they think they were hard done by in the first half. 211 misses. (Q3 0:52)
McCarthy is over the back of the Eagle defence near the hotspot for a quick Neale ball, he goals. (Q3 2:08)
Gaff toepokes from a stoppage in defence but straight to Wilson just inside 50m on the flank. Wilson doesn’t score. (Q3 4:21)
Cerra passes from half forward, it’s a shank but luckily falls for Neale who feeds Tucker to checkside the goal from the hotspot to give Freo the lead back. (Q3 6:11)
Lycett sets up Waterman for a running shot from 40m on a slight angle, that one sails through to restore the Eagle lead. (Q3 7:10)
Rioli snaps from a pack in the pocket, did Fyfe get a finger on it with a dive in the square? Video review, correctly ruled a behind. (Q3 9:42)
Sandilands marks on the HFF but turns the ball over with a pass when the shot was on, Kennedy marks up the other end and kicks a big goal from the pocket. (Q3 11:51)
Matera intercepts Yeo on the Freo HFF and passes inboard to Wilson 50m out on a slight angle. Wilson misses. (Q3 14:37)
Langdon goes back with the flight to mark just inside CHF, Cole clips him late but no 50m penalty, Langdon plays on around Cole on the mark and goals from 40m! (Q3 16:08)
Pettrucelle sharks a telegraphed Johnson handball in midfield and the Eagles are off to the races, Waterman is over the back for the Joe the Goose special by Cripps for a big goal. (Q3 18:37)
Hurn passes short to Redden 35m out on the flank after a series of repeat inside 50s for West Coast. Redden kicks straight as a die. (Q3 24:32)
Tucker smothers on the wing, Crowden mops up and passes to Ballantyne who gets a 50m penalty for Hurn spoiling very late to bring him near the hotspot for a pressure goal. (Q3 27:07)
Duman roves the kick in and passes to Mundy to mark in front of Shuey 40m out on a slight angle just before the 3QT siren. The Fremantle captain misses. (Q3 30:52)
Cripps misses a tough set shot from a tight angle. (Q4 4:03)
Sheed has a running shot from 40m on the flank and extends the Eagle lead with a goal, his first. (Q4 4:03)
McGovern spoils a rebound kick to McCarthy on the wing, butters up and passes to Waterman 45m out on the flank. Waterman’s set shot is a boomer, but goes left. (Q4 10:02)
McCarthy feeds Brayshaw for a running shot from 35m on the flank, that one sails through for his first goal in senior footy to keep the Dockers in touch. (Q4 11:22)
Redden gives to Yeo running down the flank for a running shot from 35m, the Eagles keep nailing those and that’s another! (Q4 17:43)
Gaff passes to Kennedy near the boundary 40m out on a classic kick-mark Eagles attack around the outer wing. JJK threads the needle, that’s probably the sealer with 7:05 to play! (Q4 19:47)
McCarthy catches Barrass HTB on the wing and goes long to the hotspot, Fyfe can’t mark but gets a high contact free on Redden… then misses. Dockers aren’t winning this one. (Q4 22:01)
Fyfe roves a McCarthy contest at the hotspot and gives to Ballantyne who kicks a trademark goal from the pocket 25m out. (Q4 24:04)
Shuey runs down the wing, reaches the HFF and goes long to the square, Rioli is spoiled but keeps his feet to butter up and snap but Hamling gets a finger to it, behind! 3:52. (Q4 27:17)
Blakely finds Fyfe to mark in front of Yeo 45m out on the flank. Fyfe shows a distinct lack of self-confidence on the set shot, and it drops to be rushed. (Q4 29:34)
Eagles start some tempo behind the wing, too late for the charge now. (Q4 29:47)
Waterman gives to LeCras who misses from 30m on the flank, time has gone now for Fremantle. (Q4 30:19)
Tucker goals on the turn from 15m on the flank after a feed by Banfield from the pocket, 1:03 to go and two kicks in it, still practically impossible. (Q4 31:32)
Ball goes to the wing after the centre clearance, Blakely gives away 50m to Cripps to ice the game for the Eagles. (Q4 32:34)

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