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Blog log from R17 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Collingwood

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Collingwood, R17 of 2017

Lynch and Goldsack battle it out at the hotspot with Tyson forcing the pill to ground. Lyons soccers off the bounce and sends it through from the pocket! (Q1 3:37)
Rosa gifts Langdon a free kick after pushing the Pie in the back deep in the forward pocket. Tom shoots with the low snap. No one is defending the goal line but it misses. (Q1 5:11)
The Suns move it through May, picking out Ablett in the corridor. The champion onballer looks further afield and finds Martin with the dart. Jack marks and converts from 45! (Q1 7:27)
Scharenberg, Wells, Blair and Elliot link off the half back flank as the Pies move it swiftly from defence. Fasolo receives and bounces it through from the paint of the arc! (Q1 11:38)
The Magpies win it at the stoppage and send it long at the first opportunity. Elliott marks out on the lead. Jamie is unable to convert from 45 on the flank. (Q1 12:34)
De Goey uses it swiftly and accurately to find Blair out on the lead. Blair, playing his 150th match, trots in and duly converts from 35 on the slight! (Q1 14:47)
Adams darts the pass inside fifty and Taylor hits Fasolo on the chest ahead of McKenzie. Alex lines up and sends it through for his second from 40! (Q1 15:17)
Wells soccers to himself and demonstrates the skill he possesses. He sidesteps a couple and finds Fasolo on the lead. Alex shoots from 40 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q1 19:03)
Thomas gathers the loose ball inside fifty after former Giant, Hoskin-Elliott sent it into the attacking arc. Josh flicks wide to Wells who duly converts from 30! (Q1 20:47)
Pendlebury moves the ball swiftly off the half back flank and moves it wide to Adams. The Pies link up and find Elliott out the back. Jamie marks with Sexton trailing and converts! (Q1 22:17)
Raining cats and dogs as the second term begins. (Q2 0:48)
Langdon launches to the isolated contest between McKenzie and Reid, with Ben receiving the free for high contact. Ben duly converts from point blank range! (Q2 2:55)
The Suns enjoy a rare foray forward and Rosa is the man to send them inside the attacking arc. The former Lion hits the top of the square where Wright takes the grab. Peter goals! (Q2 6:56)
Lyons receives late contact in the marking contest from Langdon and the decision is paid to the former Crow. Jarryd shoots from 40 on the slight and its knocked through. (Q2 10:33)
The Cannon McKenzie flushes the ball all of 60 metres. The pill pops out the back of the contest and Martin swoops on the loose pill. He soccers it through with the side foot! (Q2 14:03)
In trademark fashion, Ablett waltzes out of the stoppage with ball in hand and darts the pass into the eager arms of the leading Wright. Peter repays the favour with the major! (Q2 15:29)
Three in a row for the resurgent Suns! (Q2 16:03)
Varcoe, Sidebottom and Treloar all link together before Steele assesses the options and finds Wells on the short lead. Daniel marks and converts the maximum from close range! (Q2 16:48)
In a rare course of events, Howe drops the intercept mark in his battle with Lynch. Tom gathers at ground level and makes him pay with an accurate snap shot from 25! (Q2 20:48)
The wounder Lyons thumps the ball out the back and the chase is on. Ainsworth is first to the loose pill ahead of Maynard and Ben converts from close range! Suns hit the lead! (Q2 22:38)
Harbrow misses his target by hand and Thomas is quick to pounce. Josh bounds away and finds Reid on the lead. Ben shoots from 50 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q2 30:34)
Pendlebury is caught on the wing and the Suns make it count. Wright, Ah Chee, Martin and Lynch link before the Gold Coast captain snaps truly from 25! (Q3 3:46)
Reid flies and drops the grab. He mops up at ground level and flicks wide to the eagerly anticipating Fasolo. Alex is pushed on the shot and misses to the right hand side from 25. (Q3 5:31)
McKenzie gathers the loose pill via the errant Elliott handball. Trent pulls the kick wide to Hall. Aaron receives and snaps through from the sharp angle! (Q3 6:27)
Gold Coast have seven of the last eight majors! What a turn around. (Q3 7:22)
Scharenberg, Pendlebury and Moore link across the half forward flank before the Magpies captain hits the chest of Moore. Darcy marks and converts from 40 on the flank! (Q3 9:49)
Harbrow misses the target coming out of defensive 50, enabling Adams tofind Thomas unmarked inside fifty. Josh sends it through from 45 out, directly in front! (Q3 15:02)
Brodie Grundy holds Witts in the forward fifty ruck stoppage and the free is duly awarded. Jarrod shoots from 40 on the flank via the set shot and misses to the far side. (Q3 17:16)
This is a game of taking advantage of the opponents mistakes. This time Hanley is the offender and Hoskin-Elliott finds De Goey with the chip pass.Jordan shoots from 45 and misses. (Q3 19:05)
Langdon runs away from the line of the ball and enables Rischitelli to take the basic chest mark. The former Lion converts the set shot from 45 on the flank! (Q3 20:37)
Hoskin-Elliott kicks to the hotspot with Reid flying. The ball falls to the ground and improbably Maynard is the one to crumb.He finishes with an incredible banana from the pocket! (Q3 29:50)
Wright is unable to gather at ground level and the Magpies mop up to aplomb. Adams receives and he sends it wide to the unmarked Hoskin-Elliott. He shoots from 35 and misses. (Q4 1:04)
Treloar and Hoskin-Elliot link together before Will sends to the top of the square. McKenzie gives away another free kick and Reid converts the opportunity from close range! (Q4 2:14)
The rain has picked up yet again. Catching the ball appears highly unlikely. (Q4 3:59)
Ablett to Saad and the speedy half backer sends to the leading Lynch. Tom drops the bar of soap but Swallow is there to gather and snap through from 25! (Q4 4:32)
As opportunistic as they come, but Sidebottom’s soccer within the thick of congestion may prove decisive! With the Pies heavily out numbered, Steele taps it through! (Q4 6:30)
Gold Coast win it at the resultant centre stoppage. Swallow lurks ahead of the play and marks the Crisp kick. David misses to the right hand side from 35 via the set shot. (Q4 7:19)
Reid intercepts the ball within the attacking arc as the Suns continue to struggle to evacuate their defence. Ben flicks centrally to Thomas. Josh paces away but misses from 25. (Q4 11:25)
Maynard thumps it to the isolated contest between Thomas and Bowes. Braydon misses his target though, bounding it through for a minor score. (Q4 13:40)
Fasolo leads out and gathers the pill ahead of Bowes. He flicks off to Thomas and Josh heads for home. The ball bounces toward goal and Blair misses the soccer. Minor score. (Q4 15:32)
From the forward fifty stoppage, Ainsworth hurls himself into the stoppage and receives the free kick for high contact. Ben shoots from 40 on the flank and hammes it through! (Q4 18:15)
Three point ball game with 7:45 left to play and two coaches jobs on the line. An important period of play in season 2017 awaits. (Q4 19:10)
Darcy Moore takes the strong mark ahead of Thompson and immediately switches the play. The pill hits the deck and Thomas leads the chase. He kicks it off the deck for the major! (Q4 22:15)
Howe launches to the hotspot and the two Pies key pillars win the contest. Moore gathers and flicks to Reid who snaps truly from close range! (Q4 24:00)
Witts taps it down the throat of Rosa, with Matt spinning on a dime and snapping it forward. Wright plays in front and takes the mark. Peter finishes truly from 35! (Q4 29:17)
Heroic from Bowes, stopping a certain goal with a desperate lunging tackle on Moore in the goal square to force the turnover. (Q4 30:18)
0:50 seconds left to play with the ball in Howe’s hands across half back. The Pies are home. (Q4 30:27)
Howe launches and Elliott gathers the pill out the back, reading it off the slippery surface. Jamie centres and finds Moore on the lead. Darcy hammers it through from 30! (Q4 31:42)

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