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Blog log from R8 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R8 of 2017

Josh Gibson gives away the free kick to the Lions for holding onto Hipwood too long. From 40m out Eric gets the first of the afternoon.
(Q1 6:23)
Following a throw in, Billy Hartung gets on the end of a clever tap from Gunston. Hartung snaps over his shoulder to slot the Hawks’ first of the afternoon.
(Q1 11:49)
As the Hawks stream forward, Roughead unselfishly pinpoints a pass from the 50m arc to O’Brien in the square. Tim kicks the easiest of goals on the run.
(Q1 14:37)
Henderson lines up a set shot from the 50m arc that drops short and results in a rushed behind for Hawthorn. (Q1 18:00)
Cyril pounces on an errant Brisbane defensive kickout. It ends up with Roughead who has no trouble slotting the goal from 35m out. (Q1 20:08)
Lewis Taylor instinctively crumbs a long ball into the forward pocket. He snaps high but misses. (Q1 23:04)
Berry earns a free kick from a clumsy high Fitzpatrick tackle. 25m out on a slight angle. He finishes cleanly. (Q1 30:08)
Barrett enters the protected area, giving away a 50m penalty in the centre circle. O’Brien the beneficiary hangs the shot left for a behind. (Q2 3:24)
Good forward pressure from the Lions results in a Rich kick to the hotspot. Barrett gets out the back and slots his 2nd AFL career goal. (Q2 7:27)
Rich bombs it long from outside 50. The Sherrin bounces off hands on the goal line and results in a behind. (Q2 8:29)
Breust intercepts a sloppy Brisbane switch in the defensive 50. He passes short to Henderson who narrowly misses the set shot from directly in front, 35m out. (Q2 10:06)
Rockliff, Taylor, scrappy kick inside 50. Tom Bell runs out the back to kick a nice goal on the run. (Q2 15:24)
Breust marks strongly over Rich at 45m on a 45 degree angle. Luke hangs it right for a behind. (Q2 17:09)
Free kicks and mistakes both ways ends up with Lester having a set shot for the Lions from 40m out. He misses. (Q2 19:08)
Isaac Smith beautifully finishes a right foot goal after sharking a Martin hitout from 30m out. (Q2 22:07)
Hipwood protected the fall of the ball nicely to take his first mark of the day. Eric lines up from 50m out and strikes it flawlessly. (Q2 23:20)
O’Brien flies in front of a pack and marks the ball at its highest point following a Gunston kick. On a slight angle from 15m out, he goals. (Q2 25:40)
Mitchell gives to Rioli who hits up Fitzpatrick for the mark. His attempted pass gets spoiled through for a behind. (Q2 29:04)
McEvoy takes a solid pack mark following a Hartung kick to the hot spot. Without any difficulty, Big Ben kicks truly. (Q2 30:53)
Paparone receives a handball out the back of a congested pack. He flies a shot from 40m out but just misses. (Q3 2:46)
Tom Mitchell nudges the much taller Hipwood under the ball and the latter receives a free kick for it. From 30m out on a slight angle he shanks it. OOF. (Q3 4:31)
In a very similar position to his last attempt, Hipwood has another opportunity on goal. Again, he misses. (Q3 6:14)
Hartung launches the footy inside 50 with Howe as the target. Rich finds himself in an awkward position and illegally blocks Howe, giving away the free kick. Howe slots it from 40. (Q3 8:32)
A free kick is picked out from an umpire 50m away. Rockliff claims the downfield free kick against Isaac Smith for high contact on his tagger Robertson. Rocky slots it from 40. (Q3 18:47)
Puopolo squeezes a dribbling shot out from a clustered pack. From 20m out it goes wide to the right for a behind. (Q3 20:18)
With space on the wing, Hartung finds Breust free in the forward 50. He shares it to Rioli at a slightly better angle. From 35 out, Rioli gets his first for the day. (Q3 22:17)
Rockliff with yet another clearance, squeezes a kick that finds Hipwood on the chest. He passes to Bewick who goals with no angle from 40m out. Margin back to 14 points. (Q3 24:32)
Shiels quickly, cleverly kicks the ball inside 50, snapping it to avoid it going near the boundary line. It falls in Gunston’s hands who makes it look easy from 30m out. Goal. (Q3 27:03)
Rioli takes the advantage from a Hawthorn free kick. Running to 35m out, unopposed, he hits the post. (Q3 28:19)
After the give-and-go, Burton puts it out in front of Henderson, who marks, strides to 50, and slots a great goal for the Hawks. (Q3 30:19)
Langford puts it out in space in front of Roughead near the boundary. Roughy collects and delivers to Shiels. He lines up the set-shot from 40 on a slight angle but just misses. (Q3 32:39)
Roberton’s hack kick fortunately finds Lester 45m out on a tight angle. His set-shot just misses wide. (Q4 4:34)
Hipwood with exceptional reach marks over McEvoy and Gunston 35m out on a slight angle. He’s had two similar shots from that spot which he’s missed. This one too is wide. (Q4 7:21)
Bell marks over Burton in the centre square who puts it in front of Close in the pocket. The Hawks were out on their feet and it results in Walker kicking the easiest of goals. (Q4 9:05)
As Langford lines up for a shot from the boundary line 50m out, he surprises the Lions’ defence with a pass to Roughead on the lead. He runs onto his right boot, snapping truly. (Q4 10:48)
Shiels straightens up from 40 after a handball from McEvoy. After missing a set shot earlier, he hits the board in his 150th game. Hawks go up another goal. (Q4 12:34)
Wonderful teamwork amongst the Hawthorn small forwards. Smith to Puopolo to Breust who snaps on his right boot for a difficult goal that he made look easy. (Q4 13:59)
Burgoyne finishes effortlessly from tight on the boundary. He pushed forward from a stoppage, lost his opponent and received the free for a marking infringement against Robertson. (Q4 16:47)
Gunston shows sublime patience and composure on the boundary at 50m out to find Henderson 35m out, directly in front. He marks and kicks his 2nd goal for the afternoon. (Q4 18:03)
Barrett contentiously is rewarded with a free kick for high contact 20m out directly in front. He scalps one back for the Lions. (Q4 22:36)
Hawthorn responds extremely quickly after the Barrett goal, with Henderson making it three majors for the day. (Q4 24:30)
Josh Walker ends up with another chance at goal, this time a set-shot. From 35m out on a slight angle he kicks truly. Too little, too late for the Lions. (Q4 30:51)
Rich bullets a pass between Lester and Schache, causing a little friendly fire. lester marks bravely, lines up and goals from 35m out on a 45 degree angle. (Q4 31:47)

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