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Blog log from R4 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Melbourne

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Melbourne, R4 of 2018

O’Meara forces the ball forward from the opening bounce, Breust collects the loose ball, balances himself and slots the first goal of the game. (Q1 0:33)
Garlett hands to Hogan who snaps from the pocket but misses across the face. (Q1 2:33)
Brayshaw kicks long for goal and Hardwick gives away a free kick in the goal square for holding Kent. Kent from directly in front kicks the Dees’ first. (Q1 4:31)
Salem scraps a ball long inside 50 and Kent marks 40m out directly in front. His set shot is a goal. (Q1 5:58)
Fritsch kicks long to Hogan whose mark is spoiled by Sicily but Hogan recovers to wheel onto his right and slot a great goal from 50m out. (Q1 10:14)
Brayshaw hands to Kent who loads up from outside 50 and slots a terrific long goal. (Q1 11:27)
O’Meara kicks forward into an open forward line where Henderson runs onto it and dribbles a kick towards goal but misses to the left. (Q1 15:59)
Melbourne fail to rush the ball through effectively and Gunston capitalises by soccering through a goal. (Q1 21:43)
Melbourne transition from defence to attack seamlessly with great skill. It ends with a Salem mark 40m from goal. Salem’s set shot sails through for the Dees’ fifth of the quarter. (Q1 29:06)
Long ball into the Hawthorn forward line where Lever makes a good contest but Breust pounces on the loose ball and snaps another goal. (Q1 32:20)
Smith running forward of the wing kicks low and finds Breust 40m out on a challenging angle. Breust goes back and kicks a nice goal. (Q2 2:49)
Melksham roves the contest front and centre and takes a flying shot on goal but misses to the left. (Q2 10:03)
Long ball into the Hawks’ forward line and it gets out the back where Puopolo is first to get a foot the ball to soccer through a goal. (Q2 10:48)
Bugg wins the ball 55m from goal, runs to 50 and loads up but it bounces through for a behind. (Q2 13:04)
Roughead marks 55m from goal and Kent arrives late to knock the ball away, giving away a 50m penalty. Roughead from point blank range kicks the goal. (Q2 24:18)
Garlett collects on the bounce outside the goal square, quickly kicks at goal and misses to his left. Rushed the kick, there, had more time than he realised. (Q2 26:15)
Sicily slams a ball forward and Breust is able to run away from Lewis who is exposed for leg speed, for an easy goal. (Q3 5:04)
Roughead puts the ball to the top of the square and it gets out the back to Smith who snaps a goal. (Q3 12:58)
Shiels breaks away from the stoppage and kicks to O’Brien who broke away from Vince. O’Brien from 35m out directly in front kicks truly. (Q3 19:12)
Smith wins a free for holding 45m from goal. He goes back and kicks truly to kick the Hawks’ 11th goal. (Q3 24:15)
Gunston marks 55m out, has limited options so runs to 50m, loads up and kicks a fantastic goal. (Q4 4:32)
Salem wins a free 50m out, quickly plays on and spots Neal-Bullen 30m out. Neal-Bullen from directly in front kicks the goal. (Q4 7:07)
Breust tight on the boundary kicks centrally to Roughead who marks 35m out directly in front. Roughead goals. (Q4 12:51)
Lewis has his kick smothered and O’Meara takes advantage by snapping a goal from 35m out. (Q4 18:17)
O’Brien marks 50m out, goes back for the set shot and gets all of it as it sails through for another Hawthorn goal. (Q4 25:20)
Hawthorn immediately get another one via a centre clearance and Breust sneaking out the back for a smart goal. (Q4 26:05)

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