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Blog log from R6 of 2017: Essendon vs Melbourne

Blog log for Essendon vs Melbourne, R6 of 2017

Jones, Garlett and Pedersen link up through the wing region of Etihad Stadium. Cam marks inside 50 but his shot misses to the near side from the set shot. (Q1 4:49)
Hooker wins the tap out from the forward 30 stoppage. Cale knocks it to the speeding Parish who gathers without breaking stride. He trots in and goals! (Q1 7:20)
The Dees win the turnover with terrific pressure culminating in Viney tackling McGrath. The ball pops out to Garlett who snaps truly with immediacy from the sharp angle! (Q1 9:20)
Jetta, Lewis and Watts link by hand as the Dees power it through the HF flank region. Jack gathers with little pressure and steadies to send it through from 45! (Q1 12:49)
Hunt provides a gift of sorts to the Bombers Fantasia. Out of the contest Jayden handballs directly into Orazio’s path. He receives and finishes truly from close range! (Q1 14:20)
Hibberd blocks Hooker from contending in the ruck and the free is duly paid. The defender come forward trots in and misses the regulation set shot from 30 out. (Q1 16:35)
Daniher receives the free kick on the slight angle 45 out after receiving high contact in the marking contest. The Anzac medallist lines up and thuds his effort into the post. (Q1 20:38)
Hunt flies high but drops the attempt. No matter, the fleet footed defender jumps to his feet and slams it on the boot from the paint of 50. His effort misses to the near side. (Q1 27:40)
Petracca’s quality on show for all to see as he assesses the options with speed and darts in the pass to the unmarked Tyson. Dom shoots from 45 on the slight and misses. (Q1 28:36)
Watts launches to the hot spot and the youngster Hannan gets ahead of Brown, taking the strong mark. Mitch shoots from 45 on the flank and hits the post. (Q2 1:31)
Petracca takes the leading mark in a relative acre of space, with both Goddard and Brown giving up on the chase. Christian shoots from 40 on the flank and dobs it! (Q2 2:50)
Dea blasts it 50 and the rest to the leading Daniher, who pushes off Frost and takes the strong grab. Joe kicks from 35 on the slight and misses poorly to the near side. (Q2 5:19)
Daniher forces the turnover with a tackle on Melksham. He flicks it to McKenna and receives back again. He misses the regulation opportunity from 35 on the slight. (Q2 7:31)
Jones gives away the deliberate free kick after knocking it into touch. Heppell uses the opportunity superbly, finding Daniher on the lead with a dart. Joe misses another from 40. (Q2 11:53)
Vince takes the kick in and continues this abysmal skill display by finding Fantasia. Orazio marks and predictably has no trouble finishing from 35 on the slight! (Q2 12:45)
Daniher marks 70 from goal and appears to have taken off from his mark. Frost tackles him but they pay the 50. Questionable decision. Joe misses another simple one from 30. (Q2 20:16)
Kennedy, Petracca, Watts link up as the Dees speed the ball from half back to half forward. Jack assesses the options and attempts to bounce it through from 55 to no avail. (Q2 23:04)
Last years number one selection McGrath unloads from 55 and sends it through.A review is required to determine if the ball was touched… The vision is inconclusive and its a goal! (Q2 24:46)
Oliver takes the strong pack mark inside 40 and the young star wastes little time by finding Petracca over the top. Christian goals from the top of the square! (Q2 26:16)
Colyer and Fantasia link up on the wing and predictably pace it forward in the blink of an eye. Travis finds Daniher on the boundary from 45. Joe pulls it to the near side. (Q2 28:58)
Salem splits the Bombers defence with a picture perfect pass to the speeding Neal-Bullen. Alex tracks onto the pill, marks and flicks over to Garlett. Jeff turns and finishes! (Q3 3:24)
Viney throws himself at the ball and manages to take it out of the traffic. He found Oliver by hand who moved it off to Tom McDonald. Tom spins and goals from 20! (Q3 5:55)
Frost launches to the Garlett/Baguley matchup. The ball gets knocked to the front and Watts is hanging out the front. He receives by hand and finishes truly from 25! (Q3 8:10)
Melksham powers past a couple of opponents and the midfielder come defender launches at once from the paint of 50. He misses to the right hand side from the slight. (Q3 9:57)
Green to Howlett by hand as numerous Bombers converge on the pill inside 40. Ben streams out of traffic but misses the attempt from 35 on the flank. (Q3 11:40)
Bellchambers launches to the hot spot and Daniher takes a strong grab in the seven strong pack. Joe has had a nightmare in front of goal. From 20 on the flank he snaps truly! (Q3 13:00)
Huge error from Brown who dropped the contested mark at the top of the square. A pack converges and Petracca is at the coalface. He gathers, twists and sends it through! (Q3 15:11)
The Bombers have the quick reply through Hooker! Parish sends it forward to the isolated contest between Hooker and O.McDonald. Cale takes the grab and finishes from close range! (Q3 16:12)
Tipungwuti and Colyer link through the middle of Etihad Stadium. Travis speeds to goal, running his full measure but floats the pill the wrong side of the post from 45. (Q3 19:41)
Bugg grabs it out of the stoppage on the HF flank and immediately paces towards goal. The former Giant lets fly from 55 and squeezes it through for a minor. (Q3 22:56)
Salem and Lewis provide piercing deliveries from half back to half forward, with Jordan finding Pedersen unmarked inside 30. Cam nabs the major from the set shot! (Q3 25:25)
Garlett forces the turnover with a quality tackle on McKenna. The decision goes the former Blues way and Jeff splits the middle from the resultant shot, 40 out on the flank! (Q3 26:40)
The Dees look to make it two in a minute after winning the centre stoppage. Neal-Bullen analyses the options with his kick from the pocket and hits Hannan. Mitch goals from 25! (Q3 28:25)
Watts flies early and Dea is late to the contest, making contact that is deemed illegal in the process. Jack stabs it through from 20 out, directly in front! (Q3 31:19)
Hannan launches to the top of the square with an up and under. Watts is first to the drop zone and takes the strong mark. Jack shoots from 35 and sends it through! (Q4 2:13)
Petracca reads it off the deck after the Brown fly. He moves it further afield to Bugg who chips it to Hannan unmarked. Mitch turns and goals from point blank range! (Q4 4:49)
Merrett, Brown, Fantasia all link up from the half back flank before Orazio finds Colyer on the HF flank. Travis gathers, steadies and sends it through from 45 on the sharp angle! (Q4 12:37)
Merrett starts the passage once more, picking out Zaharakis who sends it to the leading Bellchambers. Tom marks and finishes truly from 35 out directly in front! (Q4 14:04)
Jordan Lewis kicks an outstanding goal from the boundary line. The former Hawk wins the free kick for the out on the full. He shoots with the drop punt and splits the middle! (Q4 16:04)
Green to Zaharakis as the onballer speeds off the HF flank. David lets fly from the paint of 50, but his shot from the flank region only sneaks a behind. (Q4 18:21)
The Bombers have a consolation prize through Tipungwuti. Anthony receives out the back after Green found the speedster. He marked, turned and slot it from point blank! (Q4 20:19)
Petracca marks out on the lead ahead of McNiece after Tyson found him with a raking delivery. Christian sends through his fourth of the afternoon from 30 on the flank! (Q4 23:01)
The Bombers send it long to Daniher. The ball bounces behind and McKenna powers onto it. He moves it inside by hand to Hooker who finishes from point blank! (Q4 26:18)
Viney sent it to the hot spot with the launched effort. The pack converges on the high ball and Hannan is one of few to stay at ground level. Mitch gathers and goals from 20! (Q4 27:48)

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