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Blog log from R15 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs West Coast

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs West Coast, R15 of 2017

Wood and Redpath link as the Dogs switch the ball from right to left. Jack finds Wallis unattended ahead of the desperate Butler. Mitch finishes truly from 35 on the flank! (Q1 1:49)
The Eagles win it at the stoppage and send it long through X. McGovern towers ahead of Wood and takes the strong grab. Jeremy slams it through from 40 on the flank! (Q1 4:49)
Campbell takes the strong contested mark on the wing and Wellingham gifts the 50 metre penalty for excessive holding post mark. Tom misses everything from 40 on the slight. (Q1 6:14)
Mitchell to Hutchings to Karpany, with the small forward marking inside 50 with a strong lead as the Eagles demonstrate superb foot skills. Malcolm shoots and goals from distance! (Q1 8:49)
Johannisen receives an off the ball free kick after being bumped to the ground one too many times. Redpath marks the resultant bomb from the free. He goals from 40! (Q1 10:49)
Karpany has two inside the first seven minutes of playing time. Malcolm marks out on the lead ahead of Morris and sends it through post high from 50 on the flank! (Q1 11:20)
Dale produces the risky kick across goal and it proves decisive, managing to find Petrie with his effort. The former Roo trots in and misses the set shot from 40 on the flank. (Q1 15:49)
Suckling is immediately set upon as he gathers possession of the pill. The former Hawk throws it on the boot and finds Jetta. Lewis attempts the banana from 35 and misses. (Q1 19:26)
Picken produces yet another courageous effort, taking two down as he flies for the ball. Hunter stays on the deck, gathers the loose pill and dribbles it through from 25! (Q1 20:14)
Dahlhaus receives the stoppage free kick for in the back against Wellingham. The 24 year old shoots from 40 on the slight and misses poorly to the right hand side. (Q1 22:04)
Johannisen receives on the wing and bursts away from the congestion. He flicks off to McLean and Toby finds Redpath on the lead. Jack marks and misses from 40 on the slight. (Q1 25:35)
Wellingham, McGovern and Yeo link through the middle of Etihad Stadium before Elliott finds Darling running back to goal. Jack marks and has no issue from the set shot! (Q1 27:35)
Sheed wins it at the forward 50 stoppage and bounces Daniel off him in the process. He sends ball to boot and just misses the opportunity from 30 on the slight. (Q1 30:03)
The Eagles send it long to the isolated one on one between Darling and Morris. Dale is beaten for pace and gives away the free kick for illegal contact. Jack goals from 25! (Q2 14:52)
Masten sends it long to the hotspot and Petrie predictably flies above Johanissen to take the grab. Drew lines up and sends it through from 25 out, directly in front! (Q2 18:53)
Karpany thuds it onto the chest of Darling with a laser-like delivery. Jack spins on a dime and finds McGovern further afield. Jeremy misses from 40 via the set shot. (Q2 20:56)
Dahlhaus keeps the ball inside the boundary and manages to dab the pass to the leading Redpath. Jack marks ahead of Vardy and goals from close range! (Q2 21:53)
The former Cat Vardy receives the free kick after Roughead infringed in the marking contest. Nathan shoots post siren and misses poorly to the near side from 30 on the flank. (Q2 26:11)
McLean gathered the crumbs after the long bomb inside the Bulldogs forward 50. Toby flicks off to Honeychurch and then Dale. Bailey sends it through from 35! (Q3 3:39)
Gaff executes a precision pass to Mitchell, allowing Sam to receive without breaking stride. Sam to Yeo who sends it inside F50. Jack marks and goals from point blank! (Q3 6:02)
Gaff and Redden link on the half forward flank before Jack finds McGovern on the lead with a perfect punt. Jeremy lines up the set shot and misses to the far side from 40. (Q3 7:58)
Wallis misses the unmarked Honeychurch as the Dogs power to goal with limited pressure. Wallis kicks wide, Mitch doubles back and centres to Dickson. Tory goals! (Q3 9:58)
Petrie outbodies the undersized Biggs and takes the mark on the second attempt. The former Roo shoots from 50 on the flank and sends his shot through for a minor score. (Q3 11:58)
The Bulldogs turn it over through the defensive corridor and it comes back to bite. Darling finds Cripps in the pocket. Jamie steadies and threads it through with the snap! (Q3 13:38)
Two in a minute for the rampant Eagles. Mitchell sends it to the square and Darling outmarks Cordy and Suckling. He flicks off to Karpany who goals with ease! (Q3 14:58)
Picken sends it long to the goalface. McLean reads it off the Petrie fist and sends it through from point blank range! Simple rushed behind would have sufficed. (Q3 16:59)
Jetta to Sheed by hand as the Eagles win the resultant centre clearance. Dom slams it on the boot and hangs it to the left and through for a minor score from the arc. (Q3 18:00)
Dickson, Picken and Campbell link by foot with each of the smalls finding the tall on the lead inside 50. Tom shoots from 50 on the flank and misses the shot to the far side. (Q3 20:54)
Deja vu from a previous play this quarter, all be it the result differs. Forward stoppage, Sheed wins it at the coalface, throws it on the boot and through it goes! (Q3 24:04)
Gaff bounces it by foot to Darling. Jack receives and shrugs off the Roughead tackle. Jack spins and flicks off to Cripps and the former Saint dobs another from close range! (Q3 25:22)
Mitchell receives out of another forward 50 stoppage, with the Eagles clearly demonstrating superiority around the clearances. Sam shoots and hits the post. (Q3 27:42)
Stringer flicks to Daniel who sets off at a rate of knots. Caleb slams it on the boot as the Bulldogs enjoy a rare scoring opportunity. The youngster misses to the left hand side. (Q3 32:14)
Petrie sets it up to the hot spot and Hutchings is the winner of the ground ball in the one v two. Mark flicks to Darling and Jack misses the snap shot from close range. (Q4 2:16)
Redpath generates the chance after finding the ground ball and flicking it off to Hunter. Lachie settles on the shot and sends it through from 35! (Q4 4:50)
Shuey drives the ball to the leading Darling and Jack takes yet another mark ahead of Cordy. Duggan forced the turnover with the repeat effort through the middle. Jack misses. (Q4 7:05)
Wallis throws Mackenzie out of the marking contest and the dubious decision is made to pay the mark. Mitch lines up the set shot and sends it through from 40 on the slight! (Q4 9:30)
Sheed turns it over through the corridor and finds Bontempelli whilst doing so. Marcus sends it goalward and scores just the minor score, unleashing from 55 on the flank. (Q4 10:34)
Dale forces the ball to ground level against Petrie and predictably gathers off the deck. Bailey flicks off to Roughead and Jordan hammers it through to make it a 9 point margin! (Q4 13:30)
Make that an 8 point margin… (Q4 13:30)
Wallis gathers the ground ball as the Dogs hack their inside 50 effort to the small. Mitch rounds the arc and scores a minor from the flank. Six and a half minutes left to play. (Q4 22:31)
Barrass takes the strong mark deep in defence. Tom then dabs the pass and Stringer cuts it off. Jake gathers and goals from point blank range! One point ball game! (Q4 24:04)
VARDY! Another stoppage goal for the Eagles! Nathan pushes off Campbell, grabs the bouncing pill and slams it through from the top of the square! (Q4 28:16)
Three minutes and ten seconds to play. The Eagles have sent ten men back into defence. Seven point ball game… (Q4 28:49)
Final siren! Vardy took two decisive marks in the last couple of minutes and the Eagles hold on for a seven point victory! (Full Time)

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