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Blog log from R20 of 2017: Fremantle vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Fremantle vs Gold Coast, R20 of 2017

Sexton gains the first major for his Gold Coast Suns. There was a late advantage call and Alex made the most of it, sliding it through from the top of the square! (Q1 2:00)
The Suns move it wide to Sexton, Alex gaining possession at half forward. He easily steps by Pearce, before finding Wright on the lead. Peter goals from 35 from the slight! (Q1 5:36)
Suban sends it out the back as the Dockers power to their first forward opportunity. However, Grey is unable to gather and the kick bounces through for a minor. (Q1 8:09)
Grey wobbles the kick to the deepest forward in Kersten, Shane marking opposed by McKenzie. Shane shoots from 50 on the flank and hits the post. (Q1 8:51)
Kersten breaks down the Gold Coast defence with a strong lead up through the middle of the ground. He flicks to Suban and Nick off to McCarthy. Cam settles and goals from 35! (Q1 12:06)
Crozier darts the pass onto the chest of the leading Cox, Brennan marking on the sharp angle. He shoots from 45 and misses to the far side. (Q1 12:51)
Ballantyne belts the pass to the unmarked Crozier through the corridor. Hayden misses the target but the pill falls to Suban. Nick links with Crozier and Hayden goals from 25! (Q1 14:36)
Fyfe knocks it out of congestion to the pacing Tucker, anticipating ahead of the contest. Darcy receives, takes one step and launches from 45. He misses to the near side. (Q1 15:42)
Lynch gives away the free kick in the one on one against Hamling, for holding in the marking contest. Tom nails the set shot with the snap from deep in the pocket! (Q1 21:17)
Fyfe marks across half forward, just beyond his distance outside the attacking arc. He flicks off to the speeding former Hawk in Hill. Brad shoots from 45 and misses. (Q1 24:36)
Lynch sent the pill long to the leading Wright, Peter reaching out and taking the pill ahead of Johnson. He nails the major from 35 on the slight, his second! (Q1 25:36)
Neale considers the options from the half forward position and reliably sends the pill onto the chest of the leading McCarthy. Cam converts truly from 45 on the slight! (Q1 29:51)
The Dockers have the first of the second. Stephen Hill reads it off a number of arms and legs through the thick congestion. He gathers, spins on a dime and hooks it through! (Q2 1:55)
McCarthy worked McKenzie up the ground and then lost him on the way back. Fyfe found him out the back unopposed. Cam shoots from 45 on the flank and misses. (Q2 6:49)
Brady Grey launches the pill into the attacking arc in the contest between Kersten and May. Shane won it at ground level, turned around and hammered it through from 40! (Q2 9:26)
Fyfe, Sutcliffe and McCarthy link through the middle of Domain Stadium with Cam finding his namesake out the back. The former Giant finished from close range! (Q2 11:33)
Mundy is found unmarked centrally by Crozier, as the Dockers continue to pour on pressure within the forward fifty. David marks, lines up and bangs it through from 45 on the flank! (Q2 12:33)
McCarthy takes the lead up mark across half forward and urgently sends the pill inside the attacking arc, finding Mundy. David marks and misses from 45 on the boundary. (Q2 21:22)
Schoenfeld lasers the pass to leading Lynch ahead of Johnson. Hamling provides the unexpected high quality spoil, however the ball pops to MacPherson. He gathers and snaps truly! (Q2 28:28)
Hanley thuds it onto the chest of the resting Schoenfeld, the youngster marking inside the attacking arc as the Suns enjoy a late surge. Josh misses from 50 on the slight. (Q2 29:28)
Lachie Neale towels up Pearce Hanley and the decision is duly awarded. Neale lines up the set shot, pressed up on the boundary line, and he splits the middle with his 20th touch! (Q3 2:51)
Neale kicks it with the outside of his right peg and finds Cox ahead of the undersized Ablett. Brennan shoots from 40 on the flank, but misses to the near side. (Q3 6:29)
Rosa thumps it to the unmarked Lynch and although he received contact from Hamling, the Suns captain was able to hang on. Tom shoots from 40 on the flank and he splits the middle! (Q3 9:04)
Hanley builds the play off half back with trademark pace. A number of Suns link by hand and foot before finding their captain on the hard lead. Tom misses from 50 to the right. (Q3 10:50)
Saad intercepts across half forward and Adam chips the pass to the leading Wright. Peter marks and nabs his third from 40 on the slight! (Q3 12:34)
Grant receives the free kick after Johnson tripped up the former Bulldog as he attempted to lead. Jarrad shoots from 40 on the slight and he misses to the left hand side. (Q3 15:00)
The Dockers get one against the run of play! Fyfe forces the ball to ground in the two on one. McCarthy roves and sends it out the back to Ballantyne. Hayden gathers and goals! (Q3 17:35)
Fyfe takes a strong grab just outside the arc and outside Nathan’s range. The former Brownlow medallist assesses the options and finds McCarthy on the lead. Cam misses from 35. (Q3 19:33)
Tucker to Sutcliffe by foot as Darcy sends the Dockers through the corridor. Harbrow runs off Griffin and Jon is able to mark out the back. He finishes with ease from close range! (Q3 22:15)
Pearce wins it at the coalface and launches out of the stoppage with a swirling banana. McCarthy reads it best, pacing to the back of the pack. He goals with the volley! (Q3 25:35)
Brennan Cox links through the wing and receives back within scoring range. The hard running forward launches goalward and misses to the right hand side. (Q3 27:15)
Lynch grabs a key major milliseconds before the three quarter time siren. Hughes was unable to gather off the deck. Wright gathered, MacPherson sent it forward and Tom finished! (3 Qtr Time)
Griffin knocks it forward via the deep pocket stoppage. Fyfe runs onto it and the champion onballer throws it on his boot with the snap. His effort misses to the near side. (Q4 5:13)
Martin’s attempted mark grazes the turf and everyone, bar the umpire, appears unaware. Hill applies the tackle and the ball is forced forward. Brad Hill’s shot is touched from 25. (Q4 7:29)
Grant, MacPherson and Hanley combine as the Suns move it from the half forward flank to scoring range. Pearce pulls the shot across his body and sends it through from 50! (Q4 15:41)
Weller builds the play with an exquisite corridor pass. Fyfe is the recipient and he combines with Brad Hill. Brad dabs the pass to the leading Ballantyne. Hayden marks and misses. (Q4 21:51)
The Dockers add a little icing to the cake! Brad Hill sends them inside fifty. Scrimshaw falls to ground, Kersten gathers and goals from point blank range! (Q4 25:26)
Saad runs at a 45 degree angle to the attacking goal and he chips the effort to the unmarked Sexton. Alex marks and provides Gold Coast with the late consolation from 35! (Q4 27:40)

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