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Blog log from R12 of 2017: Carlton vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Carlton vs Western Sydney, R12 of 2017

Patton is playing in front for a skewed Ward snap from the pocket to next to the goalsquare. He kicks the first goal. (Q1 1:33)
Shaw misses a target by hand at half back, the small BLue forward swarm, eventually Thomas centres to Kreuzer at the hotspot who misses. (Q1 5:16)
Murphy marks on the wing on a rebound started by Jones, plays on and hits Casboult to mark in front of Shaw 40m out on a slight angle. The goal ump arches the back, goal Levi. (Q1 7:02)
Kelly misses a snap from the pocket after a stoppage. (Q1 8:03)
Casboult spoils a kick to Corr on the wing, Jack Silvagni has Wright over the back on the counter, his kick is almost a stuff up but Wright collects and dribbles home. (Q1 10:31)
Scully gives to Shiel who snaps off a step from 50m on the flank, just wide. (Q1 11:33)
Williams misses a snap from the HFF after a feed by Patton. (Q1 15:13)
Johnson’s snap from the flank 35m out in a pack is intercepted on the line, but he’s felled after kicking by Jones and it’s a downfield free for Patton for the easy goal. (Q1 18:56)
Sumner turns the ball over at half back under heavy pressure, Reid receives for a snap off a step from 40m in front but misses. (Q1 22:04)
Johnson is on the end of a chain of Giant handballs down the wing through traffic, he turns and shoots from 40m on a slight angle but he also misses. GWS wasteful early. (Q1 24:02)
Fisher receives on the HFF and is challenged by two Giants, looks like he might get claimed but gives wide to Ed Curnow in the pocket 35m out… who screws through a big goal! (Q1 26:16)
Cameron marks at CHF and shoots immediately, it’s well wide but Greene marks next to the behind post… he hits the goal post with the set shot. (Q1 26:33)
Cuningham marks a Jack Silvagni ball 25m out on the flank just before the QT siren. His set shot is straight through the hi-diddle-diddle! (Q1 28:46)
8 scoring shots to 5 is a better indicator of general play in this one, but Blues are doing well on the counter. (Qtr Time)
Whitfield pushes Gibbs after marks on the wing, 50m penalty brings the mark to 40m on a slight angle. Bryce’s kick is nice, very nice. Carlton building a lead now! (Q2 4:16)
Weitering waits on the wing and somehow finds Thomas leading to the pocket 35m out to mark unopposed, well ahead of Corr. Daisy checksides it wide. (Q2 5:44)
Cameron marks a Johnson ball just inside 50m on a slight angle and sails through a lovely set shot for the Giants. (Q2 8:29)
Ward smothers Thomas at a stoppage in the Giants FP, mops up the crumb himself and does the rest off the left boot from 20m. Captain’s goal! (Q2 9:48)
Taranto puts his head down and gets a free going for a loose ball after a stoppage 45m out near the boundary, Kreuzer pinged for high contact. He threads the needle! (Q2 13:43)
Himmelberg kicks from the last line but it’s straight to Cuningham 30m out near the boundary, who makes him pay with a nice set shot. Blues regain the lead. (Q2 16:04)
After a Cripps turnover by hand on the wing, Shiel goes short to Reid 40m out on the flank. Reid misses. (Q2 18:05)
Patton gives to Scully for a miss from 20m after a long Wilson ball to a pack. (Q2 21:20)
Jack Silvagni catches Whitfield HTB at the hotspot in an effective chicken wing tackle. SSOS gets up a bit sore, but he kicks the go-ahead goal. (Q2 23:04)
Thomas roves a Kreuzer contest at the hotspot and gives wide to Simpson who sprays it badly under no pressure from 35m on a slight angle off the right boot. (Q2 25:51)
Cripps gives to Gibbs for a miss from 30m on the flank under heavy pressure. (Q2 27:26)
Weitering is pinged for high contact on Whitfield after a stoppage at the Giant hotspot. Lachie kicks the first goal of Q3 to bring GWS back within a kick. (Q3 1:26)
Wright sends a hopeful ball from the HFF to a pack 15m out on a slight angle, Casboult flies in from the side to clunk it… but he sprays the set shot, disappointingly. (Q3 4:51)
Charlie Curnow gets a holding free on Wilson 20m out on the flank as they wait for a long ball. But he misses as well. (Q3 7:11)
Kreuzer gets a free at a stoppage next to the goalsquare for Taranto going third man up. Krooze makes no mistake. (Q3 10:06)
Whitfield misses after a stoppage from a pack 20m out on a slight angle. (Q3 17:40)
The Giants handball their way through a desperate Blue defence, finishing with Whitfield giving a Joe the Goose special to de Boer. (Q3 19:52)
Taranto turns the ball over on the rebound to Plowman, Kreuzer juggles an impressive mark in front of Davis and Williams 25m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 28:12)
Kelly marks a short Shiel ball on the HFF, baulks around the onrushing Thomas but misses from 35m, disappointingly. (Q4 0:46)
Scully breaks a tackle in the pocket, can’t get space for a snap himself but gives to Shiel who screws through a left foot finish from 25m. (Q4 4:36)
Greene marks on the HFF after the next centre bounce, plays on and baulks clear but shoots wide from 40m. (Q4 5:36)
The Blues rebound coast to coast from the kick in, Sumner chooses to torpedo on the run from the wing and it comes off because Lamb marks behind Williams for the goal. (Q4 6:26)
Ward misses from 40m on the flank after a classic Giants switch play. (Q4 9:00)
Greene marks on the boundary 45m out and hits the post, the Blue fans cheer because they thought there was a HTB free to them earlier in the play. (Q4 9:52)
Kreuzer has Thomas on the HFF on a fast break from half back, he waits for the convoy to arrive, it’s Wright who runs to receive and goal from 25m. Blue fans up and about! (Q4 13:21)
Mumford’s fist of justice rushes a Wright snap from the HFF that lands in the square. (Q4 14:44)
The Giants get the chance for a fast break, de Boer marks at half forward and has Shiel running forward to the hotspot after he was involved on the HBF in the lead up. Shiel goals. (Q4 17:26)
7:54 left, anyone’s game! (Q4 17:26)
Docherty kicks to one on two from defence, the Giants attack again, Ward passes to Greene 40m out on a slight angle. Greene kicks his fourth behind, scores level. (Q4 19:56)
Chaos ball to the Giant HFF falls nicely for Greene, he has Reid on for the Joe the Goose but goes himself from 20m on the flank.. wide for his fifth behind! (Q4 22:15)
Carlton gets a rebound to turn into a fast break after Kelly’s inside 50 goes OOTF, Wright passes to Casboult at the hotspot… miss, 70 each. (Q4 25:10)
2:30 left as the Giants kick in, Williams turns it over at half back, Fisher has a chance at the hotspot, miss! 2:08. (Q4 25:10)
Simpson starts another attack from the wing but Williams marks at defensive hotspot and switches. Slow play… (Q4 26:29)
Greene marks a Cameron ball on the HFF 55m out, his pass goes to ground, Simpson mops up, Blues rebound… (Q4 26:57)
Broken play on the wing, Greene gets a free and pumps to the pocket, Marchbank roves the pack but his handball goes OOB, 19 seconds left, stoppage. (Q4 27:57)
Johnson can’t get boot to ball, the Blues somehow win the scrum, Weitering boots it outside 50, free for deliberate but that’s time enough, siren, Blues win by a point! (Q4 28:29)

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