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Blog log from R10 of 2017: West Coast vs Western Sydney

Blog log for West Coast vs Western Sydney, R10 of 2017

Shiel speeds away from a stoppage on the wing, does a one-two with Taranto and reached 40m on the flank for a sensational first goal! (Q1 3:08)
Petrie is on his own in the square on a fast break for a Kennedy ball for the first Eagle goal. (Q1 6:55)
McGovern spoils a long Kelly ball from teh HFF to the pocket for a behind. (Q1 8:26)
Karpany receives, baulks and goals from 40m on a slight angle after Jetta kicks to a contest at CHF. (Q1 11:54)
Patton marks strongly next to the goalsquare and makes no mistake from 10m. (Q1 13:55)
Darling marks near CHF and sails through a nice set shot for his first goal. (Q1 19:34)
Shiel hits the post with a snap from the hotspot. (Q1 21:56)
Jetta gathers a long ball to space and runs into the open goal, then does a little war dance for the crowd! (Q1 23:11)
Greene hits the post with a set shot from deep in the pocket after a turnover by Butler. (Q1 26:41)
Wilson spoils a long ball to Cripps in the square but fumbles the crumb to allow Cripps to pounce and goal. (Q1 28:28)
Yeo’s kick to McGovern is intercepted at half back, Mumford taps to Whitfield who snaps the goal from near the hotspot. (Q2 5:50)
Kennedy bounces a snap for a behind from half forward. (Q2 7:12)
Hutchings roves a Kennedy contest and strolls into the open goal. (Q2 12:38)
Cripps roves on the wing and races away from Mohr down the flank to 40m, has options inside but misses. (Q2 16:38)
Shiel sails through a long snap from CHF for a goal on the end of a fast rebound through midfield in classic Giants style. (Q2 19:06)
Greene marks a lovely Wilson long ball from the wing to the hotspot between three Eagles, but misses again to the delight of the home fans. (Q2 28:05)
Cameron outmarks Hutchings 15m out in front for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:15)
Kelly misses a mid range snap from the hotspot. (Q3 4:25)
Patton marks 30m out on the flank and misses. (Q3 5:35)
Kennedy roves a Darling contest at half forward and boots his first goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 7:04)
Cameron marks deep in the pocket and gives to Reid who misses from 30m. (Q3 10:04)
Kennedy draws a contact free on Corr going for a Cripps ball to the top of the square. He boots goal number two. (Q3 13:27)
Vardy turns rover for a Kennedy contest to run into the open goal. (Q3 15:17)
Greene screws through a goal after playing on from a set shot deep in the pocket 25m out. (Q3 17:29)
Ah, but a score review shows it was touched off the boot, goal reversed down to a behind. (Q3 17:29)
Cameron marks just outside 50m on the flank, looks for an option, goes with a long ball off the left to the square… it sails over the pack for a huge goal! (Q3 19:44)
Himmelberg marks on the lead next to the hotspot and kicks truly, just. Goal number one of his senior career. (Q3 26:11)
Chain of handballs by the Giants through half forward, Kelly gets the left foot shot off around the corner from the hotspot under pressure… it sails through, GWS leads! (Q3 31:01)
Kennedy beats Corr one on one to mark a Priddis speculator to 40m in the corridor. JJK makes no mistake, three for him now. Eagles back ahead. Probably won’t the last lead change. (Q4 1:42)
Williams pickpockets Yeo at a stoppage 20m out and kicks the go ahead goal for GWS, as Josh Kennedy’s ankle is examined on the sidelines. (Q4 6:21)
Karpany roves a Jetta contest on the HFF, baulks clear but misses from 30m. (Q4 8:36)
Vardy plays on to advantage from a free on the HFF and snaps a goal to grab the lead back from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 9:07)
Taranto receives, clear on the HFF and sails through a wonderful goal from 40m after a stoppage. (Q4 11:12)
Darling marks with strong hands in a Giant sandwich near the hotspot to give the Eagles back the lead. (Q4 13:57)
GWS bosses the next centre bounce, Patton roves his own contest 25m out and snaps another goal to change the lead! (Q4 15:22)
Darling has three Giants nearby for a long ball to the hotspot, he doesn’t mark but he taps the crumb to Mitchell running past to goal from 20m! Another lead change. (Q4 16:58)
Greene gathers, gets tackled by Mitchell and delivers a sensational handball over his head to Lloyd, who rams through another lead changing goal from 40m on a slight angle! (Q4 19:27)
Greene marks in front of Butler 45m out wide on the flank, and loads up for bear with a beautiful set shot for the first back to back goals of Q4. (Q4 23:27)
McGovern starts a rebound from the last line, Jetta breaks line, eventually Priddis has Darling over the back to mark behind Davis 30m out on the flank. But Darling misses. (Q4 25:05)
Himmelberg gives to Greene on a move around the outer wing, he shoots from the boundary 45m out in the vortex pocket… and slots it! He’s winning the game for the orange horde! (Q4 27:28)
Himmelberg roves and shoots wide from 35m on the flank. (Q4 28:56)
2:39 left at this kick in, just about done for the West Coast. (Q4 28:56)
The Eagles rebound up the guts, Gaff releases Cripps to run free to CHF and shoot to an empty goalface… just wide. (Q4 29:59)
Whitfield kicks across the backline but Jetta intercepts in the square and goals from the line! Massive calamity! (Q4 30:43)
Ward clears from the next centre bounce to the wing, Reid kicks to the HFF, ball in, 1:37 to go. (Q4 31:28)
Nelson clears but Shaw takes the intercept mark on the wing and switches to start some tempo. (Q4 31:58)
Cameron marks a long Corr ball on the HFF and goes back for the set shot to burn the clock. He goes to the square, no score but it’s over. (Q4 32:58)

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