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Blog log from P1 of 2018: Essendon vs Richmond

Blog log for Essendon vs Richmond, P1 of 2018

Saad runs up the guts and kicks a goal from outside CHF with his first for the new club.
Smith receives outside a pack and snaps truly from 30m on the flank. (Q1 5:16)
Grigg marks a short Townsend pass at CHF and sails through the first Tiger goal. (Q1 11:50)
Edwards sits behind a big pack at the top of the square to mark a long Riewoldt ball on his chest, turn and goal. (Q1 13:36)
Caddy gets the next goal for Richmond from close range. (Q1 20:07)
Townsend joins the party with his first goal from mid range. (Q1 22:46)
Bolton is down over the back to rove a long ball to Riewoldt in the square, easy goal. (Q2 3:16)
McKenna misses a long-range snap. (Q2 3:16)
Riewoldt converts himself this time after a stoppage in the pocket. (Q2 9:09)
Cotchin pilfers a Zaharakis handball at half forward, bursts away and goals from 35m. (Q2 9:09)
Townsend gets a soft free on the line for a charity goal. (Q2 18:40)
McDonald-Tipungwuti passes to Begley at the hotspot for a rare Dons goal. (Q2 21:25)
Martin kicks the first goal of Q3 after the Tigers apply pressure to force a turnover at half forward. (Q3 1:21)
Cotchin marks a long Butler ball in the pocket and goes back to Castagna for the goal from 25m. (Q3 2:36)
Edwards is on the end of a Harlem Globetrotters move with the ball going though half a dozen sets of Tiger hands before a snap from 20m. (Q3 5:34)
After Long gets caught in possession, Martin goes long from the wing to the hotspot for Riewoldt who misses. (Q3 6:59)
Bolton draws a man at half forward and gives to McIntosh for a goal from 40m. (Q3 9:50)
Higgins misses a flying snap from the HFF. (Q3 11:50)
McKernan marks at the top of the square and goals. (Q3 16:45)
Graham bullocks his way through a pack at CHF and goals from the hotspot like he’s shelling peas. Not much of a contest, this one. (Q3 18:27)
Corey Ellis dives and marks a short Martin ball from the pocket to the hotspot for another one. (Q3 20:04)
Short lines up for his bonbonieri, it’s a goal from the HFF. (Q3 24:21)
Caddy marks a centring ball outside the hotspot and goals. Temperature of play is down, even as the actual temperature stays high. (Q4 6:21)
Riewoldt performs a party trick tapping a loose ball around the boundary in the pocket for Bolton to goal from the square. (Q4 10:18)
McKernan marks near the behind post and checksides a goal. (Q4 12:45)
Butler misses from traffic near the hotspot. (Q4 15:31)
Chol takes a margarita from the tray with a goal from 35m on the flank after marking and playing on. (Q4 17:00)

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