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Blog log from R4 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs, R4 of 2017

Goldstein sets up Macmillan for a running snap from CHF, but he misses.
Thompson is out of position and gives away an obvious free for contact on Stringer in a marking contest deep in the pocket 25m out. Stringer boots the first Good Friday goal. (Q1 5:57)
Bontempelli is held after disposing by Tarrant 35m out on a slight angle to give away another obvious free. The Bont sprays it for a behind. (Q1 7:42)
Higgins has Brown over the top for a ball from CHF to the square for an easy goal, after the Dogs turn the ball over running down the wing on the rebound. (Q1 13:27)
Liberatore intercepts a telegraphed Thompson pass to CHB, he gives to Bontempelli who lopes through a tackle and goals from 40m in front. (Q1 15:27)
Goldstein marks a Swallow ball on the HFF and gives to Higgins zipping past, he misses from 40m near the boundary. (Q1 16:24)
Another fast break play by North on outer wing, Thomas’s long ball down the flank is almost too long for Goldstein but he butters up and goals from the square. Scores level. (Q1 21:52)
The Roos play it a bit too cute trying to pick passes in heavy traffic inside 50, but Simpkin catches Matthew Boyd HTB 30m out on the flank. Simpkin misses. (Q1 25:37)
Dumont gathers a bouncing ball on the HFF, jinks onto his right and pokes an intelligent centring ball to Preuss 40m out in the corridor. Preuss just misses. (Q1 28:13)
Cloke misses a quick snap from a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q2 3:48)
Cloke dives and draws an extremely soft free on Tarrant 40m out in front as a Suckling ball sails way over their heads. Travis misses, footy gods smile. (Q2 3:48)
Preuss forces Dahlhaus to cough it up on the wing, Atley roves and passes to Brown 40m out on the flank. Brown just squeezes his set shot inside the right goalpost. (Q2 7:37)
Turner is front and centre for the crumb for Brown with two against him for a Swallow ball to the top of the square, he snaps truly! North now putting scoreboard pressure on. (Q2 9:57)
Swallow catches Suckling HTB on the end of another period of broken play featuring lots of Roo frontal pressure. Swallow goes to Thomas deep in the pocket, he plays on and misses. (Q2 13:42)
Murphy runs down the wing on a rebound play, and hits Hunter to mark in front of Thompson 40m out on the flank. Hunter misses. (Q2 14:57)
Matthew Boyd turns the ball over to Simpkin on the HFF, he bounces a ball to Gibson who misses around the corner from 40m. (Q2 16:28)
Stringer marks a Jong ball on the HFF 50m out, looks but then goes back for the set shot… narrow. (Q2 17:12)
Suckling drops a short kick on the wing and gives away a free to Macmillan for a hold, play on to advantage, Hrovat hits Brown 30m out on a slight angle for a miss. (Q2 22:17)
Picken intercepts a terrible kick in by Thompson to the HFF, he centres to Dunkley 40m out on a slight angle. Dunkley hits the post, flush on. (Q2 24:12)
Dumont intercepts Murohy at half forward and goes down the flank to Brown who stands tall in front of Murphy himself to mark 25m out. Brown boots his third goal. (Q3 1:32)
Thompson coughs the ball up by hand to Macrae at defensive hotspot, Dahlhaus eventually gives outside to Suckling who misses from 20m on the flank. (Q3 2:49)
Swallow roves a Thomas contest on the wing and has no one goal side of him, he lumbers away and has Brown over the back to mark in stride and goal from 20m! (Q3 4:56)
Turner gives to Garner at half forward for a long bomb to the square, Brown brings the ball to ground, Simpkin volleys home from point blank range! North now kicking away. (Q3 6:33)
Macrae does a one-two with Cloke for a running snap from near CHF which is a mongrel punt, but nonetheless wobbles through for a goal against the flow. (Q3 7:48)
Higgins storms through a stoppage 20m out on the flank, breaks clear but rams the snap into the post from point blank range. (Q3 8:35)
Thomas roves a Brown contest to a Preuss ball and tries a low-percentage Daicos attempt off the left from the boundary 30m out, but it rolls across the face for a behind. (Q3 10:18)
Johannisen picks up a loose ball behind the centre and starts a switch, Cloke to Stringer to Dunkley over the back to waltz into the open goal. (Q3 13:12)
Jong sets up Murphy for a snap from CHF, you know Bob is going deliver a quality finish and it sails through for a big goal in a low-scoring match. (Q3 20:24)
Bontempelli gets a free at the next centre bounce and goes to Suckling 55m out on a slight angle, he goes back for the shot… falls in the square, free and goal to Cloke! (Q3 21:49)
Cunnington receives from Ziebell after the next centre bounce and passes to Garner 35m out on the flank. Garner misses. (Q3 23:18)
Jong misses a mid-range snap. (Q3 24:38)
Dahlhaus roves a Tarrant drop and bounces through a snap from the HFF to give the Dogs an unlikely lead, turning around what had been lots of momentum for the Kangas. (Q3 27:49)
After video review, it is confirmed that Tarrant touches a long McLean snap from the HFF through for a behind. (Q3 30:00)
North goes coast to coast from the kick in around the outer wing, Ziebell goes long to Turner who has position on Murphy, obvious free for contact 20m out on the flank. Roo goal. (Q3 30:54)
A ruck infringement against North just before the 3QT siren results in a Dunkley shot from 35m on a slight angle, but he misses. (Q3 33:25)
Picken streams through midfield on a fast break, Dogs have an overlap but his handball to the hotspot goes to ground, eventually Suckling snaps wide. Opportunity missed. (Q4 1:16)
Picken gives outside a pack at a stoppage near the hotspot for Dahlhaus to have a flying right foot snap over his shoulder, that is high quality! Dogs back in front. (Q4 3:58)
Gibson pokes a short ball to Higgins 35m out on the flank after the Dogs get in trouble trying to run out of defence. Higgins just barely avoids the left goalpost, North leads! (Q4 5:54)
Macrae puts the Dogs back in front with a left foot snap from a pack at the hotspot after the North defenders can’t kill a ground ball. (Q4 7:58)
Cloke marks and wheels on the wing to roost a long ball to the pocket 20m out and hit Smith on the chest. Smith hits the behind post on the full, OOTF. (Q4 11:01)
Goldstein passes to Higgins on a fast break, pretty much exactly the same spot as his last set shot. Again he starts it left, this time it doesn’t straighten. Behind. (Q4 13:00)
Cunnington to Preuss on the HFF, long ball to the square, Brown brings it to ground, loose ball in the square, Simpkin volleys home another one! Roos back in the lead. (Q4 13:57)
Garner takes a contested grab from a Swallow ball to the hotspot, in front of Adams falling to his left. He goals, breaking a run of poor disposals today. (Q4 15:16)
Picken misses from a ball-in in the pocket. (Q4 17:36)
Dumont kicks blind from the wing to the pocket 25m out where Ziebell marks, perhaps somewhat fortuitously. Jay-Z misses. (Q4 19:16)
Liberatore takes a contested mark at the hotspot and goals with 6:25 to go. (Q4 20:36)
Bontempelli receives from Murphy and bombs long after the next centre bounce, Stringer roves after Macmillan gets stripped in a Smith tackle and goals from 15m! (Q4 22:11)
Stringer outmarks McDonald going for a McLean ball down the flank to 30m on the end of a fast break from half back. He goals, Bullies now two kicks up with 4:15 to play. (Q4 24:26)
McDonald receives outside CHF and goes long and high to the square, Roberts spoils but the crumb falls for Ziebell himself to goal! 3:46 to go. What a see-sawing game! (Q4 25:58)
Swallow starts a rebound with under two minutes left, breaks down on the wing, Murphy repels, 1:20. (Q4 29:48)
Adams marks on the wing and kicks inside 50, no mark, stoppage, 55 seconds. (Q4 30:18)
North clear, Brown marks on the wing, down the line to Thomas, but Johannisen cuts off the kick inside 50, 19 seconds! (Q4 31:02)
Cunnington to Thomas who has a flying snap from the HFF< it drifts wide, siren goes, Dogs win! (Q4 31:02)

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