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Blog log from R5 of Bulldogs: Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane, R5 of Bulldogs

Biggs dropped mark opens the play for the Lions and Hipwood makes the Bulldogs play. Out the back the youngster speeds and finishes with ease from 25 unopposed! (Q1 5:04)
Bontempelli finds the spillage at the back of the pack. He links with Jong by hand and then Hunter. Lachie paces away but misses the snap opportunity from 25. (Q1 7:20)
Martin to Rich by hand after Zorko forced the turnover with a tackle on Bontempelli. Daniel finds Hipwood out the back of his contest with Wood. Eric marks and goals from 30! (Q1 9:49)
Macrae sends it long from the resultant stoppage and defender come forward Adams marks in the isolated contest v Dawson. Marcus slots the shot from 35 for his first in the AFL! (Q1 11:28)
Dahlhaus to Macrae by hand and Jack kicks to Jong who receives the free kick for holding in the marking contest. Lin lines up from 20 out, directly in front but horribly misses. (Q1 13:02)
Andrews turns it over from the resultant kick in, managing to pick out an unmarked Stringer. Jack shoots from 35 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q1 14:05)
Campbell follows up the Stringer attempted mark and manages to find the pill at ground level. He moves it off to Macrae by hand who finishes with ease from 20! (Q1 15:35)
Johannisen makes it two in a minute for the Dogs! Dunkley moves it out of the stoppage by hand to Jason. The South African born runs his measure and hammers it through from 45! (Q1 17:05)
Bontempelli is the next to mark inside 50 for the Dogs as the star onballer lines up to make it three in two minutes, marking ahead of Dawson.He hits the post from 35 on the flank. (Q1 18:04)
Smith catches Beams in the tackle and forces the spillage the Bulldogs way. Jong pounces on the opportunity but is pressured into a minor score from 25. (Q1 19:20)
Rich turns it over from the resultant kick in, managing to pick out the unmarked McLean. Toby marks, kicks and misses from 45 out directly in front. (Q1 20:05)
The Lions finally break out of defence and Beams moves it off to Schache by hand. Josh sends it long to Hipwood and Eric marks pacing back to goal. He finishes truly from 40! (Q1 21:20)
McCluggage makes it two in a row for the resurgent Lions! Brisbane forces the turnover with high quality pressure in the forward half. Hugh receives and slots the major from 40! (Q1 23:35)
Harwood takes the intercept mark across half back. He flicks it off to McCluggage who breaks the game open by finding Lester out the back. Ryan turns and finishes from 20! (Q1 30:05)
Zorko makes it six straight for the Lions. McCluggage uses it twice in this passage of play, opening up the Dogs defence with precision disposal. Dayne slots the chance from 40! (Q2 1:14)
Dunkley, Suckling and Tom Boyd link up with the former Hawk finding the former Giant inside 50. Tom marks and finishes from 55 on the flank with a raking effort! (Q2 2:49)
Make that seven straight for the Lions. Hipwood bombs it to the top of the square. Lester shoves his opponent out of the way and turns on a dime to finish from close range! (Q2 4:59)
The Bulldogs miss yet another gilt edged opportunity! Stringer moves it off to Suckling and Matt has time and space to settle from inside 40. Settle he does but for a minor score. (Q2 6:37)
The storyline continues with the Lions making the most of their chances! At the top of the square, Keays manages to throw a boot to the ground ball and sends it through! (Q2 8:39)
Picken takes it outside of the forward 50 stoppage as the Dogs win it at the coalface. Liam shoots with the snap but to no avail, missing the opportunity from 35. (Q2 10:41)
Cox turns it over inside defensive 50 with a haphazard handball. Dahlhaus is the recipient but again misses a fantastic chance from 30 on the slight angle. (Q2 13:11)
Smith is the latest to miss a regulation shot. He grabs it in classic small forward style off the pack at the top of the square. He pulls his shot well wide of the big sticks. (Q2 14:55)
Taylor appears to be ahead in the race to the pill only for Johannisen to be the one chasing. Lewis forces the turnover and flicks it off to Keays. Ben slots it from 45! (Q2 20:09)
Lester, Cox and back again with Ryan sending them forward to the top of the square. Hipwood flies and Robinson grabs the crumbs and sends through the Lions tenth! (Q2 21:28)
Taylor throws Bontempelli off. Yes you read that right. Lewis breaks the tackle and then hammers through the Lions sixth of the term! How about that! (Q2 24:24)
TWO in a MINUTE for the Lions! From the resultant stoppage the Lions win the clearance. Robinson finds it off the deck and flicks it off to Claye Beams. Claye slots it! (Q2 24:54)
McCluggage provides a rare moment in today’s contest, a Lions behind! Brisbane power forward and Hugh misses the soccer attempt from 25. (Q2 27:27)
Dunkley receives out the back via the Suckling pass. Josh paces his full measure and makes no mistake from 35 with a much required major for Footscray. (Q2 27:45)
McCluggage, Rockliff and Zorko link up on the HF flank as the Lions pour forward in numbers once more. Dayne lets fly from 50, boundary side, but just misses to the near side. (Q2 33:34)
Bontempelli darts the pill to the leading Tom Boyd and Andrews gives the free away for the arm chop. Tom kicks from 55 on the slight angle and hooks it for a minor. (Q3 3:12)
From the forward 50 stoppage, Campbell taps it down to McLean with a precise hit out. Toby gathers and shoots in one swift movement, bouncing it through from 25! (Q3 5:36)
Stringer kicks a trademark long bomb to make it two in a minute for the Dogs. Liberatore produces the tackle to force it forward. The pill spills to Jake who slots it from 60! (Q3 6:51)
Stringer out of the stoppage to Smith by hand. Clay hooks it to the hot spot and Picken takes the mark hanging out the front of the pack. Liam shoots and goals from 35! (Q3 8:07)
Murphy marks out on the lead inside 50 as the crowd roar for their hero. The Lions water boy was in the zone of play and a 50 is paid. Bob kicks it from point blank! (Q3 13:55)
Stringer marks on the lead as the Dogs force it forward once more. Jake shoots from 35 on the slight angle but misses the chance poorly to the right hand side. (Q3 24:37)
Johannisen to Macrae by hand and Jackson darts a pass to the leading Murphy. Bob takes a strong chest mark out ahead but he misses the resultant shot from 35. (Q3 27:22)
Zorko receives out the back as the Lions break the line once more. Dayne powers away and shoots from 60 but his bouncing effort is off line. (Q3 28:23)
Murphy, Picken and finally Wood link up by foot as the vice captain marks inside 40. Easton shoots with less than ten seconds remaining but misses poorly. (Q3 29:37)
Long bomb by the former Blue in Robinson to the isolated contest between Rockliff and Wood. Tom out manoeuvres his opponent and takes the mark. He slots it from 40! (Q4 0:55)
Murphy dabs the pass inside 50 and finds Dunkley on the diving lead ahead of Robertson. The youngster shoots from 40 on the slight and splits the middle! (Q4 2:30)
Schache kicks long to the hot spot and Zorko is isolated in the marking contest v Biggs. The 50 metre penalty is called for abuse and Dayne finishes from point blank! (Q4 6:55)
Smith has time on his side inside 50 and Clay uses it perfectly to pick out the unmarked Bontempelli strolling ahead of the play. Marcus marks, kicks and goals from 35! (Q4 9:46)
Hipwood plays the role of a small forward in this instance. Brisbane move it forward in numbers and Eric is the one to read it off the pack. His quick snap from 20 misses. (Q4 12:15)
Cordy darts the pill onto the chest of Dahlhaus and Rich falls into his back, with the 50 metre penalty quickly being called. Luke shoots from 40 on the flank and goals! (Q4 15:56)
Dogs hit the lead! 9 minutes left and its all to play for! (Q4 16:26)
Macrae, Stringer, Murphy and Bob takes his time to assess the options through the middle of Etihad Stadium. Bob finds Dunkley out the back and Josh dribbles it home! (Q4 22:46)
Johannisen out of the stoppage and finds Macrae on the long lead. Jason receives it back and darts the effort to the leading Stringer. Jake shoots and splits the middle! (Q4 24:31)
McLean marks out on the lead as the Dogs force the ball forward from the stoppage once more. Toby shoots from 45 on the flank and hammers it home to finalise the result! (Q4 26:16)
Suckling marks out the back as the Dogs run and carry begins to be a bridge to far for the fledgling Lions outfit. Matt kicks from 50 on the flank and misses to the far side. (Q4 28:36)
Stringer adds the icing to the cake! Jake receives out of the forward 50 stoppage waiting for the forward tap out. It eventuates and the forward turns and goals from point blank! (Q4 30:16)
McLean, Jong and Smith link up by hand after Beams turned it over in defensive 50. Clay receives at point blank range and hammers through another to the delight of the faithful! (Q4 31:16)

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