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Blog log from R19 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Richmond

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Richmond, R19 of 2017

Suns get a goal within 10 seconds as Martin wins a clearance, Miller gathers at the 50m mark, throws it on the boot and it spirals through! (Q1 2:51)
Long ball into the Suns’ forward line where Martin crumbs and hands to Rosa who snaps another goal. Two in a minute for GC. (Q1 3:49)
McIntosh marks on the wing and spears a kick to Rioli 40m out tight on the boundary. Rioli goes back and slots it. Cracking start to this contest. (Q1 4:18)
Ainsworth intercepts a Rance handball on the wing and chips to Wright on the lead who marks 35m out on a slight angle. He goes back and kicks the goal. (Q1 6:33)
Martin pumps the ball long into the Richmond forward line where Rioli crumbs, straightens up and has a shot on goal but misses badly to the left. (Q1 8:31)
The ball bobbles around in the Richmond forward line without anyone able to take possession until Rioli gathers and runs into an open goal. (Q1 11:49)
Houli hands to Butler 55m out who finds Caddy on the lead from full forward 35m out directly in front. He misses. (Q1 16:06)
Edwards off one stop 70m out spots Rioli in amongst 3 Suns with a pinpoint pass. Rioli goes back from 30m out and kicks the goal. (Q1 22:58)
Rioli cleverly taps to Nankervis who has an easy shot for goal from 30m out but he rushes it and misses to the left. (Q1 23:33)
Miller kicks centrally inside 50 where McIntosh spills a mark and Lynch capitalises to snap a goal from 35m out. (Q1 25:23)
Rioli hands to Caddy who finds Grigg 35m out directly in front. Grigg goes back and splits the difference to put Richmond in front. (Q2 1:04)
Grigg scraps the ball forward to Nankervis in the goal square who pushes Spencer out and runs into an open goal. (Q2 2:24)
Ellis hands to Nankervis who burns Caddy in space, has a kick on goal instead, and luckily slots it for his 2nd of the quarter. (Q2 7:54)
Butler tight on the boundary line kicks the ball high and centrally where Caddy marks on his chest 25m out directly in front. He goals. (Q2 9:49)
Lemmens gives away a holding free on Castagna 25m out directly in front. Castagna stabs at the set shot and misses to the right. (Q2 21:05)
Saad is held onto by Broad after releasing a handball and receives a 50m penalty which takes him to 40m from goal. He kicks for goal and slots it. (Q2 22:31)
McIntosh has a set shot from 50m out which falls short and Nankervis manages to rove and kick the goal from point blank range. (Q2 26:56)
Hall shows some composure and spots Swallow 45m out who opts to give to Fiorini 40m out on a 45 degree angle. He goals. (Q3 5:00)
Ainsworth roves from Wright 70m out and uses his left to find Jack Martin 40m out on a 45 degree angle. Martin goes back and kicks truly. (Q3 9:00)
Rioli outmarks Scrimshaw in the pocket and then decides to pass to Martin 35m out almost directly in front. Martin misses to the left. (Q3 15:01)
Martin marks strongly 70m from goals and finds Castagna 30m out with a bullet-like pass. Castagna misses badly with the set shot. (Q3 18:36)
Cotchin wins a free 40m from goal thanks to a kicking in danger free against Miller. Cotchin goes back and kicks the goal. Richmond kicking away now. (Q3 21:01)
Rischitelli has a hack kick out of the stoppage and it falls to Lynch who was in front of Astbury. Lynch converts from 20m out directly in front. (Q3 22:43)
Hall turns the ball over in the middle of the ground to Ellis who kicks long where Martin marks strongly against Saad 30m from goal. Martin goals. (Q3 25:55)
Soldo taps down to Cotchin who throws the ball on his boot and narrowly misses the goal. (Q4 1:13)
Rosa kicks long to Lonergan who nudges Astbury out and runs into an open goal. (Q4 9:50)
Ellis runs through the middle of the ground and hits Castagna on the chest 40m out directly in front. Castagna kicks truly on the set shot. (Q4 12:14)
Lambert under pressure on the boundary kicks inboard where Ellis marks strongly overhead. Ellis from 30m out directly in front kicks the goal. (Q4 18:44)
Lonergan kicks to the top of the square where Lynch shoves Nankervis under the ball and marks easily. He kicks truly. (Q4 22:14)
Swallow penalised for a deliberate rushed behind. Lambert takes the free from a difficult angle and misses to the far side. (Q4 26:56)
Castagna puts his head over the ball and Joyce bumps him high. Castagna has a set shot from 35m out directly in front and just sneaks it in for a goal. (Q4 28:49)

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