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Blog log from R2 of 2018: Collingwood vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Collingwood vs Western Sydney, R2 of 2018

Shiel roves a Howe drop at the hotspot and gives to Scully who snaps truly off the right boot across the body. (Q1 1:04)
Grundy gives to Crisp who misses on the run from the HFF. (Q1 2:47)
Lobb gives away a ruck free to Grundy 45m out on the flank from the Magpie goals, Grundy sails it right through. (Q1 5:45)
Phillips is caught high by Ward 50m out on a slight angle, his kick to Moore leading from the square pitches behind and rolls through! (Q1 9:20)
A lull as Broomhead is stretchered off. (Q1 10:45)
Shiel clears from the next centre bounce to Cameron 40m out on a slight angle, Howe powerless to stop it. Jezza boots his first goal. (Q1 15:17)
Moore taps down a Whitfield pass across half back, Varcoe mops up and gives back to him for a goal from 25m. (Q1 17:31)
Lloyd snaps a goal from the pocket after Tomlinson roves a Lobb contest and gives behind the pack. (Q1 21:01)
Sam Reid passes to Tomlinson to mark 40m out on the flank, who kicks truly to give the Giants the lead. (Q1 26:16)
Thomas rolls a snap from 45m on a slight angle for a behind. (Q1 27:50)
Pendlebury is in ruck with Patton 40m out on a slight angle from the Giants goals for some reason, he gives away a free but Patton sprays it OOTF. (Q1 30:31)
Lloyd gathers a bouncing Shiel ball on the HFF, he tries a low-percentage snap from 40m but shoots OOTF. (Q2 2:53)
Shiel gives to Coniglio deep in the pocket, he also tries a low-percentage snap from the boundary 25m out, did he thread the needle? Video review, it’s a sensational goal! (Q2 6:26)
Himmelberg gathers a long Kelly ball and runs into the open goal after Crisp looked to have marked in the centre, spoil by de Boer was fairly late. Pie fans boo lustily. (Q2 11:36)
Thomas wins a hard footy in a pack 20m out on the flank, breaks a tackle and snaps a strong goal! (Q2 14:52)
The Pie forwards swarm on a ground footy on the HFF, Stephenson pokes a kick down the line and it’s Thomas who is Johnny on the spot 20m out for the mark… but he misses. (Q2 16:52)
Scharenberg burns the footy by foot off the HBF to Coniglio, who goes quickly to his man Himmelberg just inside 50m on a slight angle. Himmelberg misses. (Q2 18:36)
Kelly goes long from the wing to Cameron who gets a holding free on Scharenberg 40m out on the flank. But Jezza kicks OOTF. (Q2 22:57)
Tomlinson misses Patton at CHF and hits Howe instead, quick rebound ends with Adams going to Crocker on the HFF, who doesn’t score. (Q2 24:51)
Treloar, who has been very quiet all game, gets a loose footy outside a pack in the pocket after a Thomas tackle on Deledio and screws through a fantastic snap from 20m. (Q2 26:11)
Himmelberg drops an easy mark to stuff up what should have been a certain goal for GWS, no score results as the Pie fans roar and the black and white press descends. (Q2 28:39)
Treloar catches Taranto HTB on the wing, the Magpies switch with Aish finding Varcoe near the hotspot, he goals to give Collingwood the lead. (Q3 3:29)
Treloar runs into the open goal to further extend the Pie lead! (Q3 5:55)
Aish kicks from a pack on the HFF across goal, Crocker gets a holding free on Davis who was all over him 15m out in the opposite pocket. But Crocker misses. (Q3 7:35)
Giles-Langdon is behind the Collingwood defence for a long Whitfield ball to space at the hotspot to gather and goal, set up by an excellent kick from the HBF by Cameron. (Q3 10:35)
Cameron marks a Ward ball on the boundary 20m out, and screws through a quality set shot for a goal. (Q3 13:10)
Kelly converts a set shot from 15m out on the flank, suddenly it’s the Giants out by a couple of kicks. (Q3 17:10)
Varcoe misses a set shot from deep in the pocket. (Q3 18:23)
Lobb gives away another ruck free inside 50 to Grundy, this one for a push in the back 25m out on a slight angle. Grundy kicks truly. (Q3 21:01)
de Boer is paid a mark from a very short kick under pressure by Himmelberg from near CHF to the hotspot. He goals, just. (Q3 23:25)
Aish centres from the pocket, Crocker has best position and bodies de Boer out to mark on his chest at the hotspot. He goals to bring the Magpies within a goal nearing 3QT. (Q3 27:35)
Two Giants against Hoskin-Elliott going for a Grundy ball to the pocket, the crumb falls to the front where WHE gathers and shoots from the impossible angle… narrow. (Q3 29:26)
Cameron’s kick to the HBF is intercepted by Phillips who blazes away for a behind. (Q3 30:11)
Crisp picks up a loose ball and snaps a goal from 45m on a slight angle after a calamitous kick by Ward across the backline is spoiled by Aish. Pies in front! (Q4 2:22)
Aish gets a free for de Boer falling into his back at a ball up at the Pie hotspot, he goals as well and the black and white army are up and about! (Q4 5:07)
Grundy grabs the ball out of ruck in the pocket but snaps OOTF. (Q4 6:45)
Whitfield has Coniglio in space on the HFF, he baulks to 35m and chips an important goal. Credit to Sam Reid on the wing for a crucial contested win. (Q4 9:23)
Tomlinson bombs long up the guts to the hotspot where Coniglio is one out with Tom Langdon, the Giant wins the battle to mark and goal. Giants in the lead again! (Q4 10:39)
Patton passes to Kelly just inside 50m on the flank. Kelly goes back for the set shot, it’s off hands towards the goal line, Himmelberg is there but Tom Langdon touches it through! (Q4 14:08)
Patton roves at half forward, runs to 45m on a slight angle and shoots OOTF. (Q4 14:23)
Cameron marks 35m out on the flank, another difficult shot location for the Giants and another miss. (Q4 15:50)
Whitfield sharks in the pocket but his bouncing snap is rushed by Dunn. (Q4 17:53)
Whitfield marks a Deledio ball on the HFF, his pass inside is errant but it falls luckily for Giles-Langdon to rove and goal near the hotspot! (Q4 18:31)
6:54 at the next bounce, two kicks in it the Giants’ way. (Q4 18:31)
Stephenson marks in front of Finlayson on the HFF and sends a low bullet to the lead of Hoskin-Elliott in front of Davis near the hotspot. WHE goals, Pies still in it! (Q4 21:23)
Whitfield screws through a snap across the body after a stoppage at half forward and a feed by Giles-Langdon. 3:58 to go, very tough for Collingwood now. (Q4 23:38)
Stoppage on the wing, 3:30. (Q4 24:09)
Another one, 3:21. (Q4 24:38)
Pendlebury starts teh attack, it’s indirect and eventually Thomas turns the ball over to Sam Reid. (Q4 24:38)
The Giants play tempo as the clock ticks under 2:30. (Q4 24:38)
Treloar loses the handle on a rebound through midfield, de Boer’s quick kick lands in the hands of Cameron 40m out in the corridor. Jezza seals it with a goal. (Q4 24:38)

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