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Blog log from R14 of 2017: West Coast vs Melbourne

Blog log for West Coast vs Melbourne, R14 of 2017

Lewis Jetta receives from McGovern on the HFF and goes long to the square where Petrie marks over Hibberd for the first goal.
Stretch flies for a Melksham ball 20m out on a slight angle and gets a free for a block by Gaff, he goals for Melbourne. (Q1 5:00)
Schofield passes short to Shuey at true CHF after the Eagle flip the ball around the 50m arc by hand to get a man free. Shuey misses. (Q1 12:59)
Cripps marks a Duggan ball near the boundary 30m out but misses. (Q1 17:14)
Neal-Bullen bounces through a nice finish from 40m on a slight angle on the end of a rebound engineered by a trademark Hunt run and bomb. (Q1 18:54)
A slight jumper tug by Barrass is pinged to give Tom McDonald a set shot from 45m in front, but he misses. (Q1 19:52)
Hurn spoils Garlett, the crumb falls to the hotspot, a pack forms but Melksham gives wide to Viney who snaps off a step from his left boot… another goal to the Dees! (Q1 21:29)
Yeo drives long to the flank 25m out, Jetta has Petrie to deal with and gives away a predictable holding free. Petrie goals again. (Q1 22:19)
Hibberd’s pressured handball in the pocket is straight to McGovern who throws the ball on the boot from 25m… skids wide. (Q1 25:59)
Petracca kicks blind from a stoppage in the BP but straight to Duggan 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q1 27:48)
Melksham passes wide from congestion at half forward to Vince on the 50m paint on the opposite side. Bernie tries his luck, but doesn’t score. (Q1 31:49)
The Eagles get a quick rebound around the outer wing going with very nice passing by foot and hand, Petrie gives to Darling on the HFF who has McGovern in the square, easy goal. (Q2 3:12)
McGovern marks near the boundary 40m out in the vortex pocket, but hits the post. (Q2 5:12)
Lewis starts a switch rebound around the outer wing, just as quick as the previous Eagles score, Garlett has Bugg over the top to goal from the top of the square. (Q2 6:42)
Frost collets a loose ball at defensive hotspot, collides with Tom McDonald and gets claimed in a double tackle. Hill takes the HTB free, and goals. (Q2 7:41)
Hannan roves a stoppage near the hotspot, gets tackles but gets his snap away off the left boot… that’s good! (Q2 9:34)
Harmes receives at a stoppage on the wing and goes quickly to Tom McDonald to mark 30m out on the flank, who misses. (Q2 11:57)
McGovern gets in trouble on the wing, eventually Mitchell coughs it up by hand, Bugg passes to Tom McDonald 20m out in front who kicks truly. (Q2 13:08)
Cripps bounces a behind from 50m on the flank on the end of a fast break around the outer wing. (Q2 15:42)
Neal-Bullen catches Mackenzie HTB on the boundary 35m out, he centres but Melksham can’t mark, Eagles clear. (Q2 21:28)
Petrie marks just inside 50m on a slight angle and steers through his third goal. (Q2 24:13)
Lewis gives to Neal-Bullen after a chain of handballs out of the centre, he misses from CHF. (Q2 25:13)
Gawn kicks ugly from the HFF but low, quick and effective to Hannan 40m out on a slight angle. Hannan misses. (Q2 29:28)
Shuey gets a free at the first centre bounce of Q3 and goes long for Petrie to mark in front of Oscar McDonald 40m out on a slight angle. The Dish goals, four for him, Eagles lead! (Q3 0:49)
Salem intercepts at half back and starts a rebound through midfield, Oliver goes long to Melksham to mark behind Schofield 40m out on a slight angle. He goals. (Q3 5:15)
Hibberd drops a relieving mark in the pocket, Hill gives to Darling who snaps across the face from 35m. (Q3 8:13)
Gawn taps down from a stoppage in the Eagles FP but Sheed is the only one there, he gathers and goals with ease. (Q3 9:39)
Shuey is pinged for kicking in danger, Oliver takes the free 50m out on a slight angle and passes to the hotspot for Tom McDonald, who goals for another lead change. (Q3 11:27)
Tom McDonald marks again, this time from a Garlett kick to 40m on the flank after a nice hook lead. He goals again! (Q3 12:42)
Mitchell gives wide of a pack at the hotspot to Karpany who snaps off a step from 20m on the flank… that’s good. (Q3 13:42)
The Demons have a fast break on down members wing, they have nothing to kick to so Harmes has to kick to space at half forward… Neal-Bullen is first back to gather and goal! (Q3 20:42)
Oliver roves a Hurn fumble under a tackle and snaps with a screwing ball from the hotspot… just wide. (Q3 21:59)
Priddis gives to a flat-footed Gaff who snaps from 35m on the flank, it’s an ugly floater but it’s straight. (Q3 24:27)
Lewis is pinged for a late arm over the shoulder after Hutchings marks to bring the mark to the square for an easy goal. (Q3 25:42)
Jetta goes long to McGovern at the top of the square on a fast rebound, Oscar McDonald is out of position and gives away a free for front-on contact plus 50m. Goal Eagles. (Q3 28:06)
Karpany gives to Sheed who tries a Daicos special from 20m on the boundary, but it nicks the goalpost on the way through. (Q3 34:34)
Vardy gives to Hutchings in midfield, he baulks past three Demons and shoots from 45m on the flank… falls over the line! (Q4 1:25)
Long ball to the hotspot after good link work by Tom McDonald, Garlett contests, Stretch roves and gives to Petracca who runs into the open goal! (Q4 3:33)
Lewis passes to Harmes in the pocket 25m out on the end of a fast break that almost breaks down on the wing when Melksham fumbled. Harmes kicks truly, Dees back within a goal. (Q4 7:25)
Yeo gives to Hill after the next centre bounce for a snap on the lope from 45m on the flank… just creeps inside the left goalpost! (Q4 8:51)
McGovern takes a big contested grab in a pack at the hotspot, sandwiched between Frost and Hibberd. He goals, just. (Q4 12:51)
Vardy marks 45m out near the boundary, his set shot is high and falls in the square to be rushed off the pack. (Q4 16:05)
Lewis Jetta catches Viney trying to run out of defence with a hunting tackle 35m out on a slight angle. But he misses. (Q4 16:36)
Gawn sends a hopeful ball from teh wing to a huge pack 40m out in front, Pedersen leaps up and takes a big contested grab like Michael Roach! And kicks the goal. (Q4 18:34)
Pedersen runs down the wing and goes to Tom McDonald to mark 20m out in front. He goals too, Demons back within a kick once again! (Q4 20:22)
5:40 to go, the Dees won’t go away. (Q4 20:48)
The Demons work the ball around the 50m arc with careful possession, Frost goes to Pedersen to take another contested grab 30m out on the flank. He misses, 4:10 left. (Q4 22:51)
Series of stoppages on the wing as the clock ticks under 2:30, still a kick in it. (Q4 26:51)
Lewis kicks long to the pocket, Petracca contests, Sheed can’t clear, ball up, 1:18. (Q4 28:22)
Darling clears after the stoppage but Oscar McDonald intercepts outside CHF, he feeds Vince, broken play, ball over for a throw in on the HFF 40m out, 41 seconds. (Q4 29:06)
Oliver to Hibberd, long ball to the square, Tom McDonald roves and gets tackled but somehow gets boot to ball, goal to put the Dees in front, 24 seconds left! (Q4 29:36)
24 seconds left, it’s another thriller. (Q4 30:21)
Secondary ball up after the centre bounce, 11 seconds left. (Q4 30:51)
7 seconds in fact. (Q4 30:51)
Gaff roves and goes long to the HFF, Lewis is there to intercept, siren, Melbourne wins! (Q4 30:51)

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