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Blog log from R6 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Brisbane, R6 of 2018

Zac Langdon gets the first goal of the game after some lucky high contact in the goalsquare from Cutler as he came past for an attempted spoil. (Q1 1:35)
Langdon bursts through a contest at the tip of the square to give to Coniglio, but Cogniglio’s quick shot is deemed touched by the review system. (Q1 4:25)
Bailey receives from McCluggage and kicks over to space for Rayner to run to and he marks. His shot from 40 on a slight angle misses for a behind. (Q1 7:09)
Corr fumbles in the goalsquare, allowing for McInerney to attempt a soccering goal but he hits the post! Behind to the Lions. (Q1 8:31)
McInerney gives off to Hipwood but his shot from 40 is very rushed and misses for a behind. (Q1 12:32)
Finlayson unloads a monster kick from 60 out on the run directly in front, but McStay floats in at the last second to get a fist on it before it crosses the line. (Q1 14:00)
Shiel escapes from congestion with the ball in hand and sees Cameron by his lonesome 35 out. He pops the ball over and Cameron strolls in for an easy goal. (Q1 16:01)
Beams gathers in the middle and sends a low ball into the forward 50 which Taylor marks on his chest 35 out from goal. He misses to the left despite little angle. (Q1 17:46)
GWS plan poorly coming out of defense, and Beams intercepts the kick in easily almost 50 out from goal directly in front. Kicking from just outside the arc, he misses. (Q1 18:45)
Shiel gathers the ball after a spoil in GWS’s forward 50 and hands it off to Deledio on the boundary line for a nice goal on the harsh angle from 25 out. (Q1 21:00)
Shiel gets involved again as he shares a one-two handball combination with Shipley at centre half forward before running into the 50 and missing from directly in front. (Q1 22:01)
Reid plays quarterback to some congestion on the 50 arc for GWS’s goal before unloading a high ball that is punched over the line for a rushed behind. (Q1 24:46)
Robertson just smashes a high ball to the boundary in defensive 50 which Taranto muscles out McCluggage to mark. His shot on the sharp angle gets rushed for a behind. (Q1 30:00)
Lloyd takes a long shot for goal, but again the shot falls short and the young Lions talls get back in for another spoil and rushed behind. (Q2 3:49)
Langdon snaps around the body in the pocket looking to centre it to Patton, but the Lions defense works hard to ensure the behind is rushed. (Q2 5:23)
Charlie Cameron spills a chest mark 45 out from goal, but re gathers the ball and centres to Bailey in a better position. from 40 with no angle he misses to the right hand side. (Q2 7:38)
Dayne Beams runs back with the fight of the ball with some strong courage to mark in front of Finlayson 45 out from goal. After gathering himself up he slots it through. (Q2 11:49)
Shipley gets on the receiving end of a Giants surge into the forward line, but his running shot from the pocket misses to the left hand side of goal. (Q2 15:52)
Lloyd gets his fifth goal of the season after Shipley delivers to him on the chest 35 out from goal on a small angle. GWS 21 in front. (Q2 21:34)
Tomlinson grabs the ball out of a boundary throw in and weaves himself through the traffic before slotting a goal from 30 out. (Q2 24:50)
Jacob Allison fumbles the ball in the pocket trying to intercept a Giants push, which allows de Boer to steal it off him and run along the boundary to slot it from 15 out. (Q2 29:35)
Cameron marks on the boundary 60 metres out and pops it up for a lovely pack mark from McStay on the edge of the square. McStay runs around to open the angle and goals. (Q3 1:44)
Whitfield shanks an attempt at goal from 55, but Andrews gives away a free for a push to Himmelberg 10 metres out for an easy goal. (Q3 5:32)
De Boer marks at centre half forward and goes with the turn and go to Hopper alone in the pocket 20 metres out from goal. The sharp angle proves no problem and he goals. (Q3 17:29)
Robinson kicks from 65 to a contest just outside the goalsquare. McCluggage takes it after a spoil and hands off to Bailey for a shot but the ball is touched. (Q3 21:16)
Berry sneaks forward of the ball inside 50 to receive a chip kick and chips it again over to Taylor 20m out who then runs around the mark to snap the Brisbane goal. (Q3 23:14)
Whitfield weaves in and out of congestion in the attacking 50 before handing off to Shiel who loads up the boot from 40 right in front. He misses. (Q3 24:33)
Hipwood gets the ball after the Lions chase down Shaw and pounce on it to release him via hands for a monstrous goal from 55 off three steps. (Q3 25:46)
Whitfield makes a contest with Rich just outside the attacking 50, which allows Lloyd to take a long bomb at the open goals but his shot falls wide for a behind. (Q3 27:16)
Witherden delivers on the rebound to the open Rich 45 out from goal. He lines up with a small angle but misses to the left of goal. (Q3 28:15)
Corr receives a Cameron handball just outside 50 and uses it smartly, chipping to Coniglio 35 out. His shot on almost no angle misses. (Q4 3:21)
Whitfield comes across for a mark, intercepting the Lions’ rebound to line up and complete the seven point play from a set shot 50 metres out on a 45 degree angle. (Q4 4:06)
Rayner roves the ball from a boundary throw in and has a quick one two with Taylor before dishing to Witherden who launches from outside 50 but misses to the right. (Q4 7:19)
Himmelberg dives for a mark inside 50, but misses despite low difficulty, and Hopper follows suit with a rushed snap after the kick in. (Q4 9:06)
Both teams are getting tired, and GWS seems complacent in their margin it seems with Brisbane’s lack of good delivery to their forwards. (Q4 10:07)
After a spectacular leap in the goalsquare, Charlie Cameron manages to sneak a boot on to the ball and come away with a soccer goal through heavy traffic. (Q4 14:08)
Christensen gets taken high by Taranto almost 50 out from goal on a 45 degree angle. He hands over to the running Rich but the shot is rushed through via a spoil. (Q4 16:07)
Oscar McInerney has an opportunity for goal, but his injured shin flares up so he hands off to Zorko for a bomb that gets rushed by Davis’ punch. (Q4 20:37)
GWS rebound immediately and get it into the hands of Cameron for a long set shot opportunity, but his shot falls to the left hand side of the goals. (Q4 21:36)
Griffen outmarks Taylor 55 out from goal, and takes him on magnificently, weaving his way past to score a running goal from 50 on a 45 degree angle. (Q4 22:37)
Patton has his own shot from the same place Griffen kicked his goal earlier, but his shot floats left to right and hits the post. (Q4 24:24)
Tomlinson kicks in front of Whitfield for him to run on to in the forward 50, but the kick has too much on it and rolls through for a behind. (Q4 26:22)
Bailey delivers to Zorko who marks 40 out with not much angle. His set shot sprays to the right and goes through for a behind. (Q4 27:51)

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